‘Never Forget’: Nicki Minaj Reflects on GRAMMY Snubs

Published: Tuesday 24th Nov 2020 by Rashad

Rap Queen Nicki Minaj may reign in history books as the overall most-awarded female Hip Hop act ever, but her trophy case remains devoid of a golden grammophone.

Despite nabbing 9 nods over the last decade, 2020 – the year she nabbed her first two #1 hits on the Hot 100 – saw her shut out from the Recording Academy’s recently unveiled list of 2021 nominees (click here to read the full nominations announcement).

The diss isn’t new to Minaj, as she reaffirmed via Twitter just moments ago when she took to the platform to reflect on the first time she was snubbed by the institution.

See what she said:



Longtime fans of the diva know she is referring to the ceremony’s 54th annual edition (2012) when she was nominated for her 2010 debut studio album, ‘The PinkPrint.’

Battling J. Cole, Skrillex, The Band Perry, and Bon Iver for the honor, the latter – arguably the least popular of all mentioned – walked away with the gold.

An upset indeed, see his acceptance speech below:

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ November 24, 2020

    She is an idiot
    Embarrassing ur self

    Gurl, u just had a baby, ur still crying about now winning best new artist 10 years ago

    Calling bon iver a white man as shade is silly
    Bon iver is better than u

    • Clayne November 24, 2020

      She is still mad bc she didn’t get any Grammys…
      Meanwhile cardi got the main rap prize and Meg is nominated like crazy…

      She opened the doors for them, yes but she is not the originator… lil Kim, Missy, foxy… now those chicks were baaaaaad AF and where are their Grammys?

      She can buy number 1 songs and AMA awards but she salty she can’t buy a Grammy lol

      • Your Name November 24, 2020

        Umm Lil Kim has a Grammy and Missy has about 6 or 7…

  2. Clarks0o0ñ November 24, 2020

    I thought u said u did care about the Grammys, do why are writing essays about losing best new artist 10 years ago?

    Calling Bob iver a white, ur trying to turn it into a race thing.

    • RnBee November 24, 2020

      It’s a classic move from a narcissist, blaming everyone around them for their own failures… who does she remind you of 🤔🇺🇸

    • Truth Be Told November 24, 2020

      She is writing about the Grammys because she saw that all of the girls are nominated, and it is likely that Meg and Doja will win Grammys. What does it say about the so called “queen” that the Recording Academy thinks that all of the chicks that you call your “sons” are deserving of music’s highest prize, but the “queen” is not? Nicki Minaj has created a fantasy world for herself and her barbz, but she is starting to realize that she is a peasant in the real world and that her name isn’t really as strong as she thinks it is.

      She isn’t embarrassed. She changed all her social media to celebrate 10 years of an album that nobody cares about. She is going out sad.

  3. BubblePopElectric November 24, 2020

    No lies told. The Scammys been robbing our black entertainers for years. The fix been in. It’s always politics over artistry with that program

    • Clarks0o0ñ November 24, 2020

      Jay z is the most nominated musician in Grammy history

      Beyonce is the most nominated woman in Grammy history. 4 more grammys and she will be the most awarded woman in Grammy history

      Quincy Jones is the most awarded producer in Grammy history

      michael Jackson most awarded artist in one night.

    • Clayne November 24, 2020

      Ok let’s be real.

      Have you listen to Bon Iver?

      He plays, writes, produces not only for himself but for others too..

      Nicki has about 20 writers and a main ghost writer? Cmon… she def made her mark but she didn’t deserve best new artist that year. Some other Grammys wins, sure… don’t make this about race. Make it about talent… Bon Iver has talent seeping thru his pores lol

      I don’t understand her tantrums. Get over it… work harder… find a solution. Damn

      • HELLOKITTY November 24, 2020

        @Clayne — No one knows who the f^ck he is dude.

  4. Clarks0o0ñ November 24, 2020

    Funniest part is bon iver is nominated for best pop collaboration with Taylor swift

  5. Urg November 24, 2020

    Girl no one cares. Go and enjoy motherhood. That is a better reward than a grammy.

  6. Clarks0o0ñ November 24, 2020

    Justin bieber the biggest superstar back then lost best new artist to esperanza Spalding, a black woman

  7. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 24, 2020

    Nikki will NEVER win a Grammy cuz Nikki is nothing more than a THEIF! Stole all Non Pop hits and piggy backed all #1s. Anaconda was stolen from sir mix a lot and DREAMS was stolen from BIGGIE. Even stole album title PINKPRINT from JAYZ(BLUEPRINT) and entire rap style from Lil Kim. Cardi B and Meagan are the Tupac and Biggie of female rap. & cardi is QUEEN(of rap)

    • November 24, 2020

      when they look in the dictionary. for the word idiot they will see your picture there instead

    • UHoesFunny November 25, 2020

      Lol stop talking please.

  8. GWARL November 24, 2020

    Imagine being that bitter that late in life

    • Truth Be Told November 24, 2020

      Onika is a hard 50 years old who just had a baby and she is still talking about the trash music that she released at the start of the last decade and the honors she didn’t receive for it. She is pressed like a panini.

  9. Your Name November 24, 2020

    Nicki is so entitled. That BNA award wasn’t YOURS. Bob Iver has it sitting on his mantelpiece. No one owes her s***. She always goes on these “black women hear me roar” rants when it suits her. She’s a joke…

  10. #WAP November 24, 2020

    Yes, Nicki. Continue to ruins what’s left of your legacy. Nothing will ever change your nasty personality and disgusting behavior. You won’t ever get a Grammy and you will never have a true comeback. Come on and release this album so we can remind you how IRRELEVANT you are! 🤡

  11. tyty November 24, 2020

    So she mad Megan could possibly win a grammy before her 😂. This self serving trick only cares about herself. She would gladly accept if they nominated HER and SHE WON. Just like BET awards, the Grammys are no longer relevant to her since Cardi won. Pathetic sore loser. Showing us yet again she can’t stand it when other women are winning instead of her. Everyone in the industry is snubbing you for a reason. Go raise that baby and make sure that the murdering pervert youre married to is watched 24/7. Her disdain for other women is appalling.

    • #WAP November 24, 2020

      That part. Nicki still has yet to congratulate or acknowledge Megan releasing her album. I thought that was her “friend”. I cannot stand Nicki. She ruined her career with her nasty attitude and insecurities by wanting to be the only female rapper. Now there’s several female rappers and she’s struggling to keep traction with those bald tires she’s driving on. She’s disgusting and her career will never recover. She’s going to continue exposing her narcissistic ways

      • Payola & Sympathy November 24, 2020

        Has CardiB congratulated Meg on the new album

      • #WAP November 24, 2020

        Cardi posted Megan’s album on the release date on her story and congratulated her. Cardi isn’t insecure and trying to put other women down.

  12. Paulo November 24, 2020

    If you make an accurate recollection pf that night you’ll see Nicki’s point. They had cameras all up on her face the whole night and then went on to award someome else. Ken Ehrlic or whatever his name is played her for ratings

  13. Truth Be Told November 24, 2020

    Poor Onika. The Grammys are not based on managing to get your songs on Billboard. Anybody with the right team can do that. The Grammys are based on being worthy. The Academy has to believe that you are worthy of being given the most important prize in music. The Academy thought that Bon Iver was the more deserving artist. She needs to get over it.

    Onika needs to get over herself. She is posting about the 10th anniversary of Pink Friday like a desperate chick hoping for people to see her as some sort of a musical legend, but the fact is that her music is forgettable, and nobody will care about the 20th anniversary, just like nobody cares about the 10th anniversary. Onika is starting to see that outside of the delusional little world that she and her pathetic barbz live in where she is some sort of queen, she is meaningless to the wider culture.

    Onika is desperate for the world to know she “inspired a generation,” while stealing the swag of the woman who inspired her, Lil’ Kim, and pretending that she invented the lane that was paved by a woman far greater than she will ever be. Onika will never enjoy the legacy that she thought she had stolen from Kim. She will continue to be ignored and erased by the powers that be. People really need to learn that karma is not to be played with. Everything Onika wished for Kim is coming right back to her. Onika is going to have to live with the fact that she will never be awarded music’s highest prize, and people coming after her Cardi, Meg, and Doja Cat will all be Grammy winners.

  14. #TheTruth November 25, 2020

    « They gave it to the white man ». B**** please. If a white person would say « They gave it to the black girl » people would scream racism.
    She’s such a horrible person, grow the F up Nicki, your career is starting to go nowhere because of your attitude, people are done with your jealousy.

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