Beyonce Sparkles in New Tiffany & Co Promo with JAY-Z

Published: Thursday 26th Aug 2021 by Sam

Cop a gander of Beyonce!

Music’s reigning Queen stands tall and shines bright in the latest snap from her and JAY-Z‘s seismic Tiffany & Co campaign.

Full story below…

As reported, The Carters are the new face of the iconic brand and will appear in a year-long campaign christened ABOUT LOVE. 

The multi-layered roll-out will be comprised of print, digital, and in-store activations.

Bey will also perform ‘Moon River’ from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ in a special visual component.

In sharing the stunning shot above, the 39-year-old mega-star gave a far peak into her day-to-day:


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A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce)


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A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce)

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  1. What would Whitney do August 26, 2021

    She a copycat,

  2. Le le August 26, 2021

    She looks so beautiful in that picture with jay

    • What would Whitney do August 26, 2021

      With Jayz ,he looks good to. If Beyonce took off quick wig then her hair would stand up just like Jay-Z’s in that picture. So again. Jayz he looks good to.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021

        Like Trashy BISH’s hair

      • Le le August 26, 2021

        Beyoncé looks better then most ashy h*** with wig off and hair v nappy so now what 🤣

    • What would Whitney do August 26, 2021

      Then you must. Only know some ugly girls ..she has plastic surgery and is copycat.

  3. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) August 26, 2021

    That trashy ashy bish aka grotesque pig can’t related to it 💅🏿 This t r a n n y ‘s baby daddy run away and will be lonely for the rest of her miserable life 🤣😂🤣😂🤳🏻🤳🏻🐽🐽come clean my toilet bowls, Minute Maid

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021

      Girrrrrrl! I saw her steal someone’s milk from outside they door 4am this morning and she was a MESS! Fo real she was on some heavy ish because her already electrocuted looking hair was STOOD UP, chile! STOOD UP! Like the biitch done see a GHOST! Girl I just don’t know what we gon do about that trashy ashy bish because she terrifying all the kids in the hood and bringing down house prices.

      • marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) August 26, 2021

        😂🤣😂 dead 💀 My Queen is always the savage bad bish 💅🏿 go team 👏🏼

    • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 August 26, 2021

      Today I had a guy and girl flirt with me at the same time…they getting BOLD out here lol 💋 See, ya’ll heffas are ugly at ANY age lmaooooooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Keep my blessings coming! 🤣🤳🏽👊🏽

  4. Ganggang August 26, 2021

    They are SO BORING. Who can afford expensive ass Tiffany jewelry? Certainly not the BeyHive.

    • DC3 FOREVER August 26, 2021

      Certainly I can. Not everyone is a poor and a loser at life like you. Enjoy working at a grocery store and living with your parents for the rest of your life. You amount to nothing low life less than loser!

      • Ganggang August 26, 2021

        B**** stop lying. You can’t even afford their lower end $400 sterling silver bracelets without tricking at the piers. Stick with your bubble gum machine jewelry.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021

        @Ganggang yaaaaas drag that po trash 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  5. Divabp August 26, 2021

    This couple is and have been doing a lot for the culture and continued to help beyond measure. What couple/person that is billionaire status is doing what they are doing. Ex. Kanye who is or billionaire + status is always looking for funds to be in own pockets never giving back or donates to help less fortunate-never does. I’m so for this couple and all that they do to empower others . Records shows what they have given back and to help less fortunate, specially what they have done, doing things to help/empowering the C******* period kudos to this couple.

  6. Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021

    Girl trashy ashy bish call up at my window early hours of this morning! I say “who dat is?” she say “don’t worry bout all dat just come down to the do!” I say “uh uh I fo got damn sho not comin down to the do!” I look outside the window now and this biitch don’t even got no shoes on! I say “ooh girl it’s cold outside!” she started jogging around the block like she high on something chile! Like she practicing for the olympics girl! Oooooh! I never! smdh. It’s a damn shame that po lady done lost her mind!

    • marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) August 26, 2021

      Gurl, I caught that trashy ashy bish stealing some wings from Chinese buffet place. She was chewing some wings in her mouth and left those bones on the floor near the buffet bar. That’s mess up🐽 can animal police put this pig back to its cage ASAP?

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021

        Girl that höe crazy as hell! Someone bound to lock the biitch up soon! That crazy ass b**** was squatting over one of the freezers in Walmart taking a p*** on the frozen fish screaming “FLAVORLESS! FLAVORLESS! Have some of this FLAVOR!” until security came and dragged her pissy ass out in her p*** drenched skirt and sandles

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021

        When security got her ass outside, she dropped to the floor on all fours and started barking like a dog

      • Clarks0o0ñ August 26, 2021

        What the actual f***?! You two are absolutely crazier than I am

  7. Jane Pho August 26, 2021

    It’s so odd to me that a 52 year old man is cosplaying as Basquiat. It’s lame. It’s creepy. It’s the mid life crisis for me. Jay you could NEVER ok??

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021


    • rodrigo August 26, 2021

      even odder that someone on welfare would be so concerned about a grown billionaire. the only crisis is your bank account

      • Jane Pho August 26, 2021

        Lol, why so angry pussyfoot? I stated nothing but facts. 52 year old grown ass man cosplaying as a legendary artist whose been dead over 30 years. Embarrassing!

  8. Black Queen August 26, 2021

    Jay really should get rid of that ugly hair! Look like struggle tree branches 🙄

  9. Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 August 26, 2021

    Flavor Bey & Flavor Jay 🤳🏽💎 Shayla can just go away lmaoooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021

      Girrrrl that comedown must be BAD. Unless you just carried on

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 26, 2021

      Did you find your shoes?

    • Fancy BIsH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 August 26, 2021

      Did you find your life? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You dissing Jay one day, Bey another….Tiffany hired them lol…BOTH 💎💋🤳🏽

  10. catherina August 27, 2021


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