Nicki Minaj Squashes Past Beef With Wendy Williams: “You Are An Icon & Legend”

Published: Tuesday 18th May 2021 by Ryan

Nicki Minaj is ready to bury the hatchet with Wendy Williams.

For, the music superstar has finally forgiven the media personality after previously beefing in the past.

More details below…

On her show on May 17, Williams was discussing the famed rapper in comparison to others. During a segment on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ she said:

“She’s still gotta keep up with these young girls, because they are people in the making. Nicki to me is definitely an icon and definitely a legend.”

After seeing Williams’ kind words about her, Minaj then commented on the post, saying:

“You are an icon & legend as well @wendyshow.”

Minaj and Williams previously began feuding in 2019, when Williams mocked Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty.

This led the ‘Super Bass’ rapper to clap back, where she called Williams “demonic” (as we reported here).

However, it appears as though the two have buried the hatchet.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Adonis May 18, 2021

    When she gonna say them exact same words to Lil’Kim? She owes Kim everything she has

    • BubblePopElectric May 18, 2021


    • KeepingItReal May 18, 2021

      This! 💯

      • NotAgain May 19, 2021

        @Adonis She’s literally said this about Kim, multiple times. Do your research, don’t be so quick to be negative. Kim is a legend, everyone knows that. Nicki doesn’t owe her a d*mn thing. Kim is over it, y’all are the one’s who love to rehash this tired ass narrative.

    • alyr May 21, 2022

      She has MULTIPLE TIMES, clueless.

  2. Keeping It Real May 18, 2021

    When she gonna apologize to Mariah Carey.
    She’s a true icon and legend

    • Kenny May 18, 2021

      Mariah was the problem

    • BaddieB May 19, 2021

      Been there done that in 2013 sweety. Go look back at interviews on Ellen and Late night shows with Nicki, she says she could never hate Mariah because she is a legend and grew up listening to her and that she liked mariah but mariah doesn’t like her.

  3. KeyLoLo May 18, 2021

    🙄 until Wendy says something again that she doesn’t like…It’s good they gave each other props but I don’t consider this “dropped beef” 🤷 they said nice words about each other, that’s it

  4. Brooklyn Fan May 18, 2021

    She will never squash the beef with Kim because she is too small a person. She will never do the right thing. She stole everything from Lil’ Kim, dissed her in the process, and played the victim so that the entire hip hop industry would turn against Kim. She thought she was smart, but all she did was make sure that one day she would be a victim of the same media that she turned against Kim. Nicki Minaj started the Nicki Minaj hate train by being an evil person.

    Now she is no longer the top woman in rap, Nicki might as well make public amends with Kim for the things she said and did, because the way that KARMA is already hitting and getting ready to get worse… You can’t attempt to destroy someone’s life and legacy and think you will enjoy your own life and legacy. What goes around always comes back around.

    • May 18, 2021

      shut up.

      • Brooklyn Fan May 18, 2021

        This is all you have to say because you know what I said is the truth. Your fave is the victim of the same evil that she tried to make Kim suffer. Karma is hitting her hard and it is only going to hit harder. She fooled you barbz by playing the victim, but karma is too smart to be fooled.

    • May 18, 2021

      Brooklyn Fan, like I said shut up.

    • Keyword May 18, 2021

      Shut up dummy, those were literally her exact words
      To Kim before she even blew up. There’s an actual video of her saying it ..

    • NotAgain May 19, 2021

      @Brooklyn Fan there is literally no beef at this point, they just don’t f*ck with each other, and that’s okay.

      And even if Nicki were to openly “squash” things you’d still say it was disingenuous. So why bother?

      Furthermore, why are you even mentioning Kim? You do realize that Kim has been over this for years? Y’all are really a part of the problem. Nicki has praised Kim before, but y’all love to ignore that part. Kim didn’t invent colorful wigs or risqué outfits. However, that doesn’t take away from Kim’s impact or her legendary status. Kim doesn’t need validation from Nicki. But somehow y’all (the stans) seem to want it for her so bad 🥴.. I mean if you didn’t then you wouldn’t be bringing up a 10 year old beef..

      If this is what Karma looks like then please sign me tf up!!

  5. UHoesFunny May 18, 2021

    Everybody wanna be friends with Nicki now 😂😂😂😂 they see the game needs her. “Every time I leave, the game be so boring”. The Queen said it herself, now everybody bowing down 💀

    • Dc May 18, 2021

      The game missed her so much why her steaming number for those flop singles so low ???????

      • Bow Down May 19, 2021

        You sound so dumb.
        Nicki is a pop star…period.
        All her top hits were catchy pop tunes with “hip hop” sprinkled in the middle of it…period.
        Kim stole Kim’s whole image and brand and took it on as her own…period.
        Without Kim we wouldn’t even speak of a Nicki…period.
        Nicki also stole Gaga’s style in the beginning of her career which prompted Gaga to once say she didn’t like the comparison because she is an artist that sings, dances, plays instruments and writes songs…period.
        You “barbz” are delusional and remedial asf…period.
        Take Nicki’s p**** lips out your mouth and wake the f*** up…PERIODT!

    • UHoesFunny May 18, 2021

      Nicki is more than just streaming numbers you fcking bone head 🦴🤣🤣🤣 she’s an embodiment of female rap, fashion, attitude, personality. THE FULL PACKAGE. None of which your favs have and ur sooo mad about it lol. Accept their will NEVER be another female rapper to do how Nicki has done it. RICHEST FEMALE RAPPER. Talk to me when ur fav hits $100Mill 🥰 broke bum btchs all talkin out the side of their necks 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. SNF May 18, 2021

    Who TF cares

  7. Susan May 18, 2021

    But Wendy said nicki doesn’t need to make anymore music because the GP is no longer interested and she can’t keep up with the younger female rappers 🤣🤣

  8. True Tea May 19, 2021

    Do you guys really believe Wendy is going to pass up an opportunity to shade Nicki or any celebrity, lol Wendy & Nicki are simply taken a moment to acknowledge & admire all the shade each has thrown throughout their careers.

    Nicki knows Wendy will come for her again. I doubt Nicki is this gullible.

  9. #TheTruth May 19, 2021

    Those titles are ridiculous.
    And it’s just an opinion.
    Do I think Nicki or Wendy are such ? No. People speak these words very easily these days.

    Wendy is quite unknown in the rest of the world.
    Nicki’s peak is in the past. She might be known worldwide, but she isn’t this huge superstar either.

    Mariah deserves those titles. So does Beyoncé. Nicki ? No. But that’s my opinion. Everyone will have their own point of view. That’s why I think those titles are stupid. Just like award shows.

  10. Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 May 19, 2021

    I wouldn’t say that Nicki is a legend or legendary…she needs a classic album or more outstanding work for that *Dionne Warwick voice* 🤣 You have to create essential music that speaks for itself and shines BY ITSELF 💯 Music that doesn’t depend on image at ALL..Nicki is super popular, she influenced these new rap girls and found her way to the BAG lol 💰 She should be happy that she accomplished so much without a classic album….now, make one 😂

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