Pink On Why She Turned Down The Super Bowl: “I Would Have Taken The Knee”

Published: Friday 21st May 2021 by Sam

With Pink hot on the promotional trail for her new documentary ‘All I Know So Far,’ the singer’s latest stop was Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. 

During her interview, anchor Andy Cohen quizzed about a topic many have been curious about for years: the Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

It’s been reported that the airborne singer turned down the offer to perform at the 2019 event – which eventually went on to be headlined by Maroon 5 (and we all know that went).

Ever candid, the star revealed exactly what went down.

Her words await below…

Speaking frankly, she shared that – while she “would have had fun doing it” she wasn’t comfortable with the nitpicking that tends to come along the gig. She also as well as her sentiments that the 2019 show should have been headlined by Atlanta’s Hip-Hop elite given it was taking place in the city.

Perhaps most notable, however, was her comment: “I probably would have taken the knee.” An action that would have been in solidarity with footballer Colin Kaepernick who has effectively been inactive since his kneeling protest.


It’s a tough one.

Her reasons for not accepting are super commendable. She’s spot on when it comes to that particular show being best suited to stars of the ATL scene, as well the necessity of her spotlighting injustice (e.g. kneeling) had she taken on the gig. Especially being in a position of privilege.

At the same time, there are few performers as seasoned as Pink left. So, she is as worthy of a Halftime headliner as they come and it’s certain she would absolutely smash it.

Here’s hoping the stars align for her to rock the show in the future.

Check out more from Pink’s appearance:

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  1. jungkook May 21, 2021

    pink seriously? she only has a two international hits = lady marmolade and get the party started , nobodys know her outside US.

    • Dc May 21, 2021

      Stfu pink has toured the world has one of the most successful international tours ever please use Google next time before speaking

    • Dc May 21, 2021

      Pink Sets Records With Beautiful Trauma World Tour | Billboard …
      Aug 20, 2019 — nk delivered an incredible $126.8 million and 1,194,697 tickets across the European dates. Ticket prices across the entire tour were up 30-40% from her last trek but it was the capacity increase from arenas to stadiums that pushed the Beautiful Trauma grosses into the stratosphere.

    • Roberta FlackSabbath May 21, 2021

      Total lie., you bogus hater.

      Pink has actual talent, unlike BTS: Barely Tolerable Singers, the lip-synch wonders.

      Pink’s international tours are enormous. Some of the biggest in history. The Beautiful Trauma tour was the second highest-grossing tour of all time by a female solo artist and the tenth highest-grossing tour of all time, earning $397.3 million and selling over 3 million tickets. Source: Billboard

      So What, Just Give Me One Reason, What About Us, etc. were #1 in dozens of countries.

      She has sold over 42 million albums and 75 million singles worldwide.

      • Dc May 21, 2021

        Exactly 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

      • jungkook May 21, 2021

        Well nobodys was talking about bts , you sound so stup!d as hell hahahahah my name is jungkook beside this seems like you are a bts fan since you know his name .
        About pink and her “world tour” seems like Asia, latin america or africa don’t know her , her world tour are only = usa, canada , europe and ocenia . her concerts are 95% on USA and so many dates that’s the reason you think the girl is big and succesfull tour lol.

    • Chance May 21, 2021

      You sound like a f u c k I n g 🤡 saying P!nk only has 2 international hits! You obviously have no idea how big internationally this woman is!

  2. 🐝 May 21, 2021

    Yassss Queen! We Stan! 👑

  3. James May 21, 2021

    P!NK is great live performer very talented. I know she would have done an outstanding show at the Super Bowl as she always does. Kudos to her

  4. James May 21, 2021

    P!NK is a great live performer she’s very talented. I know she would have done an outstanding show at the Super Bowl. She always does great shows on tour. Kudos to her.

    These phones intel ya; I’m not sure why my comment got posted and I wasn’t finish typing!!

  5. eric May 21, 2021

    It’s nice to know she was asked, because I always thought she was in an ideal place in her career to take on the halftime show. I love her genuine response. I’m ready to see her on tour for a third time.

  6. CantTakeMeHomeToDaddy May 21, 2021

    This is yt guilt for bamboozling everyone into thinkin she was rnb. I stan her first 2 albums tho. Yeah, it was messy, but its a y2k mess at its finest!

  7. Slick May 22, 2021

    Give me a fkn break w this woke bs. White people please stop.

  8. What Would Whitney Do May 22, 2021

    Take her picture the f*** down….
    she didn’t wanna perform for the NFL.she barley have a boyfriend too take her down for dissing NFL


    • What Would Whitney Do May 22, 2021

      since pink think she too good for NFL.take her the f*** down.. Ballers wouldve loved to see her show at the game..b****…that’s why dude cheated on her… .

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