Little Mix’s #Confetti: That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Tracks

Published: Friday 6th Nov 2020 by Ryan

Little Mix has unleashed ‘Confetti’ – their sixth studio album.

Led by ‘Break Up Song,’ the set continues to explore the mix of Pop and R&B sounds that have launched them to worldwide success.

That Grape Juice has had the LP on repeat since its release. Join us below to find out which five tracks are essential on ‘Confetti.’

Break Up Song

If there’s one thing that Little Mix has conquered – outside of their many records set worldwide – it is the knack for writing a proper kiss-off anthem and ‘Break Up Song’ is no different.

Built around an Eighties-influenced synth beat, that best recalls the ‘Boys of Summer’ by Don Henley, this track serves as a retro version of ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ with just as much sass and personality.

It’s truly a retro banger that will surely stand the test of time.


Gloves Up

Early 00’s nostalgia rings true on this track.

Built around the clattering rhythm that was prominent in nearly every early 00’s R&B song, ‘Gloves Up’ does them one better by updating the production to the modern age.

While this song could be seen as a retread of their 2013 song  ‘Salute,’ the girls are much older and wiser now, learning the lessons of time, and truly unwilling to stand down.

Plus, c’mon, who doesn’t like a callback to a classic?


Sweet Melody

If there is one song that will lead the girls to world domination and crossover success in tough markets like the US on ‘Confetti,’ it is ‘Sweet Melody.’

This track is packed with strong, Americanised R&B, that was built to go viral on TikTok.

Add in a K-Pop adjacent trap beat with a splash of their signature harmonies and this song has all the ingredients for worldwide success.


A Mess (Happy 4 U)

One of the more ambitious songs on ‘Confetti,’ ‘A Mess (Happy 4 U)’ is a good indication of where the girls are headed sonically.

The track strikes the perfect balance between pure pop sugar rush and sonic innovation, shifting into a dark cloud of panting, booming drums, and distorted vocals after the two-minute mark.

While the sound is new for the Pop quad, it is far from a mess.



Sexy, radio-friendly, and packed with the girls’ cheeky sense of humor, ‘Rendezvous’ is an instant standout.

While ‘Rendezvous’ tends to sound awfully close to the Pussycat Dolls‘Buttons,’ it’s a sound that’s been long overdue to make its return. Not to mention, those retro influences mesh surprisingly well with modern Pop production.

Besides, if there is one girl group to carry the torch into the modern age: it certainly is Little Mix.


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  1. #WAP November 6, 2020

    The entire album is a bop!! The only mishap was holiday and the cover art. But I stan ☺️☺️☺️

  2. Paulo November 6, 2020

    My top 5 is Confetti, Rendezvous, Sweet Melody, Gloves Up and If You Want My Love

  3. Really Doe, November 6, 2020

    Sweet Melody
    Nothing But My Feelings
    A Mess (Happy 4 U)

  4. AJ November 6, 2020

    Ryan from TGJ must be tone deaf! Rendezvous samples “Sway” which PCD also covered. It sounds nothing like “Buttons”.

  5. truthteller November 7, 2020

    Right, they are going to crack the US market with a song that has only spent one week in the UK top 10.

  6. SINCERELYMEL November 9, 2020

    1. Nothing But My Feelings
    2. Breathe
    3. If You Want My Love
    4. My Love Won’t Let You Down
    5. Happiness

    P.S. I loved Holiday as a single. Just not the video.

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