Doja Cat’s ‘Need to Know’ Becomes Her 7th Top 20 Hit as ‘Planet Her’ Paces Toward #1

Published: Wednesday 18th Aug 2021 by Rashad

It’s barely been two months since Doja Cat‘s third studio album, ‘Planet Her,’ was launched to digital music outlets, but in that time it’s managed to become one of the top-performing projects of the year.

Marking a career high for the rapstress upon its #2 debut (as we reported here), the set’s fende off new contenders in the time since its Billboard 200 landing to maintain placement in the tally’s top 5.

Now, thanks to sustained sales and streaming, ‘Planet’ may be planted atop the chart’s next iteration if industry analyst reports are to be believed.

Details inside:

According to HDD, three of music’s leading ladies – Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and Doja – are in a tight race for the Billboard 200 championship.  And while Rodrigo’s ‘Sour’ has the slight edge due to the release of its vinyl edition (as of time reported), the publication acknowledges the rest of the tracking week could still see the LP outpaced by Eilish’s ‘Happer Than Ever’ or Doja.

If the prediction comes true, it will mark her first chart-topper.

While the rapper’s fans – affectionately called #Kittens – celebrate the potential win, the updated Hot 100 reveals the GRAMMY nominee already has great news on her hand.

As if occupying the Hot 100’s #4 and #16 spots with her hits ‘Kiss Me More’ and ‘You Right’ respectively isn’t enough to trumpet, the ‘Planet Her’ track, ‘Need to Know,’ has pounced to to #20 – marking her 7th career entry into the chart region.

Click here to see who joins her in the top 20 on TGJ’s weekly Hot 100 recap.

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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 18, 2021

    I hope Planet Her does hit #1! 🥳

    • Wild*Side August 18, 2021

      Shut the FŪÇK up

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 18, 2021

        I’ll shut YOU the f**** up, cretin ass! 🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾 Take this boot all the way up your raw unlubricated haemorrhoid HOLE biiiiiiitch

  2. Clarks0o00ñ August 18, 2021

    This song is so good

    Dr Luke is a genius when it comes to making music.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 18, 2021


  3. Clarks0o00ñ August 18, 2021

    She definitely gonna dominate next years Grammys

    Best pop collaboration
    Best pop album
    Best music video short form
    Record of the year
    Best pop solo performance (need to know)

    • Nicky August 18, 2021

      STFU 😂

      You don’t like black women . Stop hopping on Meg and Doja wave. Your 45yo charcoal ass can’t sit at the popular table.

      None of these girls would ever do a collab w Camicky 😂

      Continue to stan that Mexican racist Turkey Neck.

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 18, 2021

        Mentally disturbed flopmani stan.
        Anybody that’s isnt checking for normani hates black women

        U are 40 years old.
        U are almost the same age with my mum, but here u are arguing about Camila and normani on a blog.
        Are u not ashamed?

        Ugly, old, short , fat, receding hairline, body odour, bad breath.
        Gurl, u down bad

    • Dc August 18, 2021

      Stfu with all your predictions her ass lost best new artist to meg 🤣🤣

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 18, 2021

        Flopmani stan, ur girl doesnt have an album out, be quiet.

    • Dc August 18, 2021

      Bet you predicted Camilla would have a hit song in 2021 to huh we all see how that went lol

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 18, 2021

        Bet you predicted normani was gonna be the face of pop music in 2021 to huh, we all see how that went. Lol

  4. Keysha August 18, 2021

    The album is not good. She lost a lot of her creativity and spontaneity. You can tell she’s been being told what to do by the Major. She had a good run but we won’t hear from her by 2023.

    • RBRT August 18, 2021

      Delusional much

    • Farrahs Luggage August 18, 2021

      Agreed. She won’t recoup the budget with this album. Good luck with the next one LOL

  5. Dc August 18, 2021

    Her song with the weekend flopped very underwhelming performance

    • Farrahs Luggage August 18, 2021

      Because the weeknd is overexposed and Doja herself is a flop

  6. Farrahs Luggage August 18, 2021

    She said “need to know” wasn’t a single when it was originally released, now that that “you right” flopped, this is suddenly a single? I cannot.

  7. Becky Goodhair August 18, 2021

    Oh, Need To Know is a bop. 💃

  8. Praytell August 18, 2021

    She’s giving silent slay!!! Love me some Doj!

  9. Heide August 19, 2021

    You know that whenever an artist becomes commercially successful & is nominated by a fake ass institution like the Grammys or VMA or AMA , the opinion of these award s doesn’t really represent the Artist talents , clearly. I got tired of watching Taylor Swift win this & that award…..who in the hell listens to her, she never gets airplay on the many stations I listen too. I really don’t judge the artist on what award they happen to receive, but it’s nice to hear if Miss Doha Cat wins something . If she doesn’t, I’m not going to stop listening to her. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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