Cardi B Announces New Single ‘Up’

Published: Monday 1st Feb 2021 by Rashad

Cardi B sprung a surprise on fans Monday (February 1) with news that new song ‘Up’ is coming.

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Taking to Instagram Monday, the GRAMMY winner sent fans into a frenzy with the surprise announcement her new single – the first since tsunami-sized hit ‘WAP’ (featuring Megan Thee Stallion) – dominated charts to historic measure last year.

Per its accompanying caption, B revealed:

“My new single “UP” drops this Friday! LETS GOOOOOO! #Up”

With a confirmed premiere date of February 5 (Friday), the tune’s arrival will undoubtedly send something else up  – anticipation for her long-awaited sophomore album.

The yet-titled project has yet to see its official release date announced.


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  1. Keeping It Real February 1, 2021

    Yesss the queens reign won’t let up

    • I hte bllaac n whyt bitchzz February 1, 2021

      Y’all riding Rhianna regin hard.. other rappers. NOT asking cardi for any features like Wayne n Nicki. other rappers don’t want cardi they skipping over her

      • DaSlay February 1, 2021

        Wayne and Nicki are IRRELEVANT.

        Wayne is a drugged up 40 year old gremlin Trump supporter.

        Nicki is a 40 year old twitter troll; p*** pusher and has been. Nobody checking for that fat delusional broad in 2021. She needs to worry about her “husband” not being able to be within 100 feet of children.

        Cardi is good on her own ugly. She don’t need help from anybody. Let’s not forget Cardi popped on her own. SOLO. No assistance needed. I see why y’all mad.

  2. truthtea February 1, 2021

    She gon be wrappin’ about going UP and down on the D!

    • Clarks0o0ñ February 2, 2021


  3. Meme February 1, 2021

    I feel like this needs to come with an album cover, title and release date. She dropping too many singles and no album. WAP was a complete waste of hype. Now if she releases this and it underperforms that will affect the performance of the album.

    • Karen Maren February 1, 2021

      Gurrrrrrl, let’s not talk about dropping singles randomly. How many false starts did Rihanna have with anti? Four Five Flops, American Carbon Dioxide, B**** Better Have Mylanta. Etc etc. and let’s not get on Samsung buying 1 million copies of it when it REALLY sold less than 500 in its first week. Rihanna is the second easiest read on this site, only behind Camila. So stooooop

    • Lou February 1, 2021

      It can’t under perform when she uses PAYOLA.

    • FMcL February 1, 2021

      Dropping too many singles?! Where and when?! 🤔🤣

      • Meme February 2, 2021

        Are y’all retarded?
        Please me

    • DaSlay February 1, 2021

      She dropped ONE single. What are you talking about?

      WAP wasn’t a waste of anything. Cardi did what the f*** she had to do and headed back into the lab. Plus she had legal issues which seemed to prevent her from starting off the era correctly. Yet and still, WAP slayed and sat atop the charts for several weeks.

      Cardi always has a plan. She doesn’t throw out random singles to see what’ll stick. The album is coming and this era will slay.

      Stay the f*** TUNED.

      Btw where’s Rihanna’s album? It’s been 6 years sis….focus on that.

      • Meme February 2, 2021

        She did not drop 1 single. This album is had many singles, Press, Money, Please Me and WAP. Singles were def thrown out there to see if they would stick, and 3 of them didn’t hence why 2 years later we still have no album.

      • DaSlay February 2, 2021

        Press, Money and Please Me weren’t singles for her new album sweetie & 2/3 we’re still HITS! You have Cardi all the way confused with your fave.

    • UHoesFunny February 2, 2021

      Love you but you’re wrong. WAP was the only single dropped for her upcoming album bb…

  4. Karen Maren February 1, 2021

    The reigning queen of hip-hop, GRAMMY award winner Cardi B!! The ONLY female rapper to win the best mew artist Grammy. AND the only female rapper to have a #1 song in TWO different decades!

    Keep going up, cardi! The lessors and their “fans” will be screaming shortly I’m sure

    • Karen Maren February 1, 2021


      • Gary February 2, 2021

        This would be cute if you mentioned the Grammy was for best rap album and not new artist

    • I hte bllaac n whyt bitchzz February 1, 2021

      Cardi can take the Grammy and give it to her cheating black husband offset who wrote it.

      Shout out to THE QUEEN NICKI MINAJ best Latin song she can get money both ways now in latin and hip hop music.

  5. Lou February 1, 2021

    Meh. I can’t get behind someone who doesn’t write her own raps and wins with PAYOLA.

    • Moti25 February 2, 2021

      Unless somebody lying her real name is all over the album credits on her first album. And there’s literally no proof of payola….. try again

  6. Slim February 1, 2021

    Cardi gotta bring it and I think she’s nervous cause it’s to much competition out. She doesn’t write has no bars can’t dance and no stage presence. Megan and Doja taking over. Even Saweetie dropping platinum hits. Sometimes people get tired of waiting and loose interest. If this single flops it’s a wrap.

    • DaSlay February 1, 2021

      Megan taking over what exactly? The same chick that can’t get a solo #1 to save her life? I thinks the f*** not.

      Saweetie is cute but she ain’t popping no time soon.

      Cardi owns these b******. The world stopped when she released WAP. The world is gonna stop again Friday.

      Yall b****** keep counting Cardi out like she isn’t annihilating all these rap h***.

      • Gag Order February 2, 2021

        Boy Cardi is not slaying anybody..she has social media hype and puts out catchy’re like a trump supporter blinded by your own love and hate smh…the rappers out now are holding their own gworl…what’s annoying is that Cardi fans know she’s not a good rapper lol…listen to her mixtapes…………………

      • DaSlay February 2, 2021

        Baby social media hype doesn’t translate into numbers. Ask Megan and ChloexHalle 😗

        NUMBERS DONT LIE CHECK THE SCOREBOARD. Better yet Billboard or RIAA.

        Which one of these b****** are running up the numbers like Cardi? You delusional. Now gag on that!!!

    • Lou February 2, 2021

      She’s not gonna lose, she pays for records, streams and PAYOLA

  7. WRTW? February 1, 2021

    Who is this, another new rap girl?

  8. &WAT? February 2, 2021

    Still waiting for my WAP vinyl that I purchased and never received

  9. J February 2, 2021

    This is about to underpreform

    • DC February 2, 2021

      Like y’all thought wap was dam hatin ass b****

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