Stream: Nicki Minaj Re-Releases ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ Mixtape With New Song ‘Fractions’ [Listen]

Published: Thursday 13th May 2021 by Rashad

Over 12 years after it first catapulted Nicki Minaj into Hip Hop stardom, ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ has been refurbished, refreshed, and revamped for an introduction to streaming services for the first time.

Now shining with a 23-song tracklist of cuts, ‘Beam’ welcomes new tunes “Seeing Green” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, Minaj’s remix of Skillibeng’s “Crocodile Teeth,” and the amply-teased “Fractions.”

According to Nicki, the set’s official release to streaming not only comes as the answer to years of requests from her beloved fans, affectionately called #Barbz, but is also designed to tide them over until she drops her long-awaited fifth studio album which is “coming soon.”

Until we get more news on the yet-titled LP, revisit the classic ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ mixtape inside:


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  1. Meme May 13, 2021

    I love Nicki but the fraction song sounds like noise. There is some bars in there it’s just hard to listen to. I also hate the drake and Wayne song. It’s just not how I expected her to return. Nonetheless I am happy to have the mixtape on streaming platforms so I can stop digging for it on sound cloud. Listening to this mixtape takes me back to college days when I fell in love with Nicki.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 13, 2021

      The end of Nikki is near once QUEEN Cardi Drops, so will nikkis coffin. 4 Years in and Cardi still has the swagger of a NEW ARTIST

      • UHoesFunny May 14, 2021

        Good night. You know this a lie 😂😂😂😂

      • Uh May 14, 2021

        And Rihanna ENDED beyawnka the end

  2. Stallionaire May 13, 2021

    The song with Drake is long and boring. The production is annoying. Fractions is…. yeah. I’ll pass.

  3. Clarks0o00ñ May 13, 2021

    Nothing new, saw old same old

    And yall wonder why cardi is eating the so called queen of rap on the charts.

    Cardi cant rap but she will never release trash like this.

  4. Clarks0o00ñ May 13, 2021

    How not to make a comeback.

    What a complete let down.
    A wasted opportunity

    Everybody were so excited only for nicki to release this nonsense that will be forgotten in the next few days

    • Keyword May 14, 2021

      Shut up dummy camila came back and couldn’t even chart on iTunes. Take your penicillin and go back to bed stupid boi lol

  5. Brooklyn Fan May 13, 2021

    Nicki Minaj never really had an ear for a hit, and Fractions proves that. She needed to be the only female out there to prosper and this shows why. Fractions is WACK. Her bars always seem forced and corny. Her bars are never clever. Nicki is a joke. It’s time for her to retire. Cardi is serving everything so much better stuff than this. Doja Cat and Megan thee Stallion are better too. Nicki will never be the top rap chick again. It’s over for her. That’s the karma she gets for how she treated Kim when she first came into the industry.

    Hang it up. Flatscreen.

    • Meme May 14, 2021

      I agree she never had an ear for a hit. I think the only bulletproof song she had was starships. All her other big hits became hits because of drama or publicity.

      • Toné May 14, 2021

        But starships is a straight up pop songs. It’s something Ke$ha would’ve done on her 1st album.

  6. Bleu May 13, 2021

    Nicki’s singles haven’t hit since Pink Friday. She shines best when featured on other artists hits. Fractions is a terrible song. I couldn’t listen to the song with Wayne and Drake it it’s entirety. It gave me a headache.

    • Tori May 13, 2021

      I can definitely agree because that was her last great era and the probably the last time the general public cared. Would’ve been a great era to bow out if 2016- present day was all we were going to be stuck with. She could’ve retired and just did features.

  7. Tori May 13, 2021

    I don’t really care for Nicki any more so I wasn’t going to listen, but everybody was making such a big deal on Twitter so I gave it a shot. Now Onika…how the fûck you thought this was gone fly? You released a 12 year old mixtape as your semi comeback? And your new songs sound very much in place, and that’s not a compliment. The problem ppl had with you in the first place was your sneak dissing and shot throwing at other female rappers but smiling and Kiking with them when confronted. Let that Queen s*** GO because you were ONLY the queen because you were the only female rapper out and you pulled strings to keep Remy Ma and Cardi off certain stages and deals. Your biggest songs are pops songs, but you’re the queen of rap? You break records for having the MOST material, NOT the BEST material, how is that queen like? Your album named “Queen” was a pushed back flop before it even recieved a release date, if that wasn’t a sign to humble yourself than you can’t see. Don’t come back with the same bullshît that turned ppl off in the first place. Come back fresh and rebrand your image like Beyoncé did or go harder with your visuals like Cardi or make fun, care free music like Ciara.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 13, 2021

      THAT PART! #SAY IT AGAIN! The end of Nikki is near once Cardi Drops, so will nikkia coffin

  8. Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 13, 2021

    Just like I thought… #TRASH

    The only Nikki song I liked from PEASANT is SIR thx to Future saving it. Nikkis flow lyrics & delivery is PLAYED OUT

    Amongst the Top 10 it’s..



    Nikki is NOT a strong rapper, she’s MID TIER at best and lost MAJOR market share in these last 5 years 😂

    Nikki went from being among the HOLY Trinity (now Bey, Meagan, Cardi) to being on the FELL OFF list with C Error & Usher 😂

    Shouldn’t taken a page from Rihannas book, better to release nothing at all than these Forgettables from the cutting room

    • JohnDoe22 May 14, 2021

      You must be a 14 year old gay boy…

    • UHoesFunny May 14, 2021

      Definitely a 14 year old fäg 💀

  9. Doodle May 13, 2021

    This s*** is trash lmfao💀

  10. Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 13, 2021

    Just like I thought… TRASH

    The only Nikki song I liked from PEASANT is SIR thx to Future saving it. Nikkis flow lyrics & delivery is PLAYED OUT

    Amongst the Top 10 it’s..



    Nikki is NOT a strong rapper, she’s MID TIER at best and lost MAJOR market share in these last 5 years 😂

    Nikki went from being among the H Triangle (now Bey, Meagan, Cardi) to being on the FELL OFF list with C Error & Usher 😂

    Shouldn’t taken a page from Rihannas book, better to release nothing at all than these Forgettables from the cutting room

    • Meme May 14, 2021

      You are delusional. All those girls you listed put together can’t see Nicki talent.

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 14, 2021

        So @Meme you’re trying to tell me that…

        ‘Uh, yo, watch your man
        Then you should watch your mouth
        B****** is pressed, administer mouth to mouth
        You see them stats, you know what I am about
        I am the champ, I’m Iron Mikin’ about
        Attention, I’ma need you to face front
        You don’t wanna smoke with me, this is a laced blunt
        Rap’s Jackie Chan, we ain’t pullin’ them fake stunts
        My crown won’t fit on your bum ass lace fronts (uh)
        You b****** catchin’ a fade, shout out my n**** Lil’ Boosie
        All of your friends’ll be dead, you can get hit with that Uzi
        I call him Ricky, he say he love me like Lucy
        Get you a straw n****, you know this p**** is juicy
        This Givenchy is custom made, now you can’t get it at Saks though
        I don’t work in no office, but they copyin’ and that’s facts though
        I ain’t tryna be violent, but if Nicki on it, it slaps, h**
        Get you lined for that paper, like a loose leaf, when that strap blow
        I’m with a couple bad b****** that’ll rip the party
        If Quavo the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi
        Pull up in the space coupe, I done linked with Marty
        I can actually afford to get a pink Bugatti
        “Aye yo Nick, didn’t you just do a hit with Gotti?”
        That too, but my n***** send hits like Gotti
        It’s a wrap, like the things on the head of a Saudi
        B****, you my son, go and sit on the potty (rrrr)’

        … Is better than…

        Ride the Dikk like a BMX
        No n**** wanna be my ex (no)
        I love when he go on tour
        ‘Cause he cums more when I see him less
        I get upset off, I turn Offset on
        I told him the other day
        Man, we should sell that p***
        Yeah, Cardi B, I’m back, b******
        I don’t wanna hear I’m actin’ different (yeah)
        Same lips that be talkin’ ’bout me
        Is the same lips that be ass kissin’
        These h*** ain’t what they say they are
        And they pxssy stink, they catfishin’ (stank)
        Same h*** that was sendin’ shots
        They reachin’ out like they back itchin’
        Why would I hop in some beef? (Why?)
        When I could just hop in a Porsche?
        You heard she, gon’ do what, from who?
        That’s not a reliable source
        So tell me have you seen her?
        Let me wrap my weave up
        I’m the trap Selena
        Dame más gasolina (skrrt)

      • Tori May 14, 2021

        ….I’ve never read Nicki’s lyrics untill today and they definitely don’t resonate the same on paper 🤣😂🤣🤣😂❗ Sis can definitely bring some dead axx lyrics to life, and she keeps doing it on every song so she knows her talent.

      • Susan May 14, 2021

        @tori 😭🤣🤣🤣😩😭🤣😂😂😂

  11. UHoesFunny May 14, 2021

    That diabetic btch soo pressed 😂☝🏽

  12. BRICK May 14, 2021


  13. Caresha May 14, 2021

    Nicki music sucks. Her last good song was Truffle Butter.

  14. Redd May 14, 2021

    She makes music for gay twitter trolls and 40 year old aunties with Chinese slippers and thin synthetic wigs

  15. Urg May 14, 2021

    If Farction is what to be expected on her new album she might as well shelf it and stick to doing features. Nicki call it a day in music and branch off into over ventures please.

  16. Dc May 14, 2021

    Aww she had writers block and drake gave her inspiration lol see this what happens when your negative and bitter she couldn’t even write 😂😂😂😂 and still sounds like she has writers block these new songs suck

  17. Dc May 14, 2021

    She needed Wayne and Drake to help her like in the beginning 😂

  18. Susan May 14, 2021

    She’s scared to release new music. You’re a legacy act now, granny.

    • Dc May 14, 2021

      And she can’t release a solo song she need drake and Wayne to help her out she’s washed

    • Tori May 14, 2021

      And there’s nothing wrong with being a legacy act, it’s just bad when you’re still trying to compete after you already won. Nicki has nothing to prove because she paved the way for the new girls. The problem is she’s trying to compete with these new girls in a new generation with completely new rules and they’re running circles on her ass. And then, she gets in her feelings and bring up feats she accomplished nearly 10 years ago 🤷🏾‍♂️. She just looks pathetic for trying to compete when she could’ve been solidifying herself instead.

      • Susan May 14, 2021

        That part

  19. DioraCouture May 14, 2021

    i cannot be the only one noticing the flow is the same as W.A.P.

  20. Keyword May 14, 2021

    Ohmgod really niki?? This is your comeback??
    I knew it’d be this underwhelming I didn’t want it to be but gurl..

    No, this was just noise. You were supposss to pixi cut your hair dye it black come up with a theme and rap about mature real life s***

    All the things this girls gone through the past few years you would’ve thought she’d make life music

    Mature mixed with some actual bangers.
    What happened to your ear for the hits niki?

    You should’ve came back a completely different not This same ol same ol its been TIERED.

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