Azealia Banks SLAMS “Abusive Psychopath” Kanye West, Claims He is “Bullying” North West

Published: Tuesday 8th Feb 2022 by Ryan

Azealia Banks is not holding back.

For, the ‘212’ rapper is now slamming Kanye West over claims that he is “bullying” his daughter North West.

Full story below…

In a scathing Instagram post, she put him on blast, saying:

“Y’all are making way too many excuses for Kanye. have never once seen Kanye have this much smoke for any of his male adversaries. This is p**sy deadbeat abusive Black man sh*t and all you ni**as trying to keep the cycle of plantation shaming and embarrassing young Black children for being kids, are what the f**k is wrong with this toxic ass culture.”

She then defended daughter North’s use of TikTok, saying:

“Maybe North is looking for a fun escape because she has to look online and see her dumb a*s dad always talking sh*t about her mother.”

Putting him in her sights again, she continued:

“Kanye is an abusive psychopath, it’s beyond mental illness. Stop trying to help him and start trying to help the poor child that he keeps on trying to embarrass and abuse publicly to garner sympathy for his ashy a*s.”

Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian also slammed the ‘Stronger’ rapper for his recent comments about North’s social media usage (as we reported here).

Banks has previously had a love/hate relationship with West, having expressed interest in dating him and also naming a single after him.

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  1. Yung Tav February 8, 2022

    She has some nerve. Wasn’t she bullying Skai Jackson a few years ago? Azzholia Banks is a vile woman.

    • Truth February 8, 2022

      Everybody💥 Slammed 💥 this and that person

  2. AJ February 8, 2022

    AB calling anyone a bully is a bit rich. Also is this before or after she wanted to f*** h** a** n****?

  3. Khiayoncé February 8, 2022

    Azealia is currently bullying a white p*nis and a line of c*ke right now.

    • True Tea February 8, 2022


      She hates BM yet stay talking about them & even making records about fuggin them. The gag is…she actually chooses to fugg the craziest one of them all.

      Make it make sense.

    • Truth February 8, 2022

      💥 Slammed 💥

  4. True Tea February 8, 2022


    Girl you recently released a track about fuggin’ Kayne, whom you’re labeling an abusive psychopath now. You are the gag dear.

    And PLZ stop projecting ur mental illness onto the “culture”. Everyone isn’t making records about fuggin abusive psychos.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 8, 2022

      Boy, shut UP! lmaoooooooooo 🤣

      • True Tea February 8, 2022

        Oh! So ur boy today since you decided not to tuck. Stop projecting dear.

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