‘Trenches’: Monica Pushes New Album Release To 2021

Published: Monday 9th Nov 2020 by Rashad

Monica fans hoping to dig into their wallets this month to purchase her new album, ‘Trenches,’ have been dealt disheartening news.

Details inside:


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Welp the albums not coming this month it’s coming “most likely” in January 🥺🤧 let me go cry 😭🤧 I’m crushed🥺🤧 I found the new interview I had to subscribe to SiriusXM I’m gonna post more clips… she promised this year omg I’m so sad rn🤧 @monicadenise (Trenches out NOW‼️) Iconica #Monica #MonicaDenise #Queen #Boss #Flawless #Icon #Legend #Album9 #MonicaArnold (Me+you available NOW‼️ and Commitment) Album 9 coming soon! #TiAndTiny #tiandtinyfriendsandfamilyhustle #RealityShow #RealityTv #Friendsandfamilyhustle #MissThang #MissThang #Beyonce #explorepage #Verzuz #Meme #Quotes #Memes #Rnb #Trenches #Doves #LilBaby #TikTok #TikToks #explorepage

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Originally due on digital shelves November 20 (as we reported here), ‘Trenches’ – formerly titled ‘Chapter 38‘ – won’t be making an appearance on music streaming and sale outlets until January according to the ‘Commitment’ singer.

Taking to SiriusXM last week (November 6), the GRAMMY winner waxed honest about delaying the LP’s arrival to maximize its promotional rollout – a situation she’s hoping capitalize on through her Apple Music Radio Show, ‘Mo Talk’ (click here to read more).

As of time reported, Monica did not reveal an official new release date for the album which will serve as her first studio effort since 2015’s ‘Code Red.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jugular November 9, 2020

    Monighà needs to HANG IT UP and stick to being the thirsty pay phone hooker she’s continuously been for a nighà that ain’t s***, seriously nothing classy about this flop hoodrat, and where’s trenches been on bb??she’s might as well just scrap the entire album if that mid life crisis sound is going to be the theme💀

    • Lisa Lisa November 10, 2020

      I look forward to the album. Love to the queens who have sustained several decades. All love

    • Mariyah K Black November 10, 2020

      You must be talking bout yo mama

    • vvv November 23, 2020

      Pretty much like your mother, correct?

  2. #WAP November 9, 2020

    Goonica, that career of yours will still be in the trenches in 2021. GP ahead and release this trash album and go away. Commitment came out two years ago chiiiile 😭😂

    • Mariyah K November 10, 2020

      You mad or what yo mama trash b****

  3. eric November 9, 2020

    I’m a fan, but the excuses need to stop. If she has time to promote herself in daily photoshoots on Facebook and Instagram, she can promote a new album the same way. Seems like her heart is somewhere else.

  4. TORi November 9, 2020

    Releasing her single with VS actually was a great strategy, they play the song on the radio all the time and her Lil popularity came (and went) tjough she didn’t have the tea and budget to keep it going. I feel like a push back isn’t THAT bad because people only know “Trenches” the single and not the album so she needs to use this extra time to drum up some press (though i know she won’t).

  5. Kima,Keisha&Pam November 10, 2020

    I love her, but she’s LAZY!

    • Lisa Lisa November 10, 2020

      She is on the grind. Who puts out an album when momentum died. She needs to re ignite

  6. Section8DaGreat November 10, 2020

    She tried to use Brandy for the Verzus battle to promote that lackluster song that gets boring asf after the first verse. Girl you didn’t even make a video yet you were supposed to drop the album? HOW??? 🤨🙄😒😑

    • Mariyah K November 10, 2020

      First of all Brandy used her b**** let’s be clear Brandy album wasn’t doing s*** before that verzuz battle sit yo dumb ass down and stfu

  7. Queen maja November 10, 2020

    That wasn’t the right rollout- Monica is maximizing her chances of success

    You broke azzez who don’t support no artists stfu

  8. Rich November 10, 2020

    It needed to be pushed back. Introduce the video and another single first. Yes Mo!!!

  9. Paulo November 10, 2020

    I’m a fan and I’ll get the album regardless but she missed the promotional train after the Versuz. I love her personality but Mo Talk is not gonna create more buzz than that. ooh well just hope the material is good, I still love Commitment and Me + You. Trenches is a grower

  10. Beehive November 10, 2020

    U said everything I wanted to say!

  11. Keith November 10, 2020

    Chile, 5 people (including me) are checking for that album. Ms. Arnold just got cold feet. Shame, tho…

    • Mariyah K November 10, 2020

      Girl go to hell check for that

  12. Blacc Friday November 10, 2020

    All the pushbacks and false promises are disappointing. She should just keep quiet when it pertains to release dates from now on. This is a mess.

  13. I’m just saying November 10, 2020

    Missed opportunity. Trenches is such a bad title to me. MDA or self titled would’ve been better. The single is lackluster as well. She had family hustle and the versuz battle not to mention the c murder drama. She could’ve really amped her album up and it would’ve at least moved some numbers the rest of the year. Pushing it back will only make the music feel dated and cause people to lose interest. All she needed was a good love song or a kick down the door and smack the chick song. And she couldve grown her fan base. This is what happen to code red. And why take so long to drop a video. People drop singles and videos the same day it’s release. Mo you missing opportunities sweetheart. Brandy already got two top 10 ten singles on adult rnb this year. Do better.

  14. RCW November 11, 2020

    This album will be fire!!! Take your time to cultivate the promotion…can’t wait for the album frfr

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