Justin Bieber Shares ‘Justice’ Album Tracklist (ft. Chance The Rapper, Khalid, Daniel Caesar, Burna Boy & More)

Published: Thursday 11th Mar 2021 by Ryan

Justin Bieber is making a comeback in a big way.

He has been a dominating force in pop music for over a decade now. However, for his latest album, ‘Justice,’ he has called-in some of his famous friends to create an Avengers-like team for the project.

These include: Chance The Rapper, Khalid, Daniel Caesar, and more.

Find out who else populates the tracklist below…

Featuring a total of 16 songs, the project will also feature the likes of Giveon, The Kid Laroi, Burna Boy, Dominic Fike, and Benny Blanco.

The album will contain the previously released singles: ‘Holy,’ ‘Lonely,’ ‘Anyone,’ and ‘Hold On.’

‘Justice’ will hit shelves everywhere on March 19.

Are you excited? Let us know…

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  1. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) March 11, 2021

    I can tell the album is boring af, probably same craps from changes…. I’m tired of these pop tarts doing boring ass tracks

  2. Yup! March 11, 2021

    A racist culture vulture. a hard skip.

  3. 1988 March 11, 2021

    I can’t wait for the authentic Def Jam boy. 💕 The undisputed Prince Of Pop. Check the sales, RIAA 96 million in the USA alone. 150 million worldwide with proof.. Lol. Haters crying and copying. Karma indeed. JUSTIN forever. 🙂

    #Justice 🏍

    Going for his 8th Billboard 200 No. 1. 💕

  4. 1988 March 11, 2021

    Talk of the Charts (@talkofthecharts) Tweeted:
    .@IFPI_org’s top 10 global album sales of 2020:

    #1. Map Of The Soul: 7, 4.8M
    #2. Be, 2.7M
    #3. Stray Sheep, 2M
    #4. Folklore, 2M
    #5. The Album, 1.5M
    #6. Power Up, 1.4M
    #7. Changes, 1.2M
    #8. Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~, 1.2M
    #9. This Is Arashi, 1M
    #10. Ceremony, 1M

    Changes Top 10……❤️ Official IFPP

  5. Holliewuudd March 11, 2021

    I’m sorry but this screams desperate to try to get back on top. Wasn’t it just a few years ago he completely said F it! About his career and took a “break” abandoning his tour. Now he’s been pushing out albums to try to secure that number 1 spot again…but noones checking for him anymore….reminds me of the old adage “don’t know what you got till it’s gone”

    • 1988 March 11, 2021

      Justin also had the most viewed Vevo music video of 2020 in the USA but you can keep being delusional. You definitely don’t have to like it, but please don’t worry about who is checking for him when I provided facts about who is actually selling albums. 🙂


      They like it. 💗 This is too easy. ❤️

      • Holliewuudd March 11, 2021

        Okie dokie, Smokie.

  6. J March 11, 2021

    This cover 🔥🔥

    Still not listening

  7. Revolution March 11, 2021

    Sticky notes? That’s such an ugly way to reveal your track list lol

    • 1988 March 11, 2021

      Michael Jackson did songs with Paul McCartney. But like Justin Bieber, he’s not a racist. ❤️ JB is signed to Def Jam. DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN or you might not be familiar with how they sign, develop, produce and brand their artists and albums? But something tells me you have heard of Def Jam albums and artists. JB is one of the few white artists they have signed.

    • 1988 March 11, 2021

      Comment wasn’t for you sorry. 🙂

  8. chilepleaseee March 11, 2021

    Great..another white man using black people for hits.

    • 1988 March 11, 2021

      Comment above is for you. JB is on Def Jam and not racist. Lol I go from Twitter normal comments back to this delusion. Lol

      • chilepleaseee March 11, 2021

        I didn’t say he was racist. Bye.

    • 1988 March 11, 2021

      No you didn’t, but I added that part in because someone else will eventually try to comment that. Stopping the delusion before it spreads. Lol 🛑

      • chilepleaseee March 11, 2021

        Matter of fact, he has done some racist s***. I take that back.

  9. Pat March 11, 2021

    So Chance is the black pass for his music now

  10. 1988 March 11, 2021

    I knew Justin Bieber and Kanye West were Def Jams biggest artists ever but Billboard just confirmed today that Def Jam said Justin is the biggest moneymaker ever signed “by a landslide”. 🙂

    Thanks Billboard. Def Jam…❤️

  11. 1988 March 11, 2021

    Billboatd: “This time, however, nothing was off limits. Justice spans the beatific brightness of “Someone” to the No Jacket Required-era Phil Collins nod of “Deserve You”….”

    So proud Justin! ❤️ 🥊

    • 1988 March 11, 2021

      Spelling error: Billboard. ❤️ 🥊 🏍

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