New Song: Candiace Dillard – ‘Drive Back’

Published: Tuesday 13th Jul 2021 by Sam

Candiace Dillard is ready for her close-up.

The multi-hyphenated star has shone as one of the central figures on Bravo’s hit series, the ‘Real Housewives of Potomac.’

Now, she’s shining the spotlight on her music the more with the release of her brand new single ‘Drive Back.’

Issued as the lead offering from Dillard’s incoming album, the hard-hitting track was produced by Donald ‘hAZEL’ Sales and co-written by the singer together with Nyerere Davidson.

‘Drive Back’ finds the songbird in tangled territory, accelerating and reversing on the rollercoaster of love.

Take a listen below…

Check out Candiace’s recent interview with That Grape Juice:

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  1. Not A Hater July 13, 2021

    Its pretty good. Good for you Candiace

  2. Meena July 13, 2021

    Gives me mid 00s Kelly Rowland vibes. A little dated, but she sounds good and is showing potential for good things to come.

  3. Fortune July 13, 2021

    Very dated, cheap sounding and forgettable. It’s a no for me.

  4. Truth July 13, 2021

    I agree with everybody

    Too Kelly Rowland clone

    Dated and blahhhh

    I never care to hear this again— like ever

    Just tea for the day, and next! 💅🏽

  5. Telly July 13, 2021

    It’s cool but she really stole Kelly whole swag on this song

  6. Tori July 13, 2021

    It’s cute. I hat to agree with everyone else but this could’ve fit perfectly on “Here I Am” or “Talk A Good Game”. I get it though, Candiace has to find her own style. This is her first real single released to Billboard Charts. But I really don’t see her going anywhere far in the music industry. What she failed to realize is when your trying to sell a product as fickle as music in these times, you have to be extremely likeable, and she’s one of the most hated black women on TV. She’s headed down a Tamar/K Michelle route and I don’t see her getting 37 chances to revamp her image like Tamar. So this better be a side project out of love cause she’s going to need those Potomac checks as long as she lives…that’ll be her biggest notoriety.

    • Regina July 13, 2021

      Really didn’t like it sounds generic. I think if she did something a little softer. That might work I just think she needs more work

      • Tori July 13, 2021

        Her debut single, “I See You”, was a soft ballad but I didn’t care for her voice on that song nor the lyrics in the song. Actually, I think it’s her actual tone that I don’t like because she can sing but she just isn’t what I’d listen too.

    • Your Name July 13, 2021

      But the difference is Tamar and K. Michelle are both talented and had success in music. Candiance….well she’s a housewife…..

      • Tori July 13, 2021

        @Your Name I think Candiace is talented. She may not be the singer and writer like Tamar or creative as K, but there’s something there. She’s never really nurtured her talent on a professional level though, that’s why I say she has to find herself. But even still, she’s pretty ruined her image to the BUYING/STREAMING public. She can continue her generic Kenya Moore role because no one is buying her music.

  7. Alex July 13, 2021

    Whoa, that sound like new version of good old music from 90’! The music now is so….. predictable and all sound the same….. and here we go, Candiace brings back the good vibes 😎 Good job girl! We’ll done!

  8. Po July 13, 2021

    To the one who wrote this article, you made a big mistake spelling her producer’s name wrongly, twice 🙈
    Donald “hAZEL” Sales
    You welcome;)

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