TGJ Roundtable: 2021 MTV Video Music Awards Review

Published: Monday 13th Sep 2021 by Sam

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2021 MTV VMAs 


The 2021 VMAs continued the industry’s return to the live audience format. And oh was it welcome. There’s incomparable energy that a capacity crowd brings and many of the night’s showings benefitted.

So, let’s jump straight into it.

Normani Kordei Hamilton delivered what was hands-down the night’s best performance.

Her TV debut of ‘Wild Side’ was a masterclass in commitment to craft and somehow managed to serve intensely intricate and effortless at the same time. The choreography, the staging, the live arrangement, and that climatic Janet Jackson tribute with Teyana Taylor. Bliss.

The entire segment gave life everlasting and there was something incredibly familial artistically about having Ciara introduce, Teyana contribute, and the Janet salute.

There is ample irony in the fact that the act that almost wasn’t booked to perform is the act whose performance slayed most. On the merit of this showing alone, her phone ought to be ringing non-stop with more opportunities because the industry has needed what she so clearly has.

One of the night’s other top moments came courtesy of Chloe Bailey. A fireball of energy, it’s clear she set out to blaze the stage with her highly viral hit ‘Have Mercy’ and, to a degree, it was mission accomplished. Because there was no denying that she went all out.

But, here’s the thing. As a standalone performance, it was objectively solid. Yet, when placed in the context of it possibly being her big solo “break out” moment, I’m afraid that title will have to go to a future showing.

I’m part of the folk who love how intensively Ms. Bailey performs. So, you’ll never hear me bemoan a performer going all out. Especially in an era where so few do. However, thematically, I felt too much was going on. This was literally serving Harry Potter, meets twerk team, meets Lady Gaga. And while it’s clear the goal was to recreate some of the quirkier elements of the music video, it tried to blend too much when it would, could, and should have benefitted from a little refinement.

Still, a killer showing and one that has me excited about her potential.

Elsewhere, Lil Nas X was another act who aptly seized the VMAs platform to recreate music videos; in his case ‘Industry Baby’ and ‘Montero.’ I really enjoy his presence and felt he once again delivered visually. I was expecting a little more in way of shock and awe, but at this point him blinking ruffles feathers. So, it’s probably the smarter play to just do him and keep folk on their toes with his unpredictability.

Kudos to creative force Sean Bankhead, who pulled double duty with both Normani and Lil Nas X and in the process reaffirmed how vital a performer’s team is to their end product.

In the TGJ group chat, I’ve made no secret of how much I’ve had Camila Cabello’s ‘Don’t ‘Go Yet’ on repeat. As such, heading into the show, I was excited to see how she’d bring it to life on one of the grandest stages. Sadly, it just didn’t wow me. It was super heavy on spectacle, but ultimately missing any definable “moment.” Even more awkward was the literal note it ended on. Because that “money” note sounded more like jangling spare change.

Shows like the VMAs are renowned for serving up “something for everyone,” so while the following didn’t gag me, I somewhat enjoyed the likes of Alicia Keys, Kacey Musgraves, and Olivia Rodrigo. For me, this year’s toilet breaks came courtesy of Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber.

Doja Cat surprised me. Because while she is ever dependable as a performer and her going airborne was awesome, something didn’t quite connect holistically. Similarly, her hosting left a lot to be desired too. Almost felt phoned in and very teleprompter based. She has so much personality and I was expecting…more.

On slightly nerdy note, word is that this year’s setup – two mirroring main stages – was in place to allow for a fast flow of performances and actually saw the show accommodate more total performances than ever before. Did anyone else notice how they were able to jump from one major spectacle to the next with no break? Well, that’s how!  On a technical tip, this worked really well and added a seamless feel.

Overall, the VMAs packed a hearty helping of memorable moments amidst some that…well…weren’t. More than anything, it definitely saw the New Skool show up and show out. And in many ways felt like a preview of who could be the titans of tomorrow.



Although the Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheerans, and co of the performance roster had me dozing, “Girl Power” should’ve been the theme of the 2021 MTV VMAs because from start to finish the girls showed up and out and reminded viewers who really run this mutha-. Most importantly, BLACK GIRLS ROCKED!
Normani’s showing was a standout for me, though – in all its energy, glory, and Janet Jackson-inspired splendor – came as a glaring underscore of why that song is just NOT it! PS – I need Boosie to be just as outraged about this as I’m sure he was Lil Nas X’s performance.
Elsewhere, Chloe’s equally energetic performance – though captivating – may have arguably been TOO energetic. It seemed unsharpened, a bit chaotic, weird in parts, and too much of a Beyoncé Halloween tribute act. Wasn’t expecting the world from her performance as she is technically a rookie (all things considered). But, if you’re going to use Bey as a performance guide, one of the most important things to note is energy pacing to build to a climax. Don’t come out on 100.
Doja, Alicia, and Latto looked and sounded great, though none rendered memorable performances.
Finally, Camila Cabello and Lil Nas X. The latter delivered the most visually engaging performance of the night yet served as another reminder of how incompetent he is as a performer. He keeps up with the choreography instead of leading and commanding it.
Unlike Nas, the former’s consistency reaffirmed her competence as a performer. My only gripe is that Cabello plays it entirely too safe. One day I want to see her just totally go for it in a performance, throwing the overly stylized choreo to the wind for just a moment a la JLo or Shakira-style.
Overall show: a strong C+!



The VMAs were back last night as if the pandemic never even happened.

The undeniable king of the night Lil Nas X got the audience going with the help of his dancers. Though the performance seemed tamer than expected, it still gave all the fun, quirky, and tongue-in-cheek moments that we need from Nas.

Chloë’s début solo performance was interesting, to say the least. While she showcased excellent stage presence, the darkness of the arrangements and the aesthetic were puzzling to me. But as a big debut performance, it did feel grand and eventful, and she definitely made an impression so mission accomplished.

While Doja Cat’s hostess with the mostess abilities didn’t do much for me, she once again gave a very solid performance showcasing her versatility as a performer. It also helped that she performed two of the best songs from her latest album.

While Justin Bieber, Camilla Cabello, Shawn Mendes, and apparent “main pop girl” Olivia Rodrigo all served forgettable performances, Kacey Musgraves shined bright with her fiery showing of ‘Star-Crossed’.

At this point is there any doubt that Miss Normani Kordei delivered the absolute best performance of the night? Watching her take the stage was reminiscent of the classic VMA performances from the likes of TLC and Janet Jackson whose influence was all over this showing.

Let’s hope this is only the beginning of Mani’s promotional campaign and not just a bookend to one of her best offerings.

All in all, it was a fun show, one that placed the next-gen of entertainers front and center. Congrats to all the performers and winners, we’ve enjoyed you all very much



While live performances may be back in full-swing, there were many expectations going into this year’s VMAs considering how 2020’s show did a decent job of delivering in the midst of a global pandemic.

However, this year’s performances and awards can be summed up in one word: mediocre. Now, I don’t mean this in a bad way. I just mean that for every highlight there was a touch more disappointment, or enough to keep it from really shining.

But let’s start off with the highlights. First of all, Normani came, she served, she SLAYED. This performance was easily the best of the night. From the vocals, to the background, to the choreography, she pulled out all the punches and landed each one.

Another highlight was Doja Cat. She has consistently delivered a quality performance award show after award show, and this was no different. From the descending entry to the interpretive dance, it was one of her most innovative performances to date.

Now for those performances that were a little lackluster. First of which is Kacey Musgraves. Now, I’m a huge fan of Kacey, but this performance of ‘Star-Crossed’ just wasn’t it. I appreciate the burning hearts in the background, but the song was too slow to perform at a high-energy show. She could’ve easily gone with multiple other songs from her album, such as: ‘Breadwinner, ‘Cherry Blossom,’ or even ‘Justified.’

Similarly, Shawn Mendes’ performance would have worked better as a snack break than an actual performance itself.

As for Olivia Rodrigo, she gave the energy and I commend her for singing live. However, the vocals were not it. They were pitchy and forced most of the time. Basically, I’ve heard better singing from Roseanne Barr, when she sang The National Anthem.

Not much more can be said about this year’s VMAs though. It was a mixed back that delivered more misses than hits. So, here’s to hoping that next year is the complete package.


Do you agree with our picks? Who was spot on? Let us know your thoughts on the latest TGJ Roundtable and your thoughts on the 2021 MTV VMAs.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0o00ñ September 13, 2021

    “Normani Kordei Hamilton delivered what was hands-down the night’s best performance.


    Your not gonna talk about that fake whistle note. Lol
    She doesn’t even know how to be convincing when lip syncing

    • Facts September 13, 2021

      Chile, you pressed. Go back into hiding.


    • Whooopi Goldberg September 13, 2021

      They are high on crack to even say that lies lmfao 🤣
      They made me laugh so loud I farted on Farrah’s luggage face 😂😂😂

    • Farrahs Luggage September 13, 2021

      The same whistle note she hit two years ago in “Dancing With A Stanger”? You are a hater and mad that nobody is talking about Camila. You should be glad though since Camila was dressed as a taco and sounded terrible.

    • Livelife&Learn&Forgive September 13, 2021

      Exactly her performance was forgettable but the grape juice won’t say it. Normani is not a singer and every is just kissing a@@ to make normani look good.

      • Farrah’s Luggage September 13, 2021

        Forgettable yet it’s the only performance people remember from last night along with Chloe’s? You tried it. Hope you aren’t always this insecure

    • Aj September 13, 2021

      There wasn’t much competition to be fair.

  2. Clarks0o00ñ September 13, 2021

    Normani is just like shacarri, another mediocre, talentless black girl that is being hyped by black Twitter.

    It’s only a matter of time before people realise she cant sing live.

    This is why she doesnt promote her songs, cause shes afraid of singing live.

    Her career is basically built on pity, emotional manipulation, lies and conspiracy theories.
    No shred of talent.
    Any career built on these thing will eventually fail.

    • Buzz Off September 13, 2021

      Exactly what I been saying..
      If she didn’t had them feet what else would she have to offer?
      Cuz she can’t hold a note to save her life….

      Chloe felt the girls them thinking hard last night..
      no more mediocrity wanna be singers ..

    • Farrahs Luggage September 13, 2021

      Aw you’re mad nobody is talking about Camila 🙂 Normani always gets the girls talking, and that’s why you’re mad and racist. Normani is everything you wish you were (female, beautiful, talented, famous, and loved).

    • Rly sir? Rlly? September 13, 2021

      Dumb ass weirdo we know it’s you who’s been making these fake accounts to respond and agree with yourself. Take your meds

  3. Nicky September 13, 2021


    Camicky pyscho fan is upset no one is talking about her performance.

    We only talk about her performance if we want to have a good laugh.

    The celebs and actors were posting Camicky Cinderella vocals and laughing and making jokes 😂

    • Clarks0o00ñ September 13, 2021

      The funniest shìt is normani pretending to hit those whistle notes
      She really thought she did something.

      They only people who are hyping normani’s performance is black Twitter, just like the clowns that run this blog.

      White folks are scared of saying the truth about f******* cause if they say the truth about her poor singing skills, yall gonna accuse them of racism


      It’s only matter a time.
      How long can she keep lip syncing? Lol

      • Nicky September 13, 2021

        😂😂😂😂😂😂 you’re mad.

        Janet, Madonna, Britney, Selena, Paula etc all lip synced.

        Get over it.

        Camicky should add herself to the list. Having live horrendous vocals is worst than lip sync.

        At least Mani puts on a show.

      • Clarks0o00ñ September 13, 2021

        Mad about what?
        Ur girl was faking a whistle note.
        I know you’re embarrassed.

        She can’t sing well
        She’s cant lip sync well

        what can she do well?

        U yourself u cant even defend her.

      • vw September 13, 2021

        Sam praised Camila’s song pretty much.

    • Farrahs Luggage September 13, 2021

      He honestly should be glad nobody is talking about Camila. She was dressed as a literal taco trying to cover her weight gain. Also the reviews of Cinderella are terrible. Soundtrack flopping. “Dont Go Yet” expected to drop off the billboard hot 100. Just a mess of a third era. The third era is when Rihanna released GGGB, Janet released control, Britney released S**** 4 U, Beyonce released Single Ladies, etc. Meanwhile Camila’s third era is going to be the one that gets her dropped LOL

  4. Nicky September 13, 2021

    F** with Mani it’s gone cost ya.

    Chloe and Mani owned the night.

    Black women are stomping on Camickys racist Turkey neck. As they should.

    Nas X and Sean were outside taking pics with lots of chemistry. 😂😂😂😂

    • Whooopi Goldberg September 13, 2021

      NorNani’s career is DOA
      So fuckinggggghh with her is useless Lmfaooooo 😂😂😂

  5. Rashad September 13, 2021

    So lacking in big star performances. No Bey/Ari/Rihanna/Gaga or even Taylor. Nothing worth going back to watch again.

    The only megastar wattage was queen Madge opening, J-lo and Cyndi presenting. Otherwise lackluster at best . I wish Janet and Mariah were there too.

    • J September 13, 2021

      This is 2021, not 2009…

      • yup! September 13, 2021

        And it shows lol. The acts all sucked. Just call it the LGBTQBCDFG Awards and start over.

  6. Gworl Bye September 13, 2021

    Honestly, I was underwhelmed by everyone last night. I know I’ll get dragged for this lol, but I think Tinashe, Dawn Richard & Sevyn Streeter would have done better jobs performing than the girls that did perform.

    • Farrahs Luggage September 13, 2021

      LOOOOOOOOL! You think Sevyn and Tinashe would’ve done better?

    • J September 13, 2021

      Tinashe should have performed 😩 however I blame her for her own downfall. She should have been on Doja’s level by now

      • Gworl Bye September 13, 2021


  7. Farrahs Luggage September 13, 2021

    Normani was the only star of the night! Chloe sang about booty for 4 mins, in a leotard, with her literal ass hanging out. TRASH. How low is her self-esteem? No artistry. No tact. Literally nothing left to the imagination. Meanwhile, Normani showed grace, creativity, tact, and left the audience wanting more. Argue with your wall!

    • J September 13, 2021

      Chlöe was horrific! And that’s coming from a long time fan SMH

      • Farrah’s Luggage September 13, 2021

        Agreed. People are just praising her because she’s new and the song is catchy, but the performance was sloppy.

    • Ace Blanks September 13, 2021

      It left me ready for it to be over. I definitely didn’t want more so speak for yourself. Especially of that dry song. I like to watch her dance but since I hate the song their was nothing I wanted more than for it to be over! Since you comparing Chloe we actually saw the crowd was way more hype for her especially at the end of her performance. So let’s not act like people weren’t hype about Chloe too since you think everyone was hype about Normani. And I know one thing she didn’t outsing Chloe. She can’t outsing anyone for that matter. But If you don’t like Chloe just say that honey!

  8. Erica September 13, 2021

    I’m glad y’all opinions don’t hold merit, because Normani performance was dull & boring even with the choreography slayage. Chloe was the moment for me!

    • Whooopi Goldberg September 13, 2021

      Normanly who?
      Yes I agree! Chloe is the best dark skinned performer last night 😅😍😍😍 Chloe slayed Normanly alive.

    • Ace Blanks September 13, 2021

      Facts finally someone with some sense!!! Normani wasn’t horrible but definitely was dry compared to Chloe. Chloe stole the show for sure!!!!! Normani left way too much to be desired and tried to use Teyana Taylor publicity for a moment.

  9. UHoesFunny September 13, 2021

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not TGJ dogged Camicky’s performance and PRAISED Normani. Facts are facts America. We all see who’s the better EVERYTHING. Camicky psycho fan is literally arguing with the staff 😭😂😂😂 We love to see it. Billy goat did NOT stand a chance against all the other performers that night. That final NOTE 💀 was the nail in the coffin ⚰️

    • Le le September 13, 2021


  10. truthteller September 13, 2021

    Normani’s performance was everything I expected. Smoke and mirrors to cover up her complete lack of star quality and vocal ability. Who did she think she was fooling with that fake whistle note apart from her deluded fans.

    • Farrah’s Luggage September 13, 2021

      Smoke and Mirrors? She was the only artist to perform with a solid screen in the background. She was the forefront. It was all vocals and choreography. Something Camila couldn’t provide.

      • Ace Blanks September 13, 2021

        It was mediocre beginner vocals with good choreography. I never knock her dance ability I would be a fool too. But let’s not act like she gave some powerhouse vocals sis. Those vocals are very limited and only a delusional fan would think she’s a vocal powerhouse 😂

  11. Farrah’s Luggage September 13, 2021

    ONE THING I WILL SAY is that it’s disgusting that artists of color (Normani, Doja, Chloe, Lil Nas, hell even the taco herself Camila) have to go above and beyond with their performances, but a YT artist like Justin Bieber can get on stage in a hoodie and sweatpants and move around with no coordination and he’s #1 with ease. I’m sick of artists of color having to break their backs, meanwhile, YT mediocrity is rewarded so easily. Like, how is it that KidLaroy and Justin Bieber opened up with that terrible performance? JUST TRASH

    • Ace Blanks September 13, 2021

      FINALLY something I can agree with you on. Lol I agree with all of this!!!!!

    • HELLOKITTY September 13, 2021

      @Farrah – I agree.

    • A September 18, 2021

      You have double standars too. You trashed Chlöe and now you are pretending to like her.

  12. Le le September 13, 2021

    ROTFLL not my bxch Normani DEMANDING to preform at the vmas just to wash everyone 🤣

    And chlamydià? I hope you were taking notes ya donkey faced baboon cuz chile ya Can’t keep up you’ll continue to get WASHED by my Normani.

    cuz we all know cabell Ho
    can’t sing or dance

    Fk with mani it’ll cost ya

  13. Le le September 13, 2021

    Hahahahahahahahaha not the owner of the blog agreeing Normani had the best performance of the night no discussion

    While horseface cabelly serverd her usual squeaky off key notes cuz the ugly bítch can’t sing 🤣🤣👍 AWKWARD trash attempt at a performance. She doesn’t even know what to do..

    These have been my words about this flop as well lool

    • Whooopi Goldberg September 13, 2021

      And who are you? Are you Epic Records or RCA records? Exactly you’re not cuz Normanly is an like an indie artist for RCA. She has to pay out of pocket for her music videos.

      • Le le September 13, 2021

        Who am I. I’m the one keeping you that pressed. Also Normani has more money than you’ll ever see. so now what?? Happy Monday🥴🤣

  14. Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 13, 2021

    Chloe & Normani are exact opposite of eachother (but not in cool ways like Beyonce & Ciara). While Chloe gave something DYNAMIC, exciting, & memorable, NorNANNY gave us BORING SAFE & MONOTONOUS. Can’t wait to see more dancing from Chloe, sky is the limit if she learns to dance even better than normani lol normani wasn’t even LIVE cause even she knows her voice goes NOWHERE just like that tired performance that simply mimicked the video

    I had no problem with Chloe going overboard… She needed to do something to keep that audience AWAKE assuming she performed after Normani & Doja lol

    • Whooopi Goldberg September 13, 2021

      I can’t agree more. Plus the Queen Beyonce gave Chloe the queenly blessings.

    • Tgj true tea September 13, 2021

      B**** can you shut your dumb gayy negative ass up. Chloe was sloppy af. Dumb costume stupid intro tampon string was hanging out she licked the mic like a dirty try hard ? Who does that ?? Normani ate all that s*** up!

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 13, 2021

        I’m a Luciferian, I critic everything and everyone.

        I didn’t know your definition of gay was criticism of MEDIOCRITY. My definition of Gay is all things CORNY like Lilnasx. Or perhaps visiting this blog is gay/corny within itself but YOUR HERE AREN’T YOU?

        Chloe is the new Queen of the Illuminati, Chloe Illuminated that stage casting spells on poor Normani. CHLOE ATE THAT STAGE Bloody Tapoon and ALL!

        Watching Queens S#hit on your favs is nothing more than a Blessing imo Normani’s career will continue to go NOWHERE just like your finances.

      • 69konce September 13, 2021

        B**** just like a FLOPonce stan. Boringce is washed tf up she never recovered from rih snatching her and replacing her. Your roachh floooped

    • Ace Blanks September 13, 2021

      I agree with everything in the first comment!!!!

    • Farrahs Luggage September 13, 2021

      Normani’s performance was “safe”? 😂 Thise diabetes must have messed with your vision Big Belly Judy

  15. Whooopi Goldberg September 13, 2021

    Goodness, Normani looked awful on that purple gown she wore on red carpet. She look like she’s trolling people to be funny. 😂😂😂

  16. Tgj true tea September 13, 2021

    No ones talking about flopmilas performance lololol

  17. SuxMyCockiness September 13, 2021

    I agree that Normani performance had great Staging and lightning. The performance was also super clean and crisp, but I attribute that mostly to the dancers. Normani herself was a bit boring… Chloe on the other hand hit that stage like a beast! Yes she was a bit wild at times but I understand what she was giving and I loved every minute of it! She is definitely going places. Both ladies were definitely the stars of the night 😁 Honorable mention to Lil Naz. He’s definitely improving.

    • Ace Blanks September 13, 2021

      I agree with all this. CHLOE ATE!!!!!!! Normani wasn’t horrible but way too much was left to be desired smh!!!! She just needs new music period! But she’s a great dancer but I just didn’t see anything that excited me. I’ll take the wildness and A1 vocals from Chloe any day compared to a stripped back and more plain vocal performance.

  18. Fleur September 13, 2021

    Chloe’s performance was interesting, colorful, busy, and awesome. It keeps me coming back. I love the dance breaks, so I hope that she continues to sharpen them up even more. She cracks me up with the dramatic screaming at the beginning and the double cheek slap at the end. Vocals are on point. Her red carpet dress stands out and photographs well.

  19. Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 13, 2021

    Just watched Chloe’s performance for the 5th time. Chloe ATE & DEVOURED that Stage. Left only pieces of Crumbs for Normani to Eat.

    Chloe Gave Energy, Vocals, a dance number, body, looks, platform,
    & an intro for good measure.

    The perfect way to start a career is by ending someone elses 😂

  20. Aj September 13, 2021

    Camilla is dull on her own, she needs a featured artist to carry her.

    Normani was all style no substance, especially considering how much she begged for the gig. Not sure I understand the hype though she is talented clearly.

    Lil Nas X was the highlight. I’m not a fan of his music but he owns the lane he is in. Everyone else was meh too. The VMAs used to be the highlight of the year. Artists now seem lazy…. sans Adele and Beyonce where are the legends and icons?

    Honestly I look at today’s artists and despair. Yesteryear gave us Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross. In comparison, you’ve got Billey Eilish, Dojah Cat, Latto, Anita… they’re not even comparable

  21. AnonymousTruth September 13, 2021

    Normani must be paying for ya’lls reviews like she paid for her video ….
    Because sis did ENTIRELY too much to the tracks production and not enough with her actual performance .
    They went overboard with the sound effects, You don’t have to use every effect on the studio software to prove that you’re on a stage Sis, we know we can see u, her & Ciara do this too much . The performance itself was very dull otherwise and basically her video playing out on stage but somehow less exciting… nothing to bring it to life. the Teyana section was a cute addition, but I just think she would’ve benefited from Cardi to make that performance more 3D & exciting to watch . It was just very flat for me and overproduced .

    I preferred Chloe’s by far altho she didn’t need to change her arrangement so much either , and could’ve had lighter backing visuals – but even just her dance break while less intricate was more exciting for me than Normani’s whole dance squad performance.. they’re polar opposites.. like Ciara & Beyoncé. even tho Ciara does more complicated street dance steps , Beyoncé’s s*** & more firey choreo is always more visually and entertaining . So Chloe took the night for me , Downsides for Chloe is she turned her back to the audience too much, and needs to sharpen up the lesser choreographed movements . So she isn’t just randomly stumbling and looking so tipsy & horny 🤣🤣 still she ate the night for me.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 13, 2021

      Everything u said was FACTS. I really loved Chloe’s Theatrics tho, there were a few weak moments here and there but they were far inbetween enough to enjoy it as a Whole. It was a near perfect compliment to the Video and I especially loved that super high but clear exclamation at the end as the last note. Something about that last bit works, haven’t seen that back crawl since bey glided backed toward the stage with deja vu at 06 bet awards. I wonder if that was chloe copying beys move or if that part was completly authentic. Enjoyed it either way.

  22. Clarks0o0ñ September 13, 2021

    Post about this

    These are the top 10 people mentioned on social media around yesterday’s #VMAs!

    1) #JustinBieber
    2) #OliviaRodrigo
    3) #TaylorSwift
    4) #ChloeBailey
    5) #CamilaCabello
    6) #BillieEilish
    7) #HarryStyles
    8) #MeganFox
    9) #Madonna
    10)machine gun Kelly

    Where is normani?
    After all the hype from black Twitter

    Numbers dont lie.
    Data dont lie

    • NORMANI’S UNDERSTUDY September 13, 2021

      Lmaoooo why hasn’t pie face hit #1 on itunes yet? Why hasn’t flopmila cantabello hit itunes AT ALL? Since numbers and data dont lie lmfaoooo, all that p**** popping and mic sucking and flat face still can’t get to #1 lmaoooo 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

      • Clarks0o00ñ September 13, 2021

        Bab00n mani gave the best performance of the night according to clowns like u on Twitter, why hasnt she hit number 1

        According to I clowns on Twitter, c*********-mani performance was the most talked about performance of the night, then why isnt she on that list I posted?

        Wild side- 36 million streams
        A whole cardi feature

        Look at beast-mani, she looks sad when performing and lip syncing because
        RCA records is planning on dropping her manly orangutan àss

  23. Whut September 13, 2021

    Sorry but chloe doing devil worshiping chanting, dry humping the floor and giving head to a microphone is not entertaining. And shes still flopping on itunes lmao 🤣 😂 💀

  24. HELLOKITTY September 13, 2021

    Lame! (With the exception to Lil Nas X.

  25. Clouwdy September 13, 2021

    lmmigrantmila the ugly illegal c****?? Mani dragged her all across stage! Literally everyone’s in love with normanis live performance and hates chimpbellos haha she can’t perform poor think tink

    • Whooopi Goldberg September 13, 2021

      Lol the lies and delusion that you said 😂😂😂😂
      You need to take your meds 😂😂😂
      Even Normanly doesn’t believe in that lies 😂😂😂

  26. KB September 13, 2021

    Norman’s performance was a complete bore. Y’all reaching. But go AWFH.

  27. LINA September 14, 2021


  28. iSpill September 14, 2021

    Camila was the absolute entertainment of the night.

    Classy and mic was ON.

    • Soso September 14, 2021

      No dumb b**** Normani all day Normani only skated not illegal cabello the ugly Cuban ch imp

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