She’s Back! Diana Ross Announces New Album ‘Thank You’ / Debuts Video For Title Track

Published: Thursday 17th Jun 2021 by Sam

Diana Ross sprung a supreme surprise on fans moments ago.

For, the legend announced her brand new album ‘Thank You’ and premiered the title track single.

Full story below…

Recorded at her home studio, the ‘Thank You’ LP promises “a powerful, inclusive musical message of love and togetherness.”

Speaking on the record (due September 10 via Decca/Universal), Ross said:

“My new album ‘Thank You’ will be released on September 10th. This collection of songs is my gift to you with appreciation and love. I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to record this glorious music at this time. ❤️”

The superstar co-penned each of the album’s 13 songs with an eclectic mix of creatives including: Jack Antonoff, Troy Miller, Triangle Park, Spike Stent, Prince Charlez, Amy Wadge, Neff-U, Freddie Wexler, Jimmy Napes, Tayla Parx, Fred White, and Nathanial Ledgewick.

Ahead of its arrival, check out the freshly unwrapped video for ‘Thank You’ the single below…

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  1. Clarks0o00ñ June 17, 2021

    Even diana ross about to drop an album before f*******
    It’s so embarrassing

    Real musicians release music.
    Normani is not a musician. She an IG model and a cheap beyonce impersonator

    • Wave$ June 17, 2021

      Normani has you pressed. Believe me she’s preparing to storm the industry and you’re wig is gonna be snatched baby gurl. That’s why your so bothered. You know Normani is finna smash and break records while doing so. Sit tight and just wait. She’s COMING and you’ll f****** GAGGGGGG p**** boy!!!

      • Clarks0o00ñ June 17, 2021

        “Believe me she’s preparing to storm the industry and you’re wig is gonna be snatched baby gurl. ”

        Yall have been saying this since 2018 but still no album out, only 1 solo song that sounded like an Arianna Grande reject.

        We are half way thru 2021 , still no album or second single. Just some Instagram photos.

      • Clarkson you need mental help June 17, 2021

        So you admit Clarkson that for 730+ days in a row you’ve literally mentioned Normani and that she’s a flop. You mention her on posts s that have 0 to do with her. You see it now?? You’re crazy and obsessed! That’s not normal. 730 f****** days in a row?! You post about her ? That’s some f****** weird s***

      • Clarks0o00ñ June 17, 2021

        Blah blah blah.
        u are projecting ur mental illness on me 🤣🤣

        If u need help just say it, instead of beating around the Bush.

        Normani is a flop and she will continue to be a flop and I will continue to drag that bìtch.

        4 years of going solo, no album out. Embarrassing
        Remember when u ràts, said she was gonna dominate 2021? 🤣🤣🤣.

      • Clarkson you crazy b**** June 17, 2021

        I’m projecting ? You crazy ass b**** you’re the one that keeps being up Normani….she’s richer than you more successful than you. She could Buy you if she wanted to. So a mentally unstable broke ass m*********** like you who lives in this comment section trying to bring her down when she won’t see your comments is comical at best

    • Wishbone June 17, 2021

      Why are you so intimidated by Normani? Is it because you know your fave could never😝

      • Clarks0o00ñ June 17, 2021

        Yes my faves could never go solo for 4 years with no album out

        Camila networth- 14 million dollars
        F*******- 3 million dollars

        Of cause I’m intimidated. My faves can never

    • DioraCouture June 17, 2021

      this, definitely is a good one from this Clarkson person!!!!
      i agree 100%

    • Gladston June 17, 2021

      Hi Clarkson,

      You’re angry and pressed because Normani is beautiful, talented and successful. Our new princess will rightfully claim her throne this summer. Keep pounding that keyboard In anger. She sees you watching hater.

  2. Clarks0o00ñ June 17, 2021

    Jack antonoff (Taylor swift)
    Tayla pax (ariana grande)
    Jimmy napes (sam Smith)

    These are some cool song writers and producers.
    I’m excited.

    This album may actually be a smash and a comeback for diana.

    • DAVEE June 17, 2021

      ^ prince charlez (Rihanna)
      some really good people working with Diana

  3. Mary Wilson Stan June 17, 2021

    She sounds awful. She’s no Aretha, Patti or Donna. This will flop.

    • Vida June 17, 2021

      Firstly,Stop trolling in the name of Mary Wilson. May God rest her soul.
      Secondly, Diana Ross the BOSS doesn’t need to chart ever again. She’s already a legend. She spent over 20 years on the charts. Keep those stupid “flop” debates on Dua Lipa posts dear. They don’t apply here. Grow up.

    • DAVEE June 17, 2021

      Are you referring to Aretha’s auto flop cover over rolling in the deep lol. Miss Patti ain’t charted since the 80s are you for real? Diana Ross sounds better than your faves.

    • Clarks0o00ñ June 17, 2021

      Ur right, patti is a flop

  4. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 17, 2021

    Yessssss❤️ Your Disco needs you💅🏿💅🏿 Imo Donna Summer had better disco songs 💃🏼

  5. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 17, 2021

    Diana Ross was arrested for DUI in 2002. Is she clean now after almost 20 god damn years ? 💅🏿

  6. IKNOWTHETRUTH June 17, 2021


    • Vida June 17, 2021

      Beyonce wishes what?

      • iCarly June 17, 2021

        She could have her longevity, I love Beyoncé unfortunately I don’t think Beyoncé will be performing in her 70s 😫

      • Shutting down h8rz June 17, 2021

        Beyonce is pushing 25 years into her career and is still one of the most powerful and relevant artists out there.

      • DC3 June 17, 2021

        And isn’t she slowing down?

        Her last solo album was in 2016 and solo tour in 2016 as well.


        @Shutting down h8rz She can have her Me Myself and I time anytime she wants and as she seems to be slowing down by her own option I’ll support her!

    • DaHive June 17, 2021

      Beyonce is a real legend. Diana Ross cheated, f*****, and schemed her way to the top. She’s an insufferable b**** with rotten teeth and a flat voice. Bey has more talent in her c****** hair than Diana has in her whole body.

  7. eric June 17, 2021

    Good song. Very good fit for her.

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 17, 2021

      Nah she hasnt charted the hot 100 since 1986💅🏿

      • Vida June 17, 2021

        So basically, 20+ years into her career? Sounds legendary to me. Was that supposed to be shade?

  8. Stallionaire June 17, 2021

    She can’t sing.

    Diana = Rihanna
    Aretha = Beyonce

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 17, 2021

      Normani = Tearria Mari💅🏿

  9. FMcL June 18, 2021

    I need a Diana Ross tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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