‘Beyonce Was Robbed!’: #Beyhive Reacts to Billie Eilish Best Original Song Win at 2022 OSCARs

Published: Sunday 27th Mar 2022 by Rashad

With over 500 awards to her credit, Beyoncé sits in history books as the most-awarded living act in all of entertainment.

Having already conquered the GRAMMYs as its most-decorated singer to date (28 wins), Bey’s stride toward EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) status was expected to take a leap in the right direction Sunday night (March 27) as the diva earned acclaim for delivering her first Academy Award performance for a song she was nominated for.

By the night’s end, however, it was her beloved fan group (the #Beyhive) who was making the delivery – a set of stings to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) for awarding the golden statuette to Billie Eilish‘s ‘No Time to Die.’

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Nominated for Best Original Song for ‘Be Alive,’ her contribution to the ‘King Richard’ soundtrack, Bey – sharing the category with Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s ‘Dos Oruguitas,’ Diane Warren‘s ‘Somehow You Do,’ and Van Morrison‘s ‘Down to Joy’ – was bested by Billie’s ‘No Time to Die.’

What would’ve been the Destiny’s Child alum’s first claim to Oscar gold, the ‘Be Alive’ victory was hoped to be redemption for many of #Beyhive members who believe her previous standout soundtrack offerings – namely ‘Listen’ (from 2006’s ‘Dreamgirls’) and ‘Spirit’ (from 2019’s ‘The Lion King’) – were just as worthy of the honor.

Although the triumph would’ve been a history-making measure and made her the third Black woman in the ceremony’s 94-year history to own a Best Original Song trophy, alas, she’s only Oscar-nominated for now.

Look below to see some reactions.


Billie fans have much to celebrate, however.

Not only is the songstress the youngest owner of a triple crown (Golden Globe, Academy Award, and GRAMMY for ‘No Time to Die’), she’s also the first person born in the 21st century to own an Academy Award.

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  1. Eillish March 27, 2022

    Beyonce fans always CRYING like she isn’t one of the most decorated female artists alive. Omg let it go.

  2. Oprah March 27, 2022

    Billie had the better song. Period.

    • Josh March 28, 2022

      Period and exclamation mark!

  3. Dc March 27, 2022

    Nobody was robbed the
    🐝 hive didn’t give a damn about that flop song when it ranked on billboard now she was robbed gtfoh

    • Ask4yall March 28, 2022

      Ahhh lolz okkk

  4. Clarks0o00ñ March 27, 2022

    Camila cabello Cinderella was robbed also for fan favourite.
    We came second. It was rigged

  5. Zion March 27, 2022

    Billie had the better song unfortunately

  6. Duh!! March 27, 2022

    Wow Billie. Ow has an Oscar. Taylor Swift fan bad must be pushing the air right now lol. I’ve noticed that Bond songs have always won. Billie was the front runner from the begging to win based on industry analyst reviews.

  7. Duh!! March 27, 2022

    Wow Billie now has an Oscar !! Taylor Swift fan bad must be punching the air right now lol !! I’ve noticed that Bond songs have always won. Billie was the front runner from the begging to win, based on industry analyst reviews.

    • Duh!! March 27, 2022

      ***base auto correct does this

  8. T March 28, 2022

    beyhive shut up and go home beyonce can not win everthing

  9. MOE March 28, 2022

    thx god she didnt win .

  10. yup March 28, 2022

    I am listening to Billie’s song now and I honestly don’t see why it’s particularly stand-outish? Music and lyric wise. It’s quite weird, I’m not saying Beyonce was better than the other nominees but in terms of going toe to toe with Billie, she genuinely does. But Beyonce was not going to win with those lyrics. Corporations can talk about diversity all they want, anyone who has worked for any of these big companies know that it’s not what goes on internally.

  11. Liam March 28, 2022

    Honestly I like No Time To Die better and I like Beyoncé but Be Alive isn’t the better song

  12. Truth March 28, 2022

    As I said before, she was never going to get it.
    It should’ve been Encanto first, Bey second (just because), but the Bond song was beautiful

  13. No EGOT for you March 28, 2022

    BE ALIVE was garbage. Even her idiot fans didn’t stream it. It flopped, the only songs worthy of the Oscar was “No Time To Die” and “Dos Oruguitas”.

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