The Pop Stop: The Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer, & More Deliver This Week’s Hidden Gems

Published: Friday 13th May 2022 by Ryan

Readers of That Grape Juice know how passionate we are about music – whether that be past or present.

However, unlike our other segments – Retro Rewind, TGJ Replay, and From The Vault – The Pop Stop is the most in-depth look at Pop songs that may have flown under the radar over the last week that you should know, rather they be from music’s biggest stars or those on the rise.

This week, we want to highlight cuts from The Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer, Florence + the Machine, Bazzi, Why Don’t We, and Alannah McCready.

Join us inside…

The Chainsmokers – If You’re Serious

It has been five years in the making, but The Chainsmokers have just unleashed their second studio album, ‘So Far, So Good.’ A collection of dance-pop tunes, there are moments of peak nostalgia scattered across the project. One such moment is the album cut, ‘If You’re Serious,’ where they invoke their inner club-ready anthem instincts with shimmering pop sensibilities to create the best song on the album.


5 Seconds of Summer – Me Myself & I

5 Seconds of Summer have officially unveiled their latest single ahead of their upcoming new album ‘5SOS5’ – due out September 23. Entitled ‘Me Myself & I,’ the guitar-driven track sees the band mourning the loss of those along the way. Emotional from bringing to end, with the release of ‘Me Myself & I,’ their upcoming album is shaping up to be their most heartfelt and introspective work to date.


Florence + the Machine – Dream Girl Evil

Florence + the Machine’s fifth studio album ‘Dance Fever’ is bold, brash, anthemic, and one of the best album’s of the year. At the center of the album is ‘Dream Girl Evil.’ Like a volcano getting ready to blow, the anger is palpable, almost as if it becomes its own separate entity. Haunting vocals, furious drums, and hazy guitar guide the way to a climax that sounds similar to ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac. Make no mistake, this is not a rip off, no, rather Florence + the Machine show that they can create something as legendary as the ones that came before them.


Bazzi – Will It Ever Feel The Same?

Bazzi is back with his latest single. Entitled ‘Will It Ever Feel The Same,’ the tune sees Bazzi haunted by a past relationship that he cannot seem to move on from. Complete with a pounding backbeat, sensual guitar, and heavenly layered vocals, Bazzi delivers one of his strongest tracks.


Why Don’t We – Just Friends

A month after releasing their song ‘Let Me Down Easy (Lie),’ Los Angeles based pop group Why Don’t We is back with their latest song called ‘Just Friends.’ A bubbly, bouncing ode to moving past the friend zone, the boys have made another must-hear tune.


Alannah McCready – Take It Slow

Appearing on her recently released EP ‘Back to Me,’ rising music superstar Alannah McCready has unleashed the contemplative ‘Take It Slow.’ Warm guitars, steady drums, and airy strings guide McCready as she explores a moment of honesty, where she discovers what she needs in a relationship. The perfect summation of delicate feelings, McCready has created a genuinely perfect pop-country tune.


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  1. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) May 13, 2022

    Ok alright… That white grape juice…

    • Khia May 13, 2022

      It’s called “The Pop Stop” – they do a similar weekly RnB post with Ace/Viz if that’s the type of music you prefer 🙄

    • J May 13, 2022

      They are trying. Half the time it’s just a bunch of random b******* they threw together because they know if they posted them individually it would get 0 views.

      • Khia May 14, 2022

        It’s based on new releases that Friday.

  2. AngelKeys May 13, 2022

    Total pop trash. I thought this was supposed to be an urban music site. What the hell is this?! Get your act together TGJ

    • J May 13, 2022

      They aren’t even trying, this is lazy ass journalism at its finest. It’s not 2008 anymore

  3. J May 13, 2022

    Yall wanna go POP so bad

    How about integrate some of these acts into your website then? This all-in-one weekly post is weak AF.

    Don’t be scared lol

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) May 13, 2022

      If you don’t like it, F u c k off Jenny 💅🏾 No one wants you to stay anyways 👋 🖕🏿

      • J May 13, 2022

        Shut the f*** up fat nasty b****

    • Khia May 13, 2022

      What’s your complaint? You’re not happy with them adding a bit of diversity once a week? You want it more frequent? What’s the issue?

      • J May 13, 2022

        Reading is fundamental f******

  4. Khia May 13, 2022

    Love 5 Seconds of Summer, they really know how to connect with their lyrics – and this one is yet another tuuuune!

  5. Paulo May 13, 2022

    Florence’s singles and videos have been on point this era – can’t wait to stream Dance Fever after kinda skipping her last album

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