New Song: Amorphous – ‘Finally (Cannot Hide It)’ [featuring Kelly Rowland & CeCe Peniston]

Published: Thursday 1st Jul 2021 by Ryan

Upcoming producer Amorphous is making a name for himself.

Case in point, his song, ‘Finally (Cannot Hide It),’ features Kelly Rowland and CeCe Peniston. The house-infused track samples Peniston’s 1991 hit ‘Finally.’ It also includes production from MNEK.

Across the track Rowland sings:

Finally, it has happened to me / Right in front of my face / My feelings can’t describe it.

The track is lifted from Amorphous’ debut EP ‘Things Take Shape,’ which is set to feature Kehlani and Brandy as well.

Listen to his team up with Rowland and Peniston below…

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  1. Zion July 1, 2021


  2. The BList July 1, 2021

    Mmm could have better. Maybe they should have kept CeCe’s stellar vocals for the chorus as Kelly’s was a bit too low and just sounded off.

    But good song to bring back and give life to… it’s definitely a classic jam.


  3. Shayla Queen👑 July 1, 2021


    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 1, 2021

      Yaaaaaaas issa flop fo tru 💋

  4. Are You Kidding Me? July 1, 2021

    New vocals from CeCe would’ve been nice. But this is NOT bad.
    Kelly doesn’t get enough credit for helping to influence pop into the current sound. When people think of the pioneering pop girls, Kelly never comes up.

    When Love Takes Over
    What a Feeling

    Nobody else was doing that at the time. It was when dubstep was on its way out of the door.

    • BhadBarb July 1, 2021

      She doesn’t get credit because she isn’t consistent. I had forgotten all about those songs until you mentioned them. Kelly is lazy.

    • Live for today July 1, 2021

      I love it and sounds very fresh. You are very right Kelly will get the credit she deserves one-day I promise you. She is the only none first lead to come out a group and sell over 60 million solo records so that pretty successfully and I bet one-day she gets recognize for it. All people do on this site is hate. There’s nothing lazy about a woman bring close to the end of her pregnancy while recording and putting out EP, doing many videos, Christmas movie, virtual performances, tick tock, videos Instagram videos, doing features like this and well as being a mom. That’s not lazy so that’s why I can’t take this site because people like that sounds stupid saying she’s lazy.

      • Mandy July 1, 2021

        Kelly Rowland sounds perfect and refreshed on this song. I’m just not fond of CeCe on this.

      • jk July 1, 2021

        THE GROUP sold more than 60 million but as a solo artist she sold 40 million

      • LaTavia Roberson July 1, 2021

        Lmao how kelly sell 40 million records solo when none of her albums went platinum

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 1, 2021

        Kelly selling 40m records? She can barely scrape 40,000 each album! SCREAMING 🤣

      • Lizzie July 1, 2021

        Stans making up numbers agains. Where’s the proof that KELLY ROWLAND sold 40 million records? There is none!

      • t July 1, 2021

        when a person say the sold …records that means Album and singles together ciara sold over 70 million records. Kellys international records was huge some of them sold more than 10 Million unites so if you count everthing together it will become 40 Million.

      • Adelefan July 1, 2021

        Dilemma and motivation combined together that’s 20 million records sold.. so yall sound dumb thinking sales are only albums. Yes kelly as a solo artist sold more than 40 million records

  5. Keith July 1, 2021

    Not groundbreaking, but I like this. More for Miss Kelly than for CeCe. I still think Kelly’s lane is somewhere between good rnb and picking up the mantle from Donna Summer. I will be watching/listening for more work from Amorphous…

  6. Sincere July 1, 2021

    Yes I love it. My body started moving lol. Kelly make the song sound so fresh and up to date.

    • Tiny July 1, 2021

      Lol I’m with you. Yeah I just wanted to dance while I’m cooking for these kids. Love it when she makes timeless music.

  7. Truth July 1, 2021

    I actually loiooooove this

    The bridge and the ending are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Britt July 1, 2021

    This girl can do any kind of music she wants. I love it all from her R&B, POP, Dance ect. To me this sound is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Kelly took over the song well but I could’ve did without CeCe but I just because it’s her song but she still sound ok. Please give us a dance video for this.

  9. Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 1, 2021

    Flopppppppppp what dumpster was this found at the bottom of?

  10. True Tea July 1, 2021

    Should have remade ‘I’m Not Over You’. Her best single IMO.

    Never liked Finally anyway.

  11. stan July 1, 2021

    solid bop

    • Niki78 July 1, 2021

      It’s a banger. Anyone saying it’s a flop is a hater. This site has so many Kelly Rowland haters and most of them are fans of Kelly’s closest/ loved ones which makes no sense at all

  12. Meka July 1, 2021

    The more I listen to this the more I love it.

  13. Yolanda Slamdoms July 1, 2021

    I like it.
    Kelly always keeps a bop.
    She’s so beautiful..
    Love CeCe

  14. Your Name July 1, 2021

    This song is whack!!!

    • Theresa Rowland July 3, 2021

      No it’s not.

  15. Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 July 1, 2021

    Trash, NEXT!

  16. HELLOKITTY July 2, 2021

    Totally unnecessary. The song is ICONIC on its own. I can’t believe that this was approved for re-recording.

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