Tracy Chapman Wins $450K In Copyright Suit Against Nicki Minaj

Published: Saturday 9th Jan 2021 by Ryan

Tracy Chapman has scored a major legal victory against Nicki Minaj.

Full Story below…

Per The Hollywood Reporter: Minaj has been ordered to pay Chapman $450,000 to satisfy Chapman’s copyright infringement case over the song ‘Sorry’ which samples Chapman’s ‘Baby Can I Hold You.’ 

On January 7, documents became public in California federal court that reflected the fact that Chapman had accepted the ‘Super Bass’ rapper’s offer.

Chapman first filed the case back in October 2018, a couple of months after Minaj released her ‘Queen’ album. While ‘Sorry’ was not included on the album, Minaj allegedly leaked the song to  Funkmaster Flex before it made its way to the internet.

According the papers in this case, Minaj sought a license to Chapman’s composition despite the fact that Chapman is on the “do not sample list” – an unwritten list of artists that are well-known for now allowing samples of their work. Chapman ultimately rejected the request despite Minaj’s persistence. The song only got out through leak.

Regardless, both sides have now come to an agreement.

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  2. Meme January 9, 2021

    This is crazy considering that the song never made the album nor was ever performed. So many artist record songs and the clear the samples after. I’m this case, the sample wasn’t cleared so the song was scratched…so why is Nicki paying her again?

    • Sam January 9, 2021

      probably because without proper handling, it can come off as disrespect so maybe she just wanted to say shes sorry and here’s money for the trouble.

    • Urg January 9, 2021

      Or maybe she just want to put it behind of her espically since she is going into a new era.

    • Tori January 9, 2021

      It’s stated Nicki purposely leaked the song to Flex so he could leak it online. Tracy didn’t clear the sample use in any kind of way so the song should’ve never saw the light of day. The courts probably felt Nicki was in the wrong for passing the song along instead of scrapping it all together. But that’s just my thought.

    • Fancy BISH January 9, 2021

      It was played on the radio.

    • Jayy January 9, 2021

      From what I seen, majority of this case was seen in Nicki’s favor and had it been litigated she would have won. The amount she has been order to pay just covers the legal fee’s Mrs. Chapman as occurred during the duration but she actually makes nothing from this “Win”. Again, just something I read in a few places and it’s still pending whether the whole situation is true. Regardless, Nicki was in the right. She made no profits off of this sampling and never officially released it. It is what it is.

      • Anne January 10, 2021

        Tracy was actually awarded the 450K PLUS attorney’s fees according to the terms of the settlement, so the 450K will not go towards attorney’s fees, that must be paid separately.

    • Nomeena January 10, 2021

      Because it still leaked and got into the public domain. If we’d never heard it, that would be a different matter.

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