Beyonce Joined by Daughters Blue Ivy & Rumi in Epic IVY PARK Halls of Ivy Commercial

Published: Tuesday 30th Nov 2021 by Sam

Beyonce invites the masses to enroll in adidas X IVY PARK‘s new Hall of Ivy collection.

Set to arrive this holiday season, the latest capsule from the popular line has been paired with a cinematic commercial.

Queen Bey calls on her princesses Blue Ivy and Rumi, who rock items from the range in the digital spot. They are joined by the likes of Natalia Bryant, 18, Reese Witherspoon’s children Ava, 22, and Deacon Phillippe, 18.

This installment of Ivy Park is routed as setting out to “unite all people, regardless of background, color or creed, while celebrating each individual’s creativity.”

Check out the commercial and stills below…


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[Photo Credit: Adidas x Ivy Park]

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  1. Clayne November 30, 2021

    Ouhhhh this collection looks cute!
    Best season yet!!

  2. KeyLoLo November 30, 2021

    I don’t see what’s so special about these fits but I will say DAYUM Beyonce is fine as every bit of hell in that third picture 😍

  3. Marshamarshamarsha November 30, 2021

    No one wears this tacky crap but Rumi and Blue are sooooo frickin CUTE😍😍😍😍😍

    • BGKC December 1, 2021

      So I guess people purchase (drops always sell out btw) just to hang in their closets????? Go home Marsha ur middle aged divorced ass is drunk.

  4. Sominiqc November 30, 2021

    They both look like blue ivy to me lol

    • BGKC December 1, 2021


  5. Paulo November 30, 2021

    Not a fan of plaid but loving all the greens. Bey and the heiresses look beautiful but let’s talk about the male models on this piece, oof! And Miss Ava is looking like a thicker version of her mom, good for her

  6. Clarks0o00ñ November 30, 2021

    That black and white print is so basic and common.
    Every designer uses it.

    Beyonce honey, I love u, but fashion is not for u.

    • BGKC December 1, 2021

      Fashion isn’t for her but somehow her drops sell out everytime????? Make that make sense Clarkson! Worry about your girl and her tanked “promo singles” 🤣

      • BGKC December 1, 2021

        Oh forgot to mention that “basic” print you speak of is called houndstooth. And it’s a CLASSIC print that never goes out of style. Stick to your Rue 21 clearance rack jeans and Hot Topic graphic tees troll.

      • Keke December 1, 2021

        And most folks that review it have problems with it fitting right. Just because someone buys it makes it a quality product . ex McDonald’s

  7. Zion November 30, 2021

    Those girls look like Big Freedia

    • Paismuchachas November 30, 2021

      I’m dead 💀 🤣. They kinda do look like big freedia.

    • BGKC December 1, 2021

      That’s your tired broke ass mama looking like that. What type of filth speaks on children in this manner? Gutter trash that’s who.

      • Zion December 1, 2021

        What’s wrong with looking like Big Freedia 🤷🏽‍♂️ Black is beautiful 💓

    • Wow December 1, 2021

      Just say you hate black women and keep it moving x

      • Zion December 1, 2021

        Big Freedia is beautiful, like every other black person 💜

    • Phyllis Daniels December 1, 2021

      Entertainment..yes Fashion….No

    • Wow December 2, 2021

      Zion I agree 💕but we all know the comment was to be disrespectful to the girls and Big Freedia. That’s why I said just say you hate black women, that’s all I can see in OP’s comment x

  8. Black Queen November 30, 2021

    I see two Jay-Z’s……….

    • BGKC December 1, 2021

      I see 3 billionaires. What happened?

    • Wow December 1, 2021

      Right, his their dad. One day white people will realise we don’t all subscribe to skinny nose, lifeless hair ‘beauty’—and we ain’t looking for your approval either. The girls look just like their daddy and they’re gorgeous.

      • Keke December 1, 2021

        And he looks like the cythina doll from the rugrats but ok

      • Wow December 2, 2021

        Cynthia doll from the rugrats? Your offline life sounds so sad.

  9. Josh L November 30, 2021

    Why is Sir always so hidden? There’s something missing

  10. Katrina Brown November 30, 2021

    Great! But for once get some ordinary people, not celebrities or there children. Bring some new to the light.

    • BGKC December 1, 2021

      ….but it’s her line. Have you ever heard of marketing? Using her kids (who will barely see) is a smart marketing move on her end, and downright cute one at that. If you pay attention to Ivy Park ads, they feature plenty of non celebrity adults and kids!

  11. Cherisse Hall December 1, 2021

    ABSOLUTELY 💯 BEAUTIFUL.. Those girls are simply adorable. I’m a 65 yr old OG w/ SWAG. And not easily impressed. But, “WELL DONE QUEEN”. Afterall I have several “MISS TINA” items. And I recall her family line, back in the day. The entire family, has SERIOUS TASTE. I personally LOVE ❤ the whole Hounds Tooth Flava. THANK U & UR Husband for all that u do, helping others. I wish, others would follow suit. U have the platform, and you utilize it. BLESSINGS to your entire family and team.

    • Keke December 1, 2021

      Those clothes are tacky. Citi trends is calling and they want their 1980s collection back

  12. Michael Burns December 1, 2021

    Inspirational for all peoples,it’s true power to bring “ALL” peoples together.* Not to take lightly for the future of our species ~

  13. Tiffany December 1, 2021

    This Fashion is like Art Creative and Beautiful. I Love it .

  14. Flower December 1, 2021

    Never did like Beyonce nothing about her is appealing is fake 🤥 just saying.

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