Nicki Minaj Wants Brandy, Tamar Braxton, & More On New Track

Published: Thursday 9th Sep 2021 by Ryan

Nicki Minaj has big plans.

The music superstar is revealing who she wants to collaborate with on a brand new track. Brandy, Tamar Braxton, & more are all being eyed.

Full story below…

On September 8, Minaj released a snippet of new music, where she can be heard singing. However, she revealed that she needed help from some R&B stars.

“Barbz: ask Keke, Tamar & Brandy to redo this. That’s what I sound like in my head. Would love to hear ppl who can rlly do it […] Summer, Jhené & Kehlani can be good in the blend as well with their harmonies.”

Minaj then said she wants the six artists to record an a cappella version and she will take the vocals and put “something special” together.

Summer Walker responded to Minaj and said that she would “love” to work with the ‘Seeing Green’ rapper.

Minaj then went on to reveal that she wants to do something similar, but with female rappers. However, she said that was for later.

There is no word as to when the collaboration will come to fruition.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

    Girl she so desperate she’s trying to create some type of huge ANTHEM with a whole bunch of artists to gain attention.

    • TruthHurts September 9, 2021

      Soo what? Do what works, it’s about time nicki has decent features. All the girls are collobarating and it’s nice to see. But when Nicki does it, it’s a problem.

      • 72262627 September 9, 2021

        Yes it’s a problem because Nicki is a whole witch. Using her toxic fanbase she built as vessels. F*** her.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

        It IS a problem when it’s Nicki because it’s CALCULATED and never done with good intent. She didn’t give af about collaborating with “all the girls” when she thought she was the “Queen,” and now all of a sudden she sees “all the girls” overtaking her, now she GIVES af about them.

      • Dc September 9, 2021

        Difference is nicki does stuff for clout not genuine she’s so active now cause cardi had baby trying to make it all about her

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

        @DC 💯

    • Dc September 9, 2021

      We agree yay ❤️

  2. 4everBirkened September 9, 2021

    Why didn’t she desire Monica?

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

      Because her career is in the trenches.

      • dee September 9, 2021

        Too funny…Nice wordplay!

      • Sherif September 9, 2021

        The world play got me laughing out loud…damn

    • MonicaStan September 9, 2021

      My thought exactly. I have come to the conclusion that Monica is fake. All the people in the industry that she claims to be friends with, have never claimed her.

    • Champ September 9, 2021

      Vocally, this isn’t Monica’s thing.

  3. Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

    She’s REALLY doing the MOST 🤣

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

      Out here getting the Barbz to beg for features 🤣 And what female rappers you gon get boo when you’ve pissed all the best ones off? Rubi Rose, City Girls and Kash Doll? 🤣 Good luck!

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

        Maybe it’s time you go crawling back to Iggy 👀

  4. Keith September 9, 2021

    I’m DEFINITELY here for a Nicki song with Tamar and Brandy. As long as it’s good, so what if it’s calculated. The WHOLE music business is. No one is asking them to become sisters, just do a great job, get some shine for your projects/brand, and move on…

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

      No one, except you, is here for it if it’s not genuine. The public CAN see. And… they already hate her so not much can be done at this point. Too little, too late. What goes up, must come down. This bîtch made her bed. With a pédo, I might add.

      • akathexfactor September 10, 2021

        Shut up @shayla your just pressed ther Queen stays winning not to mention they beg Nicki for features 24/7 that’s how meg got the ‘hot girl summer’ collab!

  5. Flopyonce September 9, 2021

    Guess the budget isn’t big enough for A-List collaborators. Lol.

    • Credits September 9, 2021

      She just wants real vocalists

  6. Farrahs Luggage September 9, 2021

    Nicki, it doesn’t matter who you have on your song or album, it’ll flop. Your career is over. What don’t you understand granny!? Time is up!

  7. Champ September 9, 2021

    This sound is actually right up Brandy’s alley. Tamar would do it justice too. I’ve never heard KeKe give this vocally so I can’t speak for her.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

      Because they’re all flop has-beens, desperate for hit and will say yes to anything.

      • Champ September 9, 2021

        This comment has nothing to do with anything I said. I don’t entertain teenage trolls. Now move along….

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 9, 2021

        I said what I said and you will deal 💕

  8. Normani’s Album September 9, 2021

    What, Ari kicked u side 2 side now that she’s collabing with Mariah? Or did u BECAUSE she worked with Mariah? 👀

  9. Becky Goodhair September 9, 2021

    We heard Bran chant spirituals ft. Jhene already, but she can’t belt high like Tamar. But Tay’s go-to delivery is too one-dimensionally weepy, which hurts a track needing vocal nuance. KeKe’s voice, as insane live, doesn’t translate well on a studio recording–it’s too metallic for R&Soul. . .kinda like Patti LeBelle: wowza but soulless. But Bran & Tay & KeKe on one tune? ⚰

      • Becky Goodhair September 9, 2021

        Yup. Seen that clip before. Bran FINALLY getting into her light lyric top.

        Keyword: hiiiiiiigh BELTS.

        Watch Tamar do that with brio:

  10. TSMELIXXA October 12, 2021



    The truth should set you free

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