Whitney Houston Biopic Casts Naomi Ackie In Lead Role

Published: Tuesday 15th Dec 2020 by Sam

Whitney Houston‘s hotly anticipated biopic ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ has found its leading lady.

Full story below…

Per THR, British actress Naomi Ackie – famed for her role in ‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’  has landed the role after a worldwide search that spanned a year.

Director Stella Meghie said in a statement:

“We spent the better part of the last year in an exhaustive search for an actress who could embody Whitney Houston. Naomi Ackie impressed us at every stage of the process. I was moved by her ability to capture the stage presence of a global icon while bringing humanity to her interior life.”

Set for a theatrical release Thanksgiving 2022, the Sony TriStar film promises an unfiltered look at the life of Houston – one of music’s most talented, successful and headline-grabbing acts of all-time.

With the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’er narrative serving as one like no other, Ackie has a tall task ahead of her. That said, all involved appear to be wowed thus far. So, we’re definitely intrigued.

‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ is being written by ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Anthony McCarten. Houston’s mentor Clive Davis will serve as music producer, which is noteworthy because it means the film will be the first to feature songs sung by the diva.

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  1. K’’man December 15, 2020

    Another one!? God they won’t let woman Rest In Peace!

    • daisy December 15, 2020

      She looks nothing like Whitney

      • Blackfilm December 15, 2020

        You say that s*** now, but when she all dressed up like whitney houston you will eat yo ur words. Shut tf up with that b*******, wait till after the movie to talk s***! They had an extensive search and she was the right one!

      • daisy December 15, 2020

        She looks nothing like Whitney. Too ugly. Plus she is British. They should cast a Black American actress

      • Blackfilm December 15, 2020

        Ummm she can do an American accent dumbass. Theres way to make it work idiot!

      • daisy December 15, 2020

        Doesn’t matter. Too many Black British actors are taking work from Black American actors. You don’t see Black American actors going to Britain and taking their roles. Look at Lupita N’yongo.She only casts real Africans in her movie but yet comes to the US and takes roles meant for Black Americans.

      • Blackfilm December 15, 2020

        First of all they still black people they just have a different language than us. American, Englsih or Gullah we all black. Dosent matter.

      • daisy December 15, 2020

        B*******. If Black Americans were going to England and taking all of their roles they would have a problem with it too. Stop being so inclusive. A lot of folks are not feeling this. Stop with this Black is Black b*******. Blacks from other countries don’t respect Black Americans because we are so inclusive. Now f*** off

  2. Clarks0o0ñ December 15, 2020

    How many biopics are we gonna get of whitney Houston?

    We are tired.
    Allow her to rest in peace

    • eric December 15, 2020

      I agree.

      • What would whitney do December 16, 2020

        Don’t agree her legacy should continue..obi k Bobbi Kristina was killed too

  3. Shayla Queen 👑 December 15, 2020

    Chile I get more sleep than her and she’s dead! LET HER REST.

    • dee December 15, 2020

      Now that was funny!

  4. Gavin Gavalli December 15, 2020

    Have yall noticed how they refuse to hire American Black Girls? Another Whitney biopic is needed because all so far have not been very good, but you mean to tell me there was NO unknown actress who could pull this off?

  5. Magii December 15, 2020

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  6. Jay December 16, 2020

    Ok its time to let Whitney rest, she does not deserve this!

    • What would whitney do December 16, 2020

      She not disappear she is a legend in music and voice

  7. Nippian December 16, 2020

    Whitney was beautiful. This girl is ugly and she has a huge gap in her tooth. Pat Houston will burn in hell.

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