Hot 100: The Weeknd Ties MAJOR Janet Jackson Record as ‘Save Your Tears’ Soars to #1

Published: Monday 3rd May 2021 by Rashad

Thanks to a number of female contributors (i.e. Doja Cat on ‘In Your Eyes,’ Rosalia on ‘Blinding Lights,’ etc.), The Weeknd has given hits from his blockbuster fourth studio album, ‘After Hours,’ extended lifelines on the Hot 100 with remixes.

Giving his latest single, ‘Save Your Tears,’ the same treatment courtesy of a revamp featuring Ariana Grande, the GRAMMY winners’ reunion – nearly 7 years after their first duet ‘Love Me Harder’ –  has proven to be just what the doctor ordered as it’s secured their latest chart-topper.

See what we mean inside:

Just a week after premiering on streaming and digital outlets, the Max Martin-produced cut has propelled #1 on the Hot 100 – marking both singers’ sixth respective career visits to the pole position.

For The Weeknd (born Abel Tesfaye), this comes as the third #1 single from ‘After Hours’ alone (following ‘Heartless’ and the gargantuan ‘Blinding Lights’).  The feat makes him only the second male vocalist in the last 10 years to boast sending three songs to the top of the Hot 100 from one album (following Justin Bieber‘s 2015 ‘Purpose’ LP).  More notably, Tesfaye is the first male artist in history to have three #1 singles from one album over three different calendar years (‘Heartless’-2019, ‘Blinding Lights’-2020, ‘Save Your Tears’-2021). The only other artist to achieve this was Janet Jackson with her legendary 1989 opus, ‘Rhythm Nation.’

For Ari, the #1 arrival of ‘Save Your Tears’ makes her the first female artist to boast three #1 duet singles over her career.  The only other artist to own such a title is Sir Paul McCartney.  Interestingly, this is her first #1 hit that didn’t debut at the top – ending her streak 5-1.

Here are the numbers that helped ‘Save’ shoot to the summit.  Billboard reports:

  • Streaming: 30.4 million U.S. streams
  • Digital Download: 18,000 downloads
  • Radio airplay: 67.3 million radio airplay
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  1. Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 May 3, 2021

    Yaaaaaas 🥳 Abel and Ari told Bruno to close the damn door lmaooooooooo 🚪

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) May 3, 2021

      Close yo damn saggy legs💅🏿💅🏿 Yo p u s s s y full of flies 🤮

      • Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 May 3, 2021

        Chile, I’m popping non-alcoholic bottles for The Weeknd today lol 🍾 🥂 You can go kiss Will Smith’s big, black, smooth, Wakanda sized booty for all I care lmaooooooooo 🤣 Bye Maristench 💋

  2. Cadence May 3, 2021

    Janet did it all without remixes and streams. This is comparing apples to oranges. RN era is still unmatched.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 May 3, 2021


    • 1988 May 3, 2021

      Janet Jackson is a remix Queen. I listen to official remixes from many Janet eras including Rhythm Nation. Go to Wikipedia. You meant adding features to the remixes. BUT HEAVY D is on the Alright remix for those who remember. Lol. Janet has fire remixes. On period. ❤️

      Shep Pettibone
      “Alright (7″ Remix)” – 4:11
      “Alright (7″ Remix) (feat. Heavy D)” – 4:34
      “Alright (7″ R&B Mix)” – 4:33
      “Alright (7″ R&B Mix) (feat. Heavy D)” – 4:56
      “Alright (12″ R&B Mix)” – 7:17
      “Alright (12″ House Mix)” – 8:30
      “Alright (12″ House Edit)” – 7:12
      “Alright (Hip House Dub)” – 6:40
      “Alright (House Dub)” – 5:58
      “Alright (A Cappella)” – 3:26
      CJ Mackintosh Mixes
      “Alright (CJ Mackintosh House Mix)” – 9:10
      “Alright (CJ Mackintosh House Edit)” – 5:03
      “Alright (CJ Mackintosh Hip Hop Mix)” – 7:24
      “Alright (CJ Mackintosh Hip Hop Edit)” – 5:11
      Todd Terry Mixes
      “Alright (Tee’s Club Mix) – 6:19
      “Alright (Tee’s Beats) – 3:24
      “Alright (CJ Extended Mix) – 6:32
      “Alright (CJ Radio) – 3:40

      Stop downplaying what Abel accomplished.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 May 3, 2021

        A song and it’s remix/es never counted towards “sales” of the same song.

      • 1988 May 3, 2021

        These are different times I totally agree. But Heavy D was not on the album version of Alright. I remember hearing the remix on the radio constantly which added to the consumption points for Billboard weekly. So it still added to the success of Alright.

      • Pat May 3, 2021

        Alright wasn’t a number one so it’s not relevant to this record

      • 1988 May 3, 2021

        OK Pat, let’s pretend like Janet never released a Remix. Since that’s what was my point in the first place. Let’s just erase them all. They never played in clubs or on the radio. They never ever released or helped her in any way reach any success…. Top 10, Top 5 or No. 1.

        I already know I’m right so… Bye! 💕

      • Shayla Queen 👑 May 3, 2021

        An album version and single version would both have been on the same CD single that people would go out to purchase.

    • eric May 3, 2021

      I agree you can’t make any real comparison between the two. Billboard changed the rules, lowered the standards, and acts like today’s music is rising to the same level as the legends because they realize there are very few legends in the making. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  3. Shayla Queen 👑 May 3, 2021

    Not discrediting The Weeknd, but Janet’s record was based on physical sales…

    • Roberta FlackSabbath May 3, 2021

      Just imagine if Janet had the opportunity to release new “collabs” every couple of weeks like these “artists” can do to boost numbers. She couldn’t.

      Yes, she has a million remixes of her songs, but few could BUY them as they weren’t easily accessible and NO ONE could stream them.

      This is The Weak-End and Janet in a race, but Janet has to run in cement blocks…

    • Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 May 3, 2021

      Janet threw her flavor around and did it FIRST lmaooooooooo 💯 That will forever be the truth! It’s been like 30 something damn years since lol…it was gonna happen again at SOME point 🤣 You still gotta have big ol hits lol

  4. Pat May 3, 2021

    The queen didn’t need remixes but big accomplishment still

  5. 1988 May 3, 2021

    Absolutely, big congratulations to The Weeknd! I said he had at least three No. 1’s from first hearing the album. These ears never lie. I don’t speak just to be speaking either… Lol. Congrats to Ariana as well.

    Rhythm Nation is one of the monumental standards of excellence for R&B/Pop. ❤️

  6. Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 May 3, 2021

    I find it funny and HIGHLY SUS that both Rhythm Nation and After Hours weren’t nominated for Album Of The Year at The Scammys lol 😂 Like, really? 🤳🏽

  7. Ariana Fan May 3, 2021

    Ariana’s 6th number 1 and The Weekend’s 6th number 1. Can’t wait for the Brit Awards Dua is in rehearsals lol will she win Album of the Year? Stay tuned !!

  8. Champ May 4, 2021

    Congrats to The Weekend. Regardless of how people feel about him, he makes incredible music. His sound is heard everywhere now. *sips*

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