Listen: Aaliyah’s Third & Final Album FINALLY Released to Streaming

Published: Thursday 9th Sep 2021 by Rashad

While many regard Aaliyah‘s sophomore album, ‘One in a Million,’ as her ‘magnum opus,’ its follow-up – 2001’s eponymous ‘Aaliyah’ – is revered as her most artistically daring and sonically progressive.

Birthing hits like ‘We Need a Resolution,’ ‘Rock the Boat,’ and ‘More Than a Woman,’ the 15-track cut (which celebrated its 20th anniversary in July) was a lyrical and sonic gumbo of Rock, Pop, R&B, Latin (‘Read Between the Lines’), and even Island-inspired sounds.

Released just a month before her untimely death, ‘Aaliyah: the Album’ has stood the test of time as fans and critics frequently reference it as a game-changer.  Now, after years of calls to be added to streaming and digital outlets, the project – like ‘Million’ before it (as we reported here) – has finally found a home on streaming outlets.

Jump inside to refamiliarize yourself with the gem that is this timeless effort:

After ‘One in a Million’ was released to streaming outlets last month, it blasted into the Billboard 200’s top 10 (reaching a new peak).  ‘Aaliyah,’ which already stands as the singer’s first and only #1 on that chart, is poised to see a similar response by being elevated back into the tally’s top 10.

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  1. Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 10, 2021

    Queen of the damn was a satanic Movie and Rock the Boat was a Satanic Video. Aliyah was illuminated by the illuminiti so that Ashanti could be successful on Murder Inc.

    • nickiLOVESrapists September 10, 2021

      You dumb, fat caCOON!
      Beyonce is the illumnati queen, drinking baby blood and worshiping the devil.

  2. Ace Blanks September 10, 2021

    This is by far my favorite album by her!!!! I was 10 when this came out and even back then I played this CD OUT!!! Still have it in perfect condition but what a blessing to be able see it on streaming now!!!! This was her best work for real. Truly can play from beginning to end!!!!!

  3. J September 10, 2021

    I remember when this album came out, it wasn’t making that much noise. Then suddenly she died and it went #1. But still an amazing body of work to this day. Especially for an album from that era. 👏🏾

    • Ace Blanks September 10, 2021

      Yea as much as I love this album I have to agree with you facts are facts and truthfully it wasn’t doing what it was suppose to do on the charts when first released. And you are certainly right that when she died it flew off the shelves. Just sad she has to die for people to appreciate this amazing body of work. 20 years later and still sounds so fresh!!!!! The grown ups were tripping back then lol

      • Detruth September 10, 2021

        It debuted at number 2 with her highest first week sales ever and was nearly gold within a month. This album would have been platinum or double platinum regardless of her death. Yall be sounding so dumb.

    • Maurice Cassidy September 10, 2021

      deruth, you sound dumb. just look at the album’s Wikipedia page and look at the charts, u raggedy mess. this album was a flop until she died and that’s a fact.
      RIP baby girl.

      • RBRT September 11, 2021

        Sure it reached number 1 after she died but it debuted at number 2. Alicia Keys was number 1, that’s fair her debut album was solid. Number 2 is not a flop. It’s like saying an Olympic silver medalist is a flop…..people can be ridiculous. The word flop is thrown around without much thought. Basic brains

  4. “GG” September 10, 2021

    A album that sold 13 million copies! Put some respect on her name

  5. chilepleaseee September 10, 2021

    A certified classic.

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