Bow Wow Reveals He is NOT a Fan of His Own Music, Discredits Jermaine Dupri’s Role in His Career

Published: Friday 25th Mar 2022 by Sam

Just two months after Bow Wow took to Twitter to admit he wished he “never touched music,” he’s doubling down on the stance with a slew of new posts related to his musical journey. Some of which were less than endorsing of his longtime producer Jermaine Dupri.

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In a Q&A with fans, the MC – who was born Shad Moss – slammed much of his own music, branding his entire catalog “mid” quality.

When quizzed about his favorite album, the star replied:

“None of them. They all mid. Yall think im playing but im dead forreal.”

When other supporters listed their favorite LPs of his, the 35-year-old went as far as to brand one of the picks “wack.” He wrote:

“Roc the mic WACK. Wanted album mid to me. This is my opinion tho. All my albums mid. Just saying. Just because i did them dont mean i like em.”

Bow Wow went on to play down the role Jermaine Dupri – who produced the vast majority of his hits – had in his career. Refuting the suggestion JD “made” him, he said:

“made who? Hahahaha he made kriss kross. He aint make me. I aint go thru artist development i aint have to be taught how to rap. This aint the tv show the rap game. I came ready. No disrespect but he aint teach me nothing bout this business bro. And thats real. He dont give advice.”


Clarifying that there is no drama with JD, he added:

“I aint beefing w jd. All i said was he was not the person who put me on. And he wasnt. And us not working together in 10 yrs is true. I dont need jd to make money. Are you nutz my boy? What movie or tv hosting he help me prep for? How many plays he done ran by me? NONE. I do me.”

Bow then cited Snoop Dogg as most instrumental in his journey to date:

“Once again… my uncle snoop named me. I was kid gangsta at first. And he said naw his name gone be “lil bow wow” because im the big dogg so he the lil me.

Ima protégé of Dog. Im snoop artist 1st. Thats just what it is. And now we back and things bout to be how they was pose to be from jump.”

With that, are you a fan of Bow Wow’s music? And do you agree with his assessment of JD’s impact? As ever, let us know…

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  1. True Tea March 25, 2022

    He’s such a f*ckin’ LOSER. There are artists who’s music is absolutely dreadful. He should be thankful for his big break, instead he’s a completely ungrateful a**hole. Bow Wow has destroyed his own legacy.

    Some of us admired him for being himself. Our society is full of robots who follow trends & steal music. At 35, you should be a lot more secure w/ yourself instead of listening to ppl who have MID careers themselves, lol

    Because most MF ‘s are living paycheck to paycheck anyway. So why even GAF?? 🤷🏽
    You could be touring & stacking ur coins. Instead ur on Twitter all in ur feelings like a little b*tch. SMH!

  2. Tino March 25, 2022

    If it wasn’t for JD production, writing and JD giving Bow Wow his style and wardrobe Bow Wow would’ve never had the hits and success he had. JD produced and wrote a lot of his hits. Even T. I. wrote a lot for Bow Wow.

    • True Tea March 25, 2022


      I have lost respect for Bow Wow after this rant.

      • Tino March 25, 2022

        He seems like a lost and sad child star. I mean I’d understand him feeling bad towards some of the music due to it being too kid friendly for him to perform and relate to now. But to call all of it trash and average when he had hip-hop legends like JD and T. I. producing and writing for him is absolutely ridiculous.

      • True Tea March 25, 2022


        He’s unable to shake his Bow Wow image & IS bitter. Michael, Brandy, Aaliyah, Monica were all child stars but were able to transition to adult stars.

        When the early 2000’s Hip-Hop style began to fade and moved toward “Snap Music” OR the T-Pain era….

        Bow Wow was unable to transition. So there lies the issue. But for whatever reason, he clearly has an issue w/ JD, if he’s completely discrediting him now.

  3. eric March 25, 2022

    Wow. So ungrateful. And how crazy is he to say he doesn’t need JD to make money? All but one of the 9 songs he performed on the Millennium tour last year were written and/or produced by JD. Anytime he’s invited to perform somewhere it’s JD’s music he uses to collect a check. He can’t be that stupid. He needs to apologize.

  4. Danny Bey March 25, 2022

    I get what he’s saying but his wording makes him sound arrogant and ungrateful. He washed up now anyway so why do we care

  5. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) March 27, 2022

    The green light mixtape was da s h I t💅🏾 Diva is feeling so h o r n y everytime I listening to it.

  6. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) March 27, 2022

    Diva’s still has a thang for bow wezzy💅🏾 I’ll let him pop my cherry 🍒 and put his creamer in my dark chocolate

  7. Krystal A. March 27, 2022

    Sounds very ungrateful for fame acured because of smurf perductions.

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