Jack Harlow on Lil Nas X: “He’s Becoming an Icon”

Published: Tuesday 27th Jul 2021 by Sam

Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow are staging quite the takeover with their new jam ‘Industry Baby.’

The hard-hitting single, which was co-produced by Kanye West, has been making waves thanks to its unbridled lyrics and its cinematic music video.

A big part of the appeal for many has also been how unlikely a duo the pair are.

While weighing in on exactly that during a Genius feature, Harlow unpacked how much he respects Nas and why he was drawn to his entry.

His words below…

Speaking ahead of a break-down of the song’s lyrics, the 23-year-old rapper said of his openly queer collaborator:

“We feel each other. 

We do two different things. We in this industry for two different reasons. We came in with different music. But I feel him (Nas). I’m a fan of him and what he’s doing and what he stands for. 

I think he’s becoming an icon. I like what he does. I salute him. I think he’s brave.”

With homophobia in Hip-Hop being a topic that’s long been a reality (and one, in light of DaBaby’s recent antics, that the masses are once again in deep dialogue about), we salute Harlow for showing that there is beauty in building bridges rather than division.

Watch the full feature:

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  1. #TheTruth July 27, 2021

    People use that word (and legend) way too much, it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

    • The Drag Queen July 27, 2021

      HELLO! Facts!
      Was just thinking that as I read this…people step in this game for 5 seconds and go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.
      Iconic where? Iconic how?
      Lil’ Nas X is nothing but the black Vanilla Ice of his generation.
      Vanilla Ice was such a success during his time due to a white male never conquering the arena of hip-hop, he too has platinum records as well but years later, to say his name when speaking of real hip-hop or music in general is almost a joke which is kind of sad because he kind of, sort of has real talent compared to an act like Lil’ Nas X. He just rode the gimmick too long and it tired out quickly.
      I see the same fate for LNx.

  2. Paul3 July 27, 2021

    From one industry plant to the next….

  3. DrinkMyBussyJuice July 27, 2021

    No hate, but i dont think so AT ALL. Im a gay male, and i feel like the only thing this man as done is make music about his sexuality. They are going to eat him alive when they are done and the shock value is over.

    • Gag July 27, 2021

      So what?!!! Tf all these other people who men and women talk about their sexuality no problem..a self loathing gay smh…and if you actually listwn to the lyrics of this song it’s nothing to do with sexually lmao

  4. Pat July 27, 2021

    If this continues this streak he will. He’s redefining the norm for a new generation mainstream. like it or not

    • Oops… July 27, 2021

      Chile please….he will be down the drain in another 2 years like Billie Eilish.
      Industry plants never last long.

      • Maurice Cassidy July 27, 2021

        Hmmm, Cardi been winning 4 years though. And tbh I don’t think she going anywhere.

      • Oops… July 27, 2021

        Who said anything about Cardi though? I don’t think Cardi is an industry plant.
        I just think she’s a genuine talent that got her platform from a reality show and people are mad about it. *shrugs*

  5. Dc July 27, 2021

    Icons don’t make videos for controversy Alf flop if it’s no
    Controversy he’s pathetic and annoying

  6. J July 27, 2021

    As problematic as he is, he is still winning

    Which is sad cause there is so much talent out there 🥺 but these days you have to have talent, trolling and nudity to stay on top

  7. True Tea July 27, 2021

    I dunno why they are making it seem Homophobia is limited to HipHop when the vast majority of the world is Homophobic thanks to religion NOT HipHop.

    NEWSFLASH religion is the root whereas HipHop is simply the byproduct. Say If most HipHop fans decided to embrace Islam, the issue with Homophobia will still be present.

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