Diddy Launches New Label Love Records / Teams with Motown for New Album

Published: Tuesday 10th May 2022 by Sam

Diddy is back in the business of music.

Because the media mogul has officially launched a new record label and he’s housing its first project at one of the most prestigious imprints of all time.

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In an announcement made moments ago, Diddy lifted the lid on Love Records – his new R&B record label.

And the launch release will be an album by the maestro himself – which will arrive in partnership with Motown Records after the star inked a one-time exclusive deal.

More broadly, Love Records promises dedication to R&B music and will release singles and collaborative projects from a collective of world-class artists, producers, and songwriters.

Intererestingly, the 52-year-old will continue operations of his legendary Bad Boy Entertainment hub.

Speaking on the new venture, industry veteran Diddy said in a statement:

“Music has always been my first love, Love Records is the next chapter is about getting back to the love and making the best music of my life. For the label I’m focused on creating timeless R&B music with the next generation of artists and producers. Motown is the perfect partner for my album and I’m excited to add to its legacy.”

Motown CEO and chairwoman Ethiopia Habtemariam added:

“This is a major moment for Motown, as Diddy is one of this century’s most important voices in music and culture; To be a part of his next evolution and album is nothing short of monumental.”

In other Diddy news, he’s hosting and executive producing the Billboard Music Awards 2022 this Sunday live from Las Vegas.

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[Photo Credit: Gio Bandero for Combs Enterprises]

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  1. K’man May 10, 2022

    Their tagline will be: Love records, stealing artists royalties and publishing since 2022!!

  2. J May 10, 2022

    Now he can exploit more BLACK artists, extract money and fame from them, then blackball them afterwards so they won’t ever be able to be signed again. We love to see it 👏🏽 🙄

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) May 10, 2022

      Remember that hot dude Donnie Klang? Diva used to hot for him until he dated that DK b I t c h💅🏾 Donnie had lots of potential if they know how to marketing him right…. F u c k Diddy🖕🏿 He cursed on everything

      • J May 10, 2022

        Yeah Dr. LOVE is still a smash but Diddy used those acts for ratings and ratings ONLY. He didn’t care about them or their fanbases after the cameras went down.

        The reason I said BLACK is cause you don’t ever see a lack in funding for MGK’s album campaigns. He gets as many albums and videos as he wants while artists like Donnie got one low budget video. Diddy is f****** trash 🗑

      • J May 10, 2022

        Donnie is white so that didn’t land correctly lol. But he used all of those Black artists from back in the day and looks like he’s trying to do that again

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 May 10, 2022

        @J he didn’t fund Dream’s career either. Their second album didn’t even get released until years later to digital platforms.

  3. Buttercup May 10, 2022

    He’s a terrible record exec. You gotta be a desperate fool to sign with his ass.

  4. t May 10, 2022


  5. True Tea May 10, 2022

    No Thanks!

    Classic R&B peaked in the early 90’s. Contemporary R&B peaked in the 2000’s. We do NOT want P. Diddy attached to anything “Love”. He need to venture out to another GENRE.

  6. Fat Wet cooter May 10, 2022

    Great now maybe he’ll sign Monica and her album will finally drop

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 May 10, 2022

      And flop.

  7. Rr May 10, 2022

    Soo..whose signing?…….#AskingForAFriend😩💩

    • DiddyDidntHe? May 10, 2022

      Right??!!! I wouldn’t sign if he paid me

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