Lil Kim Responds To 50 Cent’s Comments About Her BET Awards Show Look: “I’m Still A Bad B*tch”

Published: Friday 2nd Jul 2021 by Ryan

Lil Kim is not holding back.

After 50 Cent posted some comments about her 2021 BET Awards show looks, she now has him in her sights.

Full story below…

50 posted a picture of Lil Kim from her performance next to an owl and captioned it:

“Who did this sh*t, 👀this ain’t right. LOL catch FOR LIFE on IMDb Tv now.”


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The ‘Magic Stick’ rapper apparently did not appreciate this, as she has since responded. Taking to Instagram, she shared the same picture, but shared another of her upcoming memoir too, saying:

“The accuracy 😭😭 Hilarious 😂 I ain’t bothered not one bit. My family & friends more mad than me. Sh*t like this don’t move me one way or another cause I’m still a bad b**ch that n***** b**ches, mommies, daughters, and aunties still want to be till this day and I love it!!”

“@50cent I see u still in ur feels about that dinner date u asked me on that I had to turn down. Let it go u have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a loving husband. Let it go.”


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50 has yet to respond to Lil Kim’s most recent comments as of yet.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Farrahs Luggage July 2, 2021

    🌚 🌚 🌚

    ….y’all need anything from Kroger?

  2. Munchie. July 2, 2021

    And the Queen Spoke! Yal read it RIGHT! And she is right.

  3. NICKINATION July 2, 2021

    At least she knows it’s true..retardi Berra take notes instead of always fighting b**** go write a rap ! Lil ling and retardi will never be on queen nickis level periodddddd

    • #MVP July 2, 2021

      I remember they did a poll back in the day and they asked which fan base was the most remedial of all celeb fan bases…it was between the Beyhive, The Monsters, The Navy and The Barbz. Of course naturally, the Barbz ranked #1 in that poll and you prove it true because you sound stupid asf.
      Lil Kim already did what Nicki did and more, she is a legend and has nothing else to prove,. Cardi is ALREADY eclipsing what Nicki did and 10x’s more beyond that! Amongst her best-selling album and multiple number 1’s, she’s the first female rapper to grace the cover of Vogue…remember when Nicki thought it would be here with her stolen looks? Ha! The jokes write themselves…no #1 to her name and still no vogue cover either but yet calling herself the “Queen”. The Queen of what?…Manipulation?
      Poor baby. Too bad, So sad…

      • July 2, 2021

        Two account clown, always doing your clownery to attack Nicki, what if Nicki and Kim did that Verses and kiss and made up what then, your life would be over right I wouldn’t be surprised if you and the lote off yall selves.

    • #MVP July 2, 2021

      Aww, you hurt or nah? Like I stated, you Nicki fans are delusional asf and her kingdom is now in ruins…famine and fatigue all up and through that cardboard castle. End of an era. Let it go now…the rest of the world and industry already have…and fyi, I’m here for a Verzuz with Kim and Nicki. It would be good for the culture and it would be a great way to show you Nicki fans who the REAL Queen is…the generous Queen who opened doors for others and invited all the new girls to stand side by side with her without feeling threatened.

      “Wanna Bumble with the bee huh? Bzzzzzzz….”

      • July 2, 2021

        I’m not hurt, you clown honestly I shouldn’t even respond to you you little internet bot, who is programmed to hate.

  4. Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 2, 2021

    All hail the Queen! (Me, bishes 💋)

  5. Tori July 2, 2021

    I wouldn’t have responded. It’s 50 Cent, who’s asked him to perform ANY-WHERE? He’s barely acting and that’s his bread and butter these days so…? His opinion holds no weight. I also find it questionable of black ppl to drags ANY female that says anything considered “shady” on social media, yet this man, unprovoked at that, slams anybody doing anything and y’all think it’s funny, it’s just social media, he just playing. Yall say anything to protect men and do everything to slander women.

    • True Tea July 2, 2021

      Chrissy is slammed while 50 Cent get a pass. You have to realize a lot of this so called outrage is fake and orchestrated.

      Most people on social media are no different than 50 & Chrissy. Kayne and Chrisette Michelle another example. One is forgaven, the other is cancelled eternally.

  6. True Tea July 2, 2021

    Lil’ Kim is actually a very sweet person in real life. 50 is an awful human being who’s long overdue for the karma coming his way.

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