Jack Harlow Explains Why He Doesn’t Rap About Being White

Published: Tuesday 26th Oct 2021 by Sam

Jack Harlow is heating up the scene with hits such as ‘What’s Poppin’ and chart-topping Lil Nas X collaboration ‘Industry Baby.’

But he’s making clear that he’s aware of the privilege afforded to him as a caucasian male navigating the Hip-Hop landscape.

His words below…

Speaking with British GQ, 23-year-old Harlow said of his outlook:

“I have serious imposter syndrome the whole way through. And then you have to bounce with it and you feel like you are totally where you are supposed to be. Moments of self-doubt combined with moments of I am who I think I am.”

He went on to specifically say of his race:

“I think what has worked for me is that my music has never been about the fact that I am white. I don’t try to lean into the, ‘Hey, I’m the white boy.’ I try not to make it a novelty. I rap from the heart, rather than trying to do a white version of the art form.” 

With that, what are…

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  1. TheOriginalUgghh October 26, 2021

    Let’s talk about how your race is provided you the privilege to reach fame faster than you would as a black rapper

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 26, 2021

      Hunnie, the Top 10 of the Hot 100 AND Billboard 200 are frequently mostly filled with music from black rappers so that’s nonsense.

      • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 October 26, 2021

        @Shayla Queen™ 👑 you are spot on again!

    • Danny Bey October 26, 2021

      This tweet is dumb and not even accurate. His biggest hit is one with a black rapper so what are you even saying.

      • TheOriginalUgghh October 26, 2021

        Did y’all not read the comment correctly?!? He reached fame faster because of his complexion. I never said there wasn’t black rappers on the charts or who aren’t succeeding.

        Comprehensive learning was not a skill or lesson sought in your school curriculum

        It amazes me how stupid this comment section has become.

  2. ImThatC_nt October 26, 2021

    But you are a white version of the art form??? Why the hell r we reading this foolishness??? Delete this article please..

  3. Your Name October 26, 2021

    Who is this guy and where did he come from? His debut album is full of big name features. He gives industry plant down.

  4. True Tea October 26, 2021

    But the joke is, we’re only talking about you because ur white. You have not done anything NEW in Hip-Hop but you’re getting all this promotion.

    At least LNX can say he has platinum hits with multiple genres & a breakthrough as an openly gay rapper.

  5. Paulo October 26, 2021

    Cute but addressing your privilege would only enrich your work. just saying

    • True Tea October 26, 2021

      He is kinda cute, I’ll give him that, lol

      • Paulo October 26, 2021

        haha he looks like your regular guy down the street but at least he looks like he takes a shower and wears deodorant, which is more than you could say for Post Malone, Kid Laroi, MGK, Bieber, etc

      • True Tea October 26, 2021

        Hun a shower & deodorant is pretty tame, more like drugged up cokeheads.

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