Stream: Justine Skye’s ‘Space & Time’ Album [featuring Justin Timberlake & Rema]

Published: Saturday 26th Jun 2021 by Ryan

New music from Justine Skye is finally here.

This time around, she has just released her new ‘Space & Time’ album.

The 11-track record includes production from Timbaland and features guest appearances from Justin Timberlake and Rema.

In a statement about the album, Skye said:

“My story and my sound finally unite. I’ve never been as vulnerable or as candid as I am on this album. I’m really laying it all out, having fun, talking shit, and being me.”

The project serves as the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Bare With Me (The Album).’

Stream ‘Space & Time’ via Spotify and Apple Music below…

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  1. 🐝 June 26, 2021

    Nah…she can keep it. We good…
    We earthlings are currently enjoying our extraterrestrial trip to Planet Her right now until the cyborgs come and take us home 😌

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 26, 2021

      Yaaaaaaaas 🔥

    • 1988 June 26, 2021

      I still haven’t left Chromatica… 😂 Currently No. 36 on the Billboard 200. The real deal.. Lol. 🎧

      • 🐝 June 26, 2021

        Chromatica? What group is that?

  2. Are You Kidding Me? June 26, 2021

    I’m on Twisted Fantasy and I LOVE it.
    I had a feeling she wouldn’t try to show off vocals. Which is good. People might have compared her vocals to others.
    The production on this is CRISP.
    This album succeeds in relatability, sing alongability and having that Brandy What About Us early 2000s vibe I’ve been missing from R&B.
    (DarkChild is a master of music like Timbaland)

    I am sure the commenters on here will say it’s not good, but it’s a solid album to listen for “vibes”. It feels young, fresh and I haven’t skipped any songs yet.

    In My Bag
    Do It Right
    Hey Sucka
    Hypnotized(WAY TOO SHORT)
    Mmm Mmm (shouldn’t have been the last song!)
    are my favorites

    She has a light, airy voice that slides over the production easily.

    Point is she picked the WRONG singles!!!!!
    Her low notes are subLIME. I’d love to hear her do a song with Brandy honestly. She isn’t a powerhouse vocals, but her short runs please my ears and this is coming from someone who demands belting. Justine knows her lane and stays in it.

    If we can make Jhene Aiko a thing, Justine can DEFINITELY be the go to for “MOOD AF”.

    Concious was an interesting opener with her just humming and mumbling. I am sure it will sound like one long song to others, but I see the tones and vibes she was going for. Been following her since Skye High so I suppose I’m a stan. I believe Build is her best song, hands down. There wasn’t any of that on this album, which is okay.

    Justine’s sound is top down driving in a hovermobile towards the moon, with shades and slick leather with the Sailor Moon strands in the front and your holographic boyfriend in the passenger’s side.

    • Hand Sanitizer June 26, 2021

      Bye Justine. We’re not listening.

      • Are You Kidding Me? June 26, 2021

        Justine Skye was too busy trying to keep up with the Kardashians even after how they did Jordan to record music when the iron was hot back when U Don’t Know It came out. I also am very annoyed she had Justin Timberlake on this album. He and Justin Beiber are culture vultures that too many are “excited to work with” simply because they’re white. She could have put on Luke James, ANYBODY but him.

      • Maurice Cassidy June 26, 2021

        i’m hollering. not y’all saying justine wrote that comment.
        the comment actually made me wanna go listen. hmm. maybe tomorrow, on a Sunday, when I’m bored chile.

    • Credits June 26, 2021


  3. 1988 June 26, 2021

    Justin’s album is truly cohesive. ❤️ Timbaland has me excited for what is coming next from him production wise. Wink. ❤️ Impressive for an independent album that obviously looks and sounds like it’s on a major.

    • 1988 June 26, 2021

      EDIT: Justine. Thank you grape juice pop ups when I clearly and consciously wrote Justine….

    • Hand Sanitizer June 26, 2021

      Get a life Justine. You flop.

      • Are You Kidding Me? June 26, 2021

        You must be the weirdo obsessed with Normani. Not engaging further.

      • Hand Sanitizer June 26, 2021

        I don’t recall asking you too! Go mind your business. THANK YOU

      • 1988 June 26, 2021

        Hans Sanitizer is a couch Troll that needs to be cut out her house like Jerry Springer did the obese…. 😂

  4. Credits June 26, 2021

    When timbaland finds a muse, he doesn’t disappoint! He especially did his thing with the percussion. ‘About time’ is 🔥!!

  5. akathexfactor June 27, 2021

    No shade but Justine sounds a lot like Ciara. It’s a catch 20 because you literally can’t tell who is who.

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