Britney Spears Announces Engagement to Sam Asghari

Published: Sunday 12th Sep 2021 by Sam

Britney Spears is heading down the aisle once again.

For, the singer has announced that she is engaged to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari. 

Full story below…

Spears shared the news on social media moments ago. In her reveal video, she playfully flashed her engagement ring and wrote:

“I can’t f*cking believe it 💍💍💍💍💍💍❣️!!!!!!”


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Spears and model/fitness guru Asghari have been dating since 2016.

During a recent hearing about her much-discussed conservatorship, the performer revealed that she wanted to marry Asghari and have children with him.

Now, it looks like the first part of her wish is coming to fruition.

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  1. What would Whitney do September 12, 2021

    She looks very ugly Congratulations did he see how hot kloe Kardashian look now

  2. J September 12, 2021


    Timing is everything lol #SheFreeNow

  3. #Chlöe 💋DESTROYED💩mani September 12, 2021

    Congrats! This boy finally got his powerball ticket! Jackpot. All the efforts he had been put on a show, like he really cares about Britney

    • BoyBye2.0 September 12, 2021

      I agree, something about this seems way off. she’s his sugar mama. what if she is so out of it, that she won’t get a prenup. we don’t know Britney only her family does!

    • Livelife&Learn&Forgive September 12, 2021

      Yup he doesn’t love her at all. Britney is nieve gonna mess with her mind again and a baby with him yeah thats the PowerBar win right their.

  4. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) September 12, 2021

    Bet she will get pregnant and having like 10 kids. Fans, she officially retired💅🏿 Told ya shouldn’t free her.

  5. Nicky September 12, 2021

    This guy is going to run off with her money

    It is clear as day.

    So sad to take advantage of the mentally ill

  6. Farrahs Luggage September 12, 2021

    Congratulations to the Princess of Pop! Have an iron clad prenup and once you’re out of this cship, get restraining orders against all of the bad people who did this to you!

  7. Urg September 12, 2021

    He is going to knock her up with a kid and up and leave with whatever little money her greedy family left back for her. She is going to have an even bigger breakdown than 2007

    • Livelife&Learn&Forgive September 12, 2021

      Yup and it’d sad.

  8. Livelife&Learn&Forgive September 12, 2021

    Sad to say he doesn’t really love her and he is just in it for the fame and getting money. He isn’t in it for her interest and never was.

    • J September 12, 2021

      We can’t help her! She just loves being married. Hopefully he’s “the one” 😒😒😒😒

  9. True Tea September 12, 2021

    Both are gross to me.

  10. Anne September 12, 2021

    I hope I’m wrong but this could be what her dad was trying to protect her from. Poor Britney, women in her position can trust most people.

    • Anne September 13, 2021


  11. Wwwd September 12, 2021

    Ben Affleck “wants” Jennifer y’all wasn’t as mean he is using her for $____$$$$$$$ he don’t date broke Latin bitvhezx

  12. truthteller September 13, 2021

    This is very sad. He is clearly after her money. People keep on saying, “Oh they have been together X years”. The best con artists are the ones who play the long game.

  13. La’Bensha Smythe September 13, 2021

    The sad part is she probably paid for the ring 💍💅🏿

  14. Normani’s Album September 16, 2021

    Buh bye, millions 🍻

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