Mariah Carey on Brandy Collaboration: “We’re Doing This, We’re Making It Happen”

Published: Sunday 25th Jul 2021 by Sam

Mariah Carey has confirmed that she and Brandy are indeed working on something special.

Full story below…

Some will recall that Mimi teased a team-up with B-Rocka back in May.

And now, as Carey continues work on her brand new project, the songbird supreme has not only revealed that the collaboration is on the cards but also that the wheels are very much in motion.

Speaking during a fan Q&A on Twitter, she shared:

“I spoke with her last night.

I have to tell you that I love her.

The lounge…the whole thing that we’re doing…she and I have a whole plan and I don’t want to get too much into it. But we’re doing this, we’re making it happen.”

As two of the greatest voices to ever rock a mic, we can’t contain our excitement at the news of this pairing.

Are you as hyped as we are?

Your thoughts?

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  1. S H A D I S M July 25, 2021

    Oh shid!!!! 💦💦💦

  2. Chanel July 25, 2021


  3. Clarks0o00ñ July 25, 2021

    Anybody just be collaborating with anybody nowadays. They dont even care if their styles go well together

    • Credits July 25, 2021

      A collaboration between these two makes so much sense together.

    • Your Name July 25, 2021

      Tell me you don’t listen to Brandy or Mariah without saying you don’t listen to Brandy or Mariah.

      And even if two artists styles aren’t similar, that doesn’t mean they can’t create magic in the studio. It’s been done many, many, many times.

    • Clarks0o00ñ July 25, 2021

      Their styles dont go at all

      It sounds good on paper but in reality this would be a disaster

      It’s just like Mariah Carey and beyonce collaboration

      Or beyonce and adele collaboration.

      It sounds good on paper, but in reality it will be a mess.

      • Yikes July 25, 2021

        Yeah, right…A mess just like Camilla Cadildos current numbers and reviews for her new song…*shrug*

      • Blue July 25, 2021

        Their styles are more alike than they are different. Do you listen to their albums? Liiiike…

    • Ace Blanks July 25, 2021

      Well GaGa and Ariana have two totally different styles and “Rain On Me” was and still is a SMASHHHHH!!!! If you are a REAL musician you can find a song that compliments both and make it work.

  4. Liam July 25, 2021

    Omg I can only imagine the harmonies and background vocal arrangements are gonna be sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥 they both have an ear for vocal placement!

  5. Yall mfs act like yall forgot about dre July 25, 2021

    It is whitneys tv special then waiting to exhale yall need to promote that like elvis people love him@

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 25, 2021

      Shut up. No one cares about dead ass Crackney H**-ston 💯💋

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 25, 2021


      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 25, 2021

        Bye Troll. The REAL QUEEN loves Whitney and decrees that you are a peasant 📜👑😂😂🤣💯🤳🏽

      • The Drag Queen July 25, 2021

        Omg is there really 2 accounts with this name on here?! So crazy because it’s so obvious now that I think of it. The first account always talks crazy and like their off of their meds and the second account talks with sense and education. I’d change my name tbh…that’s concerning.

  6. Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 25, 2021

    Damn, Mariah! You trying to destroy your legacy or what? Brandy?! Woo chile! NOT a good look…

    • Your Name July 25, 2021

      You aren’t a good look.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 25, 2021

        Drag that FAKE troll 💯🤳🏽

  7. Dante July 25, 2021

    This really bout to be a CLASSIC!

  8. Yummy Cummy July 25, 2021

    Poison brandy better not messing thangs up like she makes Monica flopped with Its all belong to me.

    • Clarks0o00ñ July 25, 2021

      I remember 😂😂

      It all belongs to me had so much hype before the release and then BOOM it flopped.

      It was a bad song that didnt flow.

    • Blue July 25, 2021

      Who made Monica flop with New Life, Code Red and her latest single though? 🤔

  9. eric July 25, 2021

    I can’t imagine what this would sound like, but I’m interested to hear it.

  10. Slick July 25, 2021

    This is two decades late…

    • Detruth July 25, 2021

      Lol definitely would have been a hit in 2001. Their die hard fans will definitely be here for it though.

  11. Are You Kidding Me? July 25, 2021

    I hate to agree with Cvckson.

    Brandy is known for adlibs and runs, not belting or whistle notes.

    I mean these guys outsung her on her own song:
    Have You Ever? – Brandy cover by Matt Bloyd, Mario Jose, and Vincint Cannady

    • Blue July 25, 2021

      They outsung her but who are they? Exactly NO ONE knows OR cares.

      Mariah is also known for adlibs and runs. Her albums aren’t full of whistle notes. She loves soft, airy vocals and intricate background harmonies just like Brandy does.

    • DioraCouture July 26, 2021

      i just went to go see that….

      that cover sucked.

  12. Kable443 July 25, 2021

    Super excited and not bothered by the haters who secretly are excited too!

  13. Ohiozokhai Ayo July 26, 2021

    Teaming up is it for reconstruction or reorganisation of the music industry which had lack merit because of the pandemic days?.

  14. Oge July 28, 2021

    Wow! So many haters and saddist here no wonder they can never amount to anything in their lives as long as they keep trying to bring others down.

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