Predictions Are In! Queen Naija Set for Biggest Sales Week Yet with New Album ‘Missunderstood’

Published: Wednesday 4th Nov 2020 by Rashad

R&B singer-songwriter Queen Naija has built a royal following since bursting on the scene with her 2017 breakthrough hits, ‘Medicine’ and ‘Karma.’

Three Platinum and two R&B chart-topping hits later, the 25-year-old finally lifted the lid on her official debut album – ‘missunderstood.’

Preceded by critically acclaimed cuts ‘Lie to Me,’ ‘Love Language,’ ‘Pretend,’ and ‘Pack Lite,’ buzz around those tunes served as indication fans were hungry for their parent set.

Said indication was realized this week when industry analysts lifted their official prediction of the LP’s first-week sales.

Details inside:

Queen Naija’s ‘missunderstood’ 

Predicted First Week Sales (SPS):  24,000-28,000 units

Predicted First Week Sales (Pure): 3,000-5,000 units

Predicted Billboard 200 Debut:  #10-#15

Set to serve as the week’s highest R&B debut, if the prediction above rings true the figures will not only deliver Naija’s best first-week sales to date but also her best sales week overall.

What’s more, it’s poised to mark her inaugural entry into the Billboard 200’s top 10.

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  1. Section8DaGreat November 4, 2020

    🤣🤣🤣😂😂 y’all made it seem like the girl broke records. She went 2 times aluminum

    • Klutch November 4, 2020

      Chile right!!!! Anything for click bait! 🤣🤣🤣

    • kiena November 4, 2020

      Omg shut up man!!! Thats her debut Album we are right now in a
      Economic crisis. Sorry but some people seems to be realy dumb to me here they dont realize whats going on in the world right now. People are loosing their Jobs/companies etc and the only thing some people are doing are to talk trash oh this Album is a flop blabla Brandy is in independet Artist and she did great with her last project i salute her for that. Trey song did great with his Last Album, Teyana Taylor did great with her Last Album, Chloe and Halle did great all of them was on top 20 or 10 on the charts. So many R&B Artistsdont even do that type of numbers sooo shut up. We dont live anymore in the 90s or early 20000 and first week sales dont mean nothhhhhhiiiiinngggg! Ate the end of the day the Album can sell 500.000 or 1 Million unites commercial success who cares about the first week numbers dumbo !

  2. Swifter2020 November 4, 2020

    Who? Like a great Aretha once said…nice gown.

    • Keith November 4, 2020

      @Swifter2020: I was thinking the SAME THING…LOL

  3. Jackx November 4, 2020

    Queen naija released an album before f*******. Tragic

    • DeAnna March 14, 2021

      You’re obsessed with Normani.

  4. Only Facts November 4, 2020


  5. HELLOKITTY November 6, 2020

    Very nice. I listened to the song on this site and I really like it.

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