Madonna Stans Slam Lizzo For Claiming Janet Jackson is Queen of Pop

Published: Sunday 29th Aug 2021 by Rashad

When not dominating charts with hits like ‘Truth Hurts,’ ‘Good As Hell,’ and her latest top 5 smash, ‘Rumors,’ singer Lizzo is no stranger to reigning over headlines for everything from eye-popping outfits to lending polarizing commentary on subjects in social, political, or Pop culture.

The latter sees her the center of conversation again – this time after a series of random tweets where she gave her stamp of who among music’s icons deserved honorific titles of royalty.

While most agreed with her assessment that Aretha Franklin is Queen of Soul, Tina Turner is Queen of Rock N’ Roll, Britney Spears is Princess of Pop, Michael Jackson is King of Pop, and others, some of her crownings caught a side eye – particularly her deeming Janet Jackson the definitive Queen of Pop.

The comment sent Madonna stans into a frenzy, not only reigniting the age-old debate about who Pop’s true female potentate but sending the topic ‘Queen of Pop’ to trending status on Twitter.  More inside:

It all started Sunday afternoon (August 29) when Lizzo began acknowledging “the greats” of music (as seen above).

Her mentions lit up once Madonna fans caught a glimpse at her listing Janet as Queen of Pop.  The topic immediately soared to trending status on Twitter.

Look below to see how they responded:

Janet’s fans didn’t take the challenge quietly, however.

[photo credit:  Getty Images/AP Images/Twitter]

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  1. Kiss it. August 29, 2021

    They can stay mad.

    • Zion August 30, 2021

      Lizzo = Queen of fat

  2. Clarkso00n August 29, 2021

    Lizzo= modern day mammy

    • NoFanNoStan August 29, 2021

      Normani = Modern day LaTavia

      • LaTavia Roberson August 30, 2021

        LaTavia is a Grammy Award winner who has sold over 20 million records. Can Normani say the same?

  3. eric August 29, 2021

    I think Janet’s music and style has had a greater influence in pop culture. Looking at Gen Z alone, I’ve seen plenty of videos on social media with young people recreating and dancing to Janet’s music and videos, but I never see that with Madonna. I hear “Escapade” and “Runaway” and other Janet songs playing in the malls and supermarkets, but never Madonna. Janet is simply more iconic.

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 29, 2021

      The way u lie

      Rupaul’s drag race has done a madonna runway,TWICE in different seasons
      They have also done a madonna musical celebrating different eras of madonna.

      When glee was hot, they dedicated an entire episode madonna. The even released a compilation madonna album

      Like a prayer
      Express yourself
      Ray of light
      4 minutes
      Like a virgin
      Hung up
      Justify my love
      Take a bow
      Material girl

      Madonna is more iconic than janet.
      Marina music aged better than janet.
      Same with the music videos.
      Madonna music videos are aging better than janet videos

      • Lanafan1 August 29, 2021

        MMMM NO LOL. I love Madonna. But Janet is more iconic and creative. Madonna is the Johnny Depp of music. Her props and reimaging of her style is her gimmick.

      • NoFanNoStan August 29, 2021

        B****, don’t get me started. Let’s talk about Janet’s infamous Super Bowl half time show. We all can see her nipple. Meanwhile Madonna’s half time was critical acclaimed, except for M.I.A’s middle finger incident

      • eric August 30, 2021

        There’s a reason why MTV created the MTV Icon series with Janet as their first honoree, and why artists sample her music more than they do Madonna.

    • Brian August 30, 2021

      Interesting take. Almost all of Janet’s videos are of her dancing (and basically Janet doing her best Michael) so that would make them easier to emulate while many of Madonna’s videos were less dance focused and more fixated with raising the bar with production quality in front of and behind the scenes and pushing society’s buttons. Also, Madonna and Janet are peers and when they were at their peak Madonna was the one dictating pop culture to the point that she is so ingrained in our cultural brains that Janet does stand out more now.
      As for as Janet’s music being played in public? I guess that depends where you shop. I am constantly hearing Madonna tracks, including deep cuts, played at my local Target, Kroger, Bath & Body Works, restaurants, etc. but I have not heard a Janet track in years.

  4. NoFanNoStan August 29, 2021

    Madonna: Queen of pop. Janet: stripper of every generation

    • Lanafan1 August 29, 2021

      Madonna was naked a lot more than Janet. You’re dumb.

    • Kurtis August 29, 2021

      Madonna literally did a s** book fully nude and her whole career was about s** and being naked
      Janet was a lot classier

      • NoFanNoStan August 29, 2021

        Did you forget her Super Bowl half time show? You called that classy? How? Nice nipple-gate tho

    • Lanafan1 August 30, 2021

      Her nipple falling out once in a 30 year career does not compare to the s*** Madonna did. Buy a clue.

  5. Carlitos August 29, 2021

    Let the sales, awards and net worth speak for itself 🎤

  6. Mark C. August 29, 2021

    By Others You mean the Legendary “Biggest Selling Female Artists of All Time/Millennium”since the Nielsen Sound Scan Era as well As “Most Successful Female R&B artist in History” (new 2021accolade) AKA Mariah Carey?
    Ya’ll Are Shady 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Bulldike August 29, 2021

    Maybe Janet is HER queen of pop. Black households don’t acknowledge no f****** Madonna lmao

    • What would Whitney do August 30, 2021

      I know plenty of black people that love Madonna she is the Queen of Pop. Janet Jackson is Michael Jackson sister

      • Lanafan1 August 30, 2021

        Madonna is a Queen of Pop. But “The. “

  8. Y’all H*** Dumb August 30, 2021

    I mean Lizzo is black…. in black households Janet is the Queen of Pop. I mean i like Mandonna but girl no one cares about you in the black households. Not to mention all the little shady racist s*** she has done. But Lizzo baby sis Beyoncé is not the Queen of Music… Mariah is…… and according to soundscan she is above Mandonna.

    • Danny Bey August 30, 2021

      Clive Davis called Beyoncé Queen of Music

    • C**-ila August 30, 2021

      Soundscan only operates in the US and Canada..
      The Queen of Music have to have worldwide recognition, sales, as well as a large fan base everywhere in the world like MJ had and still has!
      So Madonna wins this easily!
      North America is not the world matter of fact fewer than 5% of the world population lives in North America.

  9. La’Delle Handy August 30, 2021

    Honey this the truth Janet is the Queen on pop and dance Facts for us and the world The old white queens can have Madonnis lol 😂

  10. Lou August 30, 2021

    Of course she wouldn’t admit who the Queen of Rap is hahahahha

  11. Keith August 30, 2021

    I do agree with those that say in MOST black households Janet and Michael are King & Queen of Pop. Meanwhile, Janet NOR Madonna really care as long as you guys are talking about them (and they didn’t have to pay for it)…LMAO. TGJ, stop whipping up fake outrage UNLESS those acts are paying you! LOL

  12. Unnatural August 30, 2021

    Yeah Lizzo wrong on that end. I like Janet but she’s no where near Madonna with the number of hits! Sorry. Lizzo really needs to keep her mouth shut. This time I’m here for her dragging

  13. Carlos camm August 30, 2021

    Who’s the queen of music ?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    And price of pop😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅

  14. Rashad August 30, 2021

    I love Janet but the only time she’s referred to as Queen or pop is on this blog and other urban music sites. Nobody else calls her that so just stop. Her influence and receipts are nowhere near Madonna and below Mariah and Whitney. This ish annoys me bc it’s actually a form of misogyny. Would she have called Prince the King instead of Michael? It’s not ok bc Madonna is an older white woman. Her career speaks for itself. Janet is great and influential (like prince) but not the queen.

  15. Janice Teresin August 30, 2021

    Sorry Lizzie and Madonna but Celine Dion is the Queen of Pop, and she wears the title with dignity and graciousness like a true Queen!!

  16. Anne August 30, 2021

    Madonna is the undisputed Queen of Pop, end of story, bottom line, period! Janet never surpassed Madonna in any way, shape or form, plus Janet is not even Pop, more like R&B. One more thing, if you weren’t born in the 70s then you are probably too young to know or remember or have a true sense of the 80s and the impact that Madonna had.

    • Nunya Binnezz September 4, 2021

      I’m so sorry we’re not all old, but Madonna is trash.

  17. Brian August 31, 2021

    Sorry to make it racial but st the end of the day that is what it is. Madonna has sold more albums than any other woman in history, in the uk and Australia she has more number 1s than any other female in those countries. Madonna is global but janet is local. Sorry to say this but janet is only queen in the urban community. The music she does isn’t even pop its r&b. Y’all gonna be mad but at the end of the day madonna success is more empress than queen but she is the real queen of pop

  18. Edgy_Timeless90 August 31, 2021

    Did she loe though.. Truth hurts!

  19. Brandon Cooper August 31, 2021

    Yes she lied big time. Janet is successful in the urban community only. Madonna has more number singles and albums than Janet worldwide. Madonna has made history in both OZ and The UK for having more number 1 singles than any female in those countries history, you can Google that. No one outside of America is checking for Janet but Madonna’s tours sell in the 100 of million to the 400 millions because she can go over seas, Janet has toured over seas in 25 years. If Janet is the Queen than that Makes Madonna the empress or the goddess. You can’t be queen with only 180 million in sales compared to Madonna who has sold 335 million. These girls including Lizzo is following Madonna formula not Janets.

  20. Nunya Binnezz September 4, 2021

    Ask a child who Madonna is & then ask them who Janet Jackson is…. End of story. Nobody remembers Madonna but old people. This is the first time I’ve seen an article about her in years & it’s because of someone else. Meanwhile, younger people try to emulate Janet because their favs try to emulate her style… Ciara, Teyana Taylor, Tinashe, Britney Spears, etc. The list goes on of people who mention her. WHO DID MADONNA INSPIRE?????? List ONE artist that has based their career on trying to copy Madonna. Maybe Christina Aguilera in her Dirty phase?.. but not really because even she always mentions Whitney Houston as her inspiration. The choreography today is mostly based on Janet’s moves. Stahp it.

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