The Pop Stop: Kacey Musgraves, Kim Petras, & More Deliver This Week’s Hidden Gems

Published: Saturday 28th Aug 2021 by Ryan

Readers of That Grape Juice know how passionate we are about music – whether that be past or present.

However, unlike our other segments – Retro Rewind, TGJ Replay, and From The Vault – The Pop Stop is the most in-depth look at Pop songs that may have flown under the radar over the last week that you should know, rather they be from music’s biggest stars or those on the rise.

This week, we want to highlight cuts from Kacey Musgraves, Kim Petras, Sigrid, and Boys World.

Join us inside…

Kacey Musgraves – Justified

It’s been three years since Kacey Musgraves released the now iconic ‘Golden Hour’ album, but she proved that the wait is worth it. Her latest single – ‘Justified’ – lies between twangy country music and atmospheric pop with accents of steel guitar, a soft backbeat, and psychedelic synths. While the song may be about her breakup with fellow singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly, the track is not so much a heartbreak tune as it is a coming-to-terms with the process. Another brilliant showing, ‘Justified’ is a prime example as to why Kacey Musgraves is one of the smartest songwriters in Nashville today.


Kim Petras – Future Starts Now

Rising music superstar Kim Petras is back with her latest bop, ‘Future Starts Now.’ The incandescent bop is packed to the brim with 80’s-inspired synths, a throbbing beat, and a glossy bass groove, perfect for the dance floor. Where Dua Lipa started a new revolution with ‘Future Nostalgia,’ Petras builds on this and simultaneously paves her own lane with ‘Future Starts Now,’ proving she was always born to be a superstar. In short, ‘Future Starts Now’ is Petras at her most dazzling.


Sigrid – Burning Bridges

Sigrid has returned with her second single of the year and it is white hot. Entitled ‘Burning Bridges’ the shimmering pop anthem is built on a foundation of pounding drums, angry bass, and sparkling synths. The song recalls Lady Gaga‘s iconic ‘Fame’ era and is all about saying f**k it to a past relationship. An expert blend between sass and cold-hearted honesty, Sigrid has created a song of the year contender, a song that is nothing short of marvelous.


Boys World – Something In The Water

With a few singles under their belt, new-school girl group Boys World has delivered their best song to date with the euphoric ‘Something In The Water.’ Helmed by the great Tayla Parx, ‘Something In The Water’ is washed in lush melodies, which are made from a bouncy bass line, handclaps, and fuzzy synth line. If there is one thing that ‘Something In The Water’ proves, it’s that the world may have found the next big girl group.


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