Adele Wows at the BRIT Awards 2022 with ‘I Drink Wine’ [Performance]

Published: Tuesday 8th Feb 2022 by Sam

Adele made her grand return to the live circuit moments ago at the BRIT Awards 2022. 

Hotly anticipated, the superstar’s appearance at the UK’s equivalent of the GRAMMYs serves as the first award show offering of her ’30’ album campaign.

For the special homecoming performance, the 33-year-old delivered a rousing rendition of ‘I Drink Wine.’

Watch Adele pour out her heart and ascend to vocal heights after the jump…

A simple, yet effective showing.

We enjoyed. Did you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Dc February 8, 2022

    Surprised she can even show her face after that tour crying fiasco lying to those people cause sales were a flop stay over there

    • Theman February 8, 2022

      The album is already 3x platinum with a huge hit that’s been number 1 for 10 wks. She is nowhere, nowhere near a flop.

      • Dc February 8, 2022

        That tour flopped

    • True Tea February 8, 2022

      Adele was paid up front dear. So for her, she hit the lottery in Vegas. No pun intended.

      • Dc February 8, 2022

        Lies if that was the case the venue should sue her for backing out all that crying for sympathy typical white woman

      • True Tea February 8, 2022

        She was paid up front for the 1st show, becoming the highest paid artist to perform at Vegas.

  2. I said what I said February 8, 2022

    White trash flop she’ll never measure up to Whitney

  3. Itggy February 8, 2022

    Taylor swift could never. No talent Heffa! Adele here to stay💕

  4. Flopyonce February 8, 2022

    She still is a fat girl at heart. Feeling sorry for all her fans who paid tickets to see that whale in Vegas.

  5. True Tea February 8, 2022

    We know it take pounds of makeup for you to look pretty but it’s way too much hun.

  6. Dc February 8, 2022

    It irks me when she won that award and acts like oh me I’m so surprised she’s so fake

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 8, 2022

      Not as fake as Cardi’s marriage and Lego factory body! BOOM! 💋

  7. Flopyonce February 8, 2022

    Im surprised she can hold her head up. It’s so massive. What an unfortunate looking white træsh drag queen she is.

  8. Muni Long Stan February 8, 2022

    Adele is a scammer and con artist. You disappointed your fans. Your next album will FLOP.

    • Ughhhh February 9, 2022

      Tell your idol to fix that fake nose first before you are coming for Adele. What is a one hit wonder stan doing in here? FOH! You are same as that toxic Monica stan. Gurl bye!

      • Monica Stan February 9, 2022

        My name stays on your fingers more then penis. B**** stay bothered, pressed and distressed. I own you hoeeeeee💋

      • Brandy February 9, 2022

        Monica’s album did flop though and it hasn’t even been released yet 😢


  9. Ughhhh February 9, 2022

    Why she didn’t perform OMG? Was she drunk?

    • J February 9, 2022

      You know these musicians don’t know how to promote their singles anymore

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