Watch: Billie Eilish Delivers Acoustic Performance Of ‘Your Power’

Published: Monday 19th Jul 2021 by Ryan

Billie Eilish is going acoustic.

This time around, she and her brother Finneas have delivered an stripped-down version of her track ‘Your Power.’

In the clip, the siblings sit beside each other at the end of a corridor of curtains and perform the song.

‘Your Power’ is set to appear on Eilish’s upcoming sophomore album ‘Happier Than Ever,’ which was announced earlier this year. She also shared the tracks ‘NDA’ and ‘Lost Cause’ from the project.

As the wait for the album continues, watch the Kyle Goldberg-directed clip for ‘Your Power’ below…

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  1. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) July 19, 2021

    😑🥱😴😴 next pleaseeeeeee (bon qui quo’s voice)

  2. 🎉 1988 🎉 July 19, 2021

    NDA is 🔥fire. Reminds me of Mulholland Drive in every sense from lyrics to visuals. But this is too deep for you people on here. Go listen to Tinashe.. Lmao.

    “Had a pretty boy over, but he couldn’t stay / On his way out, made him sign an NDA.”

    • True Tea July 19, 2021

      Nothing is complex about Billy or her music boo. You say her music is deep simply because she’s wearing casual clothing while whispering. She is pretty much performing ASMR over melodies. WOW so deep & intimate. 😂😂 😂 Tinashe is giving her fans variety. I guess that is a bad thing when you’re one dimensional.


      • 🎉 1988 🎉 July 19, 2021

        Don’t even speak to me if you think Tinashe is brilliant. I understand this site is for people like you to say Tinashe is better than Janet Jackson with a straight face. I don’t entertain 99% of the comments on this site. I’m the 1% who’s always on point with what I SAY. I won’t apologize for what I said about Tinashe. I did make sure I was spelling her name correctly so there is my respect. Why is Billie on 8.8 million worldwide? It’s not because she’s white.. Lmao😂

      • True Tea July 19, 2021

        I said Variety. Please do not add or take from my comment hun. No need to apologize since I myself express my views raw & unfiltered with no apologies.

      • True Tea July 19, 2021

        “Why is Billie on 8.8 Million world”?

        Why does Watch Me Whip have over 1 billion views on YouTube? Why has Bodak Yellow sold 10 million? The numbers game isn’t an accurate indicator for art or talent.

      • 🎉 1988 🎉 July 19, 2021

        I would throughly enjoy breaking down why I think “NDA” is fire. If you do any reading on this song in the future and truly understand my comparisons to Mulholland Drive let me know. If you ever have a “a-ha” moment about the song, because it’s very deep…and super dark… and very real to Billie… feel free to chat about it. I was referring to others on this site who say delusional things. I did not mean to put words in your mouth. I was being sarcastic. ✌️

      • 🎉 1988 🎉 July 19, 2021

        The album sales are almost 9 million. It’s very rare for an artist to have an album hit that many million sold. The album is dope.. call her Billie Vanilli and it’s still dope. I know real talent when I hear it. But it’s the actual depth that intrigues me. Like I said. Lmao

        She won Album Of The Year so stop replying when you know good and well about the slay. You might not understand it yet and that’s still OK. Billie fans aren’t just screaming for no reason, they are breaking her lyrics down and relating to her feelings. It’s deep. Please understand deep… Lol😂

    • True Tea July 19, 2021

      It’s also rare for a single to sell 10 million. Only a handful of artists have achieved this & unfortunately a song like Bodak Yellow is in the club.

      For Cardi fans….Bodak Yellow felt like a lyrical masterpice that deserved the same amount of coins as Billie.

      That’s the beauty of the human experience, we all feel things differently and some of us are not that into ASMR. But I hear it can stimulate the brain.

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