Beyonce Salutes Cowboys of Color in New Ivy Park Rodeo Campaign

Published: Saturday 7th Aug 2021 by Sam

Beyonce is taking the masses to the Rodeo with the latest installment of her Adidas x IVY PARK line.

As reported, the mega-star fronts the campaign for the range, which arrives on August 19. 

More than a surface theme, the range is specifically inspired by cowboys of color.

Head below for pics and quotes from Mrs. Carter…

In a statement to the Houston Chronicle, the Texan-born superstar said:

“The Houston Rodeo is a gumbo of family, connection, delicious food and eclectic genres of music. I grew up seeing artists like Selena and Frankie Beverly and Maze and today it is just as eclectic with artists like Kacey Musgraves to Mary J. Blige. I remember the trail ride, with people riding from all over to the Houston Rodeo.”

Continuing, Queen Bey said:

“After understanding where the word ‘cowboy’ came from, I realized how much of the Black, brown and Native cowboy stories are missing in American history. I am proud to represent Houston culture, my roots and all the people who understand fried Snickers and fried turkey legs.”


Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: adidas x IVY PARK / Robin Harper]

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  1. Clayne August 7, 2021


    Go off B

  2. Live life,enjoy life August 7, 2021

    Oh beyonce you ain’t a model and all your photoshoot give no life in them. You aren’t a model or anything s*** about you. Should of got Naomi to model ivy park now that’s a beautiful black women.

    • The Drag Queen August 7, 2021

      Omg yes! Naomi would have SLAYED this new collection for her! Hopefully that will be something in the works later on…

    • AE August 7, 2021

      Your mom should have swallowed you. Hush.

  3. Sasha August 7, 2021

    She looks so pathetic it’s not even funny anymore. That woman used to be the sh!t… now she is just a piece of sh!t. The greatest loss in the entertainment industry.

    • AR August 7, 2021

      Go perish.

      • Sasha August 8, 2021

        Go read a book termithive

  4. Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 7, 2021

    We KNOW you a fan of those fried Snickers eyes 👀

  5. NORMANI’S UNDERSTUDY August 7, 2021

    LMFAOO I just can’t *laughs in billion dollar Fenty 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  6. The Drag Queen August 7, 2021

    Well I will definitely say the collections are getting better. The first 2 drops she released in the beginning looked like Janitor attire and clothes you’d wear to scuba lessons but she is definitely coming a long way with this partnership, although I feel the cowboy attire is kind of overdone and played out now.
    And although the recent drops have been 🔥 I still feel like she’s a bit lost on what to do next with all this.
    Fenty x Puma was the driving vehicle for Rih’s various solo Fenty ventures to where she’s now being mentioned along the likes of Mary Kate & Ashley and Victoria Beckham as power players in fashion but I’m still not understanding where or what the purpose of Ivy Park is and what the overall image of the brand is for that matter 🤔
    Ok cute, you’re releasing some trendy clothes for the moment but it’s all slightly forgettable and truly only relevant because of Adidas. Like what’s the long term plan after and beyond all this?
    Of course I’m def rooting for the Queen and hope it turns out well but let’s be honest…fashion and movies were never Bey’s lane to begin with so the end game will be interesting to see.

    • Becky Goodhair August 7, 2021

      You’re right.

      Not Vicks Beckham chile! 😅

      Seems Bey just wanted to slap her name on the worst Fashionova leftover collection ideas. She inherited her mother’s sourpuss face and fashion sense (‘member some of Destiny’s Child red carpet outfits? 😨)

      • The Drag Queen August 8, 2021

        Lmao! Trust me…Vikki B isn’t a top choice of interest for me but for some reason the fashion is so invested in sis and her boring fashion.

        But quiet as kept and guilty as charged, I low key love Sunday dinner fashions by Tina…I know I know….don’t judge me chile 🙈 😂
        But some fits were a look on their own rather than in a group setting and compared to other groups at that time period who were trying to look “different” and stand out, they were more consistent and cohesive in their looks I feel.
        But I’m ALSO just a lover of early 00’s trends and styles so don’t ask me chile lol…🤣

    • Becky Goodhair August 8, 2021

      Ksksks… you’re a hoot and a half, you hear me? 😂 I have read David pumped $12M in his flavorless spice girl’s fashion biz to save it from losing 40k/day after a $40M loss. Must be the only thang he pumped cuz Nicki Minaj’s and Cardi B’s posterior injections couldn’t help plump up her deflates booty.

  7. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) August 7, 2021

    Yess Queen ride that cowboy d I c k 💅🏿 yee-haw 🤠

  8. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 7, 2021

    Our QWEEN hasn’t aged a single second since the SURVIVOR TOUR in 2001

    Speaking of the 2000s decade RIAA’s Top Certified Artist of the Decade as well as Billboard’s Top Female Artist of the Decade. Beyoncé’s accolades include 28 Grammy Awards, 26 MTV Video Music Awards (including the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in 2014), 24 NAACP Image Awards, 31 BET Awards, and 17 Soul Train Music Awards; all of which are more than any other singer.

    That Said I think its time for bey to quit music just to dominate FILM…

    The Queen needs to finally have that meeting with Tyler Perry & Lee Daniels and ask them for a new lead role at TYLER PERRY’S STUDIO…

    *Bey already played a Ho€ In Carmen

    *A SUPER HERO in Austin Powers

    * A jewel thief in The Pink Panther

    *An Autistic singer with Anorexia in Dream Girls

    *A Homeless Prostitute in Cadilac Records

    *And even played a Murderer in Obsessed


  9. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 7, 2021

    Our QUEEN of the GODS hasn’t aged a single hour since the SURVIVOR TOUR in 2001, still looks 21.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 7, 2021

      Hunnie, she decays faster than a corpse.

  10. True Tea August 7, 2021

    Bluejean outfits peaked in the 80’s hun. There is nothing creative about an Addidas Cowboy outfit. Overalls will always be hideous.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 7, 2021

      She’s stealing from whites again 🙄

      • True Tea August 7, 2021

        And that’s why she’s Flopping now. There is no Black artist now for her to steal from.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 7, 2021

        She always was flopping. She’s only just getting slightly better.

    • Live life,enjoy life August 7, 2021

      She doesn’t have the edgyness like rihanna. Rihanna is unmatchable when it comes to models and her photoshoots.

      • True Tea August 7, 2021

        Agree! Rihanna is more authentic than Beyonce. Rihanna knows how to make music & fashion her own. Beyonce has always came across as a carbon copy. This is why I cannot get into her although I do like some of her songs.

      • Live life,enjoy life August 7, 2021

        Same, don’t get me wrong I listen to beyonce at times. I try to listen and see what everyone sees in her voice for me I rather listen to rihanna first and then I’ll listen to beyonce.

    • AE August 7, 2021

      Try death. Wack heaux.

  11. Becky Goodhair August 7, 2021

    I love her hair brown & curly but (w)horrendous fashion sense!!

    Seems she wants to be named a billionaire by Forbes, too. Easy.

    Divorce & you’ll be $500M. richer.

  12. Erica August 7, 2021

    Just say Meghan inspire you girl

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 7, 2021


  13. Unnatural August 7, 2021

    Meghan would’ve been a better look in these ads.

  14. Majesty of Grace August 7, 2021

    Thank You Beautiful For AlwaysRepresenting Another Black History Lesson For The People In The Back That’s On Drugs… Black Excellence !✨🌹✨

  15. FashionNovah August 7, 2021

    She looks foolish and the clothes are TACKY!!!!

  16. BoyBye2.0 August 8, 2021

    in the first picture, she looks likes JLO and not Beyonce.

  17. J August 8, 2021

    Ok drop the OnlyFans B! 😈😈

  18. Kevon August 8, 2021

    Her b*** looks so weird …I see she stealing again wishing she is rihanna

  19. Bravo!! August 8, 2021

    Till this day I have seen no one wear. Beyoncé. Collection in Los Angeles or the O.c out & about. I need to see the proof this line Exist. This can be Illuminati mind-type s***.

    • Brav0! August 8, 2021

      I’m worried about Beyonce’s return to music. I really thinks she just need to retire music and raise those babies. Do Residency in Vegas, tours, and few movies here & there.

  20. Yup! August 8, 2021

    Strange and unflattering.

  21. Amras August 8, 2021

    Lil Nas X would be looking better in those ass-open jeans!

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