Album Stream: Ayra Starr – ’19 & Dangerous’

Published: Tuesday 10th Aug 2021 by Sam

Ayra Starr shines luminously on her debut studio album ’19 & Dangerous.’

A flavorsome blend of Afrobeats, R&B, and Pop, the project draws on the singer’s many influences while making clear that she is the unique ingredient to the excellence of her output.

Comprised of 11 electrifying tracks, the LP features contributions from mentor Don Jazzy, London, Louddaaa, and Andre Vibez.

The project is spearheaded by Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records  – the Nigeria-based imprint that spearheaded the careers of Tiwa Savage, Rema, and more.

Already making waves on an international scale, ’19 & Dangerous’ is led by singles ‘Away’ and ‘Bloody Samaritan.’

What are you waiting for? Take a listen below…

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  1. Are You Kidding Me? August 11, 2021

    LOVED Away!
    Let me go stream this.

  2. Are You Kidding Me? August 11, 2021

    What I loved most about this album is that it wasn’t marketed or catering to Americans. It was VERY her and hit so many styles and genres. I’m sure I missed references, but aside from a few “just okay” songs, I really think this is for people who want to hear something different than the current “American” sound.

    1- Cast – Very catchy. Enough said.

    2- Fashion Killer – The confidence booster song talking about labels. Just “okay”

    3- Lonely

    This song should have closed the album out! Very “Yeah I miss you. Should I be ashamed?” The horns in the background…are superb.

    4-Snitch – This moody mellow song sounds like dragging a bat along the floor before you bust the windows out of his car. The soft and sweet feature Foushee was an interesting add to the gritty edge.

    5-Toxic – This is another calm song with bristling anger below the surface. This song sounds the most personal to Ayra. I can feel the anguish in her voice. It sounds like she went into a downward spiral and thought they’d help her become sober. The autotune, cybernetic background vocals are PERFECTION. It ended too abruptly though. No mention of the

    6- In Between – This song sounds like black mascara falling from your eyes as you write a suicide note as ash falls from the sky and everything around you is dying. Very post nuclear apocalypse. A dialect I don’t know is in the chorus. Perhaps Yoruba? Very “Why should I go on?”

    7-Beggie Beggie

    The energy picks up a bit with this mid-tempo. Lots of dialect infusion. Ckay was a perfect feature as their voice complements Ayra’s well. The adlibs at

    8- Karma – The intro of this sounded out of place on the album and I switched back to see what was going on. The intent of the song seems to be “Why can’t women have fun without being s****?” but she’s realizing the karma that comes with being careless for the feelings of others? I think this is the weakest song on the album as the lyrical content of other songs was much stronger.

    9- Bloody Samaritan – The energy really picks up here with rattles and drums in the background. The most sing-alongable. Can’t stay still listen “You no fi kill my vibe” The saxophone in the back is in harmony with the rattling kicks and percussion.

    10- Bridgertn – I LOVE THIS BEAT! The best sounding song on the album. This should be the lead single. The different styles of singing in this song show how truly versatile Ayra is.

    11- Amin – The album closes out with this mellow jazzy jam. This should have been higher on the tracklist. I still think Lonely should have closed the song out. Maybe 2nd or 3rd. The meaning is sweet wondering if we manifested all we wanted, if we’d finally be happy. It asks about the human condition and wonders if we are miserable by design. It’s cute, but was just alright.

    In my ranking:

    Music needed this -Bridgertn
    Would make people ask “Who is this” when it was blaring – Lonely is tied with Bloody Samaritan
    Catchy and fun – Cast
    The definition of good music -In Between x Beggie Beggie x Snith x Toxic X Snitch
    Ehh- Karma x Fashion Killer
    Could have done without -Amin

    • Yo August 16, 2021

      Great review

  3. Are You Kidding Me? August 11, 2021

    Why isn’t this pinned?

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