Jesy Nelson & Nicki Minaj STORM to #1 on ITunes US & UK With ‘Boyz’

Published: Friday 8th Oct 2021 by Sam

Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj are off to a fire fuelled start with their new single ‘Boyz.’

The bouncy bop, which samples Diddy‘s ‘Bad Boys For Life,’ has been poured out as the premiere taste of Nelson’s debut solo album following her departure from Little Mix. 

And while the track and its visual has ignited a firestorm of conversation, it seems the chatter is working well for the release’s commercial prospects.

Full story below…

As of writing, ‘Boyz’ has blasted to #1 on both iTunes US and iTunes UK.

A feat achieved in less than 24 hours.

Meanwhile, on Apple Music UK streaming service, the hard-hitting cut is already #13.

Collectively, it’s clear there’s ample buzz around the track. Time will tell how it holds up.

In the here and now, what are…

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  1. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) October 8, 2021

    Trashy artists, trashy song & even Nicki can’t save this s h I t💅🏿 Next please ~

    • Kyla October 9, 2021


  2. Ugghh October 8, 2021

    Flop! It will slide down to the bottom next few hours

    • Kenny October 8, 2021

      Like Rumors

      • Kyla October 9, 2021

        She winning while you whining

  3. Adele’s BBL October 8, 2021

    Whew. . .relieved! I was afraid this bronzer-laced, avatar-looking chick was gon’ have to use her filler lips to pay back the label advance. *sigh* Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Geri Halliwell, and Beyoncé shed band skin better with their 1st solo outings.

  4. Urg October 8, 2021

    Until tonight when it will free fall out of the top 100 completely😂

    • Kyla October 9, 2021


  5. Dc October 8, 2021

    So typical barbz run out rush to stream just so it hits number 1 they think iTunes equates to number 1 on billboard song falls off after 2 days and then next single they will do it again radio def won’t play this flop

    • FAF October 8, 2021

      How u mad fans support an artist

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 8, 2021

        Because Dc is bitter ghetto trash

  6. stan October 8, 2021

    this video made me uncomfortable

  7. Dc October 8, 2021

    Video only at 1.9 million views so far the barbz slipping 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • FAF October 8, 2021

      So when she went number one twice it was “it’s not cuz of her” now she “slipping” cuz of views but yet it’s number 1 😭😭😂😂

      Streams and sales > views

      • Dc October 8, 2021

        Wow 2 number 1s and none were her songs sad she never had a number 1 solo

  8. Daisy October 8, 2021

    Lol. Chloe and Normani could never.

    • OMG LOGIC October 8, 2021

      Because they have done better.

      • Adele’s BBL October 8, 2021


    • Adonis October 8, 2021

      I cannot stand Nicki minaj at all but I’m routing for Jesy so I want it to do well. People saying the fat Barboonz will rush to buy the single for a day or two then it’ll fall off, buttt jesy has her own fans so I think it’ll do well personally.

      • Adele’s BBL October 8, 2021

        Her own fans?

        U mean the novelty effect.

        Diddy said it best.

        “Jezy?” . . . “Jessie?”

    • Dc October 8, 2021

      Normani was number 1 on iTunes wtf u talking about Chloe on other had your correct on her and boyz won’t debut at 14 like normani so

      • Daisy October 8, 2021

        Normani and Chloe are both flops. The songs that they have out right now are not on the 10 top mainstream charts. Sza and Doja Cats’ old song is still charting better than Normani and Chloes’ songs

  9. October 8, 2021


  10. October 8, 2021


  11. NickiStanfrfr October 8, 2021

    Love it’s hot. But i dont expect Nickis music to hold in the top like her peers until she makes something very relatable to the general public. Thats really all she is missing. A song people want to scream the lyrics to

  12. Respucia October 8, 2021

    Song is wack af lol not about to be like the rest of these h*** and ride a train that will crash too soon chile #MovingAlong 👋🏾

  13. Tina Moles October 8, 2021

    Nothing against homegirl but the song SUCKS.
    B**** got style tho

  14. EH October 8, 2021

    Why does she keep collabing with these nobodies on top of that the song is the worst s*** ive heard since that Rebecca black’s friday song that came out yearssss ago

  15. Barb October 8, 2021

    Black fishing and cosplaying = she’s a disgrace

  16. True Tea October 8, 2021

    B*tches suck c*ck just to get to the top.

    – Lil’ Kim

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