T-Pain Slams Repetitive Music, Demands New Artists “Do Something Else!”

Published: Wednesday 14th Jul 2021 by Sam

T-Pain has had enough.

“Of what?” one may wonder. Well, the star made it abundantly clear during a recent Twitch live stream – he’s fed up with the lack of originality in Hip-Hop music.

Full story below…

In an impassioned plea, he addressed the “samey” nature of the feature requests he receives. Speaking on such artists, he screamed:

“Do something else! Do something else! We already have it already, You don’t have to do that music anymore. We have Lil Baby. We have DaBaby. We have Lil Uzi Vert. We have Lil Yatchy. We have Lil everybody!

Do something else! Stop sending me this bullsh*t and then get mad when I f*cking don’t like it.”

No lies detected.

Granted musical styles are cyclical and there clearly is an audience for the sound he’s bemoaning, there is no denying that there is a pronounced lack of sonic variety within many genres these days. One of the joys of yesteryear was the sheer variety on offer. Here’s hoping that’s one trend that comes back in vogue.

In the here and now though, check out T-Pain’s full commentary:

Your thoughts?

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  1. 🐝 July 14, 2021

    THIS…this…and ALL of this.

    The problem also lies within these labels signing these new talents and not providing the proper artistic development that was done years before to create individuality and longevity.

    • Tori July 14, 2021

      SPEAK❗ I’ve been saying this since 2014. Artist development is such a viral piece thats missing from the industry in an effort to save money and time. Labels would rather take a gamble on pushing a new artist doing what the last artist did hoping to recreate success.

  2. Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 14, 2021


    • Gag July 14, 2021

      Just like you excite he actually has accomplished his dreams and millions of dollars..so you’re jealous and you hate your life keep that s*** to yourself

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 14, 2021

        Hey ashy flop

  3. Paulo July 14, 2021

    But he cried when Usher said similar thoughts to his face. 🤔

    • Tori July 14, 2021

      No, Usher cried because T-Pain mastered of a style of music that Usher didn’t personally like nor could effectively imitate. And to T-Pains point, Usher is criminally known for following trends and doing what others are doing at the moment.

  4. Tori July 14, 2021

    I wish more artist would speak out on this issue instead of being nice or saying nothing at all. It’s so frustrating trying to find music that’s actually worth listening to or trying to like any of these artist because EVERYTHING IS THE DAMN SAME❗Music has never been in such a bad state, thanks to streaming service and social platforms allowing everyday people to release music without actually developing individuality and learning the craft.

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