Mary J. Blige Visits ‘The Breakfast Club,’ ‘My Life’ Documentary, New Album, & More

Published: Thursday 24th Jun 2021 by Sam

Mary J. Blige is hot on the promotional trail for her brand new  documentary ‘My Life.’

Set to debut tomorrow (June 25), the Amazon Prime Video special salutes the singer’s breakthrough album of the same name. But, more broadly, it chronicles her journey to happiness after the tumultuous time the project arrived during.

Stopping by The Breakfast Club, the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul waxed honest about her life – its hardships, its learnings, and triumphs.

She also delved into why she’s not entertaining the idea of marriage again, her forthcoming album, and much more.

Watch below…

Great interview!

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  1. what would whitney do June 24, 2021

    looooooooooooooooooove mjb can she make a comeback she gonna have some competition

    • Dc June 24, 2021

      She has 8 multi platinum albums 11 platinum she doesn’t give af bout competition with these new girls plus she’s mostly acting now Oscar nominated and all so

      • What Would Whitney Do June 24, 2021

        When Whitney Houston did heartbreak hotel they got kelli Price.
        The industry was shocked they skipped Mary..and that’s no disrespect to Mary..she don’t know what the new artists are gonna bring. But I’m sure she want some competition.

  2. what would whitney do June 24, 2021

    mary said she never getting married again,, btch stop dating american men she is african hatian jamacian b**** so many men from there would love mary . if tamar was not s0 emotional hers may have worked

    • U Heaux’s Speaking Cap-anese!!! June 25, 2021

      Uhh no you dumb bih! That same type of man you hyping up Cheated on Tamar, which is no different than what the American husband Mary j. Blige had did to her! So don’t act like they are any different or supposedly above American Men. Tamar is allowed to be as emotional as she wants! If that trash is cheating then her being emotional or not would not have changed that! You sound super stupid!!

  3. S H A D I S M June 24, 2021

    Can’t help hearing Jaguar Wright tearing MJB a new one. “Bxtch, you had a train run on you at Death Row Records … Diddy took you on to prove he can make ANY untalented singer a success … album after album, you try to convince yourself you’s happy … you hoodrat cat eater … come out bis!” 😸

    • LiesYouTell… June 25, 2021

      Ignorant fool, shut up! I dunno who is more mentally unstable, you or that baldheaded trashy heifer making up all these lies about successful celebs that outshined her?!!…She needs to be back on her meds and so do you!!

      • S H A D I S M June 25, 2021

        Thanks for dedicating your break window from flipping burgers to Cc: someone who didn’t beep you. Don’t burn yourself.

    • LiesYouTell… June 25, 2021

      Burger flipping seems more like your thing, project crack baby. All you and that nuthin a** heifer you stan for did is call attention to your dire need for mental health assistance…get well soon, miserable…

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