They’re Back! Sugababes Make a Mighty Return

Published: Wednesday 8th Jun 2022 by TGJ Staff

The Sugababes are back!

Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan, and Siobhan Donaghy, the original line-up of the Brit-Pop trio, took to the glittering stage of London’s Mighty Hoopla Festival for a triumphant return performance that thrilled a colorful audience of 40,000 fans with their first gig in almost a decade.

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Having originally regrouped in 2013, Mutya, Keisha, and Siobhan adopted the moniker MKS (their initials) for legal reasons. Though most, ultimately, referred to them as the Sugababes.

Now, the first and most critically-acclaimed incarnation of the group has finally acquired the rights to use the name by which we know them best, and they’ve kicked things off with a headline slot at Mighty Hoopla, the UK’s premier festival for Pop-fanatics.

Despite their long hiatus, the Babes’ slipped back into performance mode with pristine professionalism, stirring up the rapturous crowd with their tight harmonies and bullet-proof setlist. Sugababes’ back catalog should rightfully be acknowledged as one of the best in Pop music history, lurching from tracks with inflections of UK Garage (‘Freak Like Me’), to Euro-infused dance-Pop (‘Push The Button’), to Rock-tinged ballads (‘Too Lost In You’).

The entire show was a relentless onslaught of some of the best British Pop of the last twenty years, and it was clear the girls – particularly Mutya and Keisha, who spent the longest amount of time in the band during its original run – can do a performance of this scale with their eyes closed. Siobhan shone in earnest too, claiming Sugababes hits such as ‘Stronger’ and ‘Caught In A Moment’ as her own with brave new interpretations of the original vocal riffs, silencing the ‘Where is Heidi?’ crowd with one big note after the next. There was even a bit of light choreography from the famously static trio, a move greeted by cheers and applause from their enthusiastic fans.

Notably, the other major reclamation of the night was the group’s decision to sing ‘About You Now’, one of their six number ones, and a track that is arguably “the” Sugababes hit. The controversy lies in the fact that only Keisha was present in the lineup when it was originally released, but its inclusion on the setlist reveals a crucial and telling truth of the reunion: the girls are here to have fun. The moment they began to sing the opening lines of the song, the festival became electric with delight. Waves of glee rushed through the audience, every voice joining the girls to sing the track’s brilliantly massive chorus.

Unlike some reunions, where groups can hold resentment to the very qualities that made them so beloved in the first place, it’s clear that Sugababes know their audience, and they know what makes the group so special. It’s all about the harmonies, the tunes, and the fizzing bond between the three members. The politics and the drama are gone this time around, and the intent seems clear and simple: to celebrate and immortalize the beloved legacy of one of Britain’s best girl bands.

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  1. t June 8, 2022

    Amzing show they did realy great

  2. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 8, 2022

    They are more like Sugargrannies💅🏾

    • theone June 8, 2022

      i knew you gone say somthing negativ can you not just compliment instead of being mean whats wrong with you…

      • J June 8, 2022

        Ignore that creature. It never got enough attention from it’s parents. Sad

  3. J June 8, 2022

    I hope they release something else! Flatline should have been bigger

  4. stan June 8, 2022

    i LOVE this trio, but i also need them to release new music and do more as a group

  5. Blaze June 8, 2022

    So glad they decided to sing one of their unreleased songs too! They sounded amazing singing “Today”.

  6. Lou June 9, 2022

    They’re missed. Glad they’re back.

  7. Kevin Taylor June 10, 2022

    You were incorrect in one of the statements here. When About you now, was released it was Mutya and kiesha in the band. Mutya sings the first vers and kiesha sings the parts just before the chorus

  8. Tim c June 11, 2022

    About you now is ‘the’ Sugababes hit?
    Uh yeah OK whatever you say…

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