‘Baby on Baby 2’: DaBaby Responds To New Album Selling 87% Less Its First Week Than His Last LP

Published: Thursday 29th Sep 2022 by Rashad

Since officially bursting onto the scene with his 2019 debut studio album, ‘Baby on Baby,’ rapper DaBaby has scored four Billboard 200 top 10 placements (including two chart-toppers).

Seemingly poised at one time to be one of the decade’s best-selling emcee, the embattled emcee’s career trajectory took a downturn after he topped headlines for making what many deemed to be deratogory comments about the LGBTQ+ community and people living with HIV/AIDS.

The backlash not only impacted his brand endorsements and ticket sales, but – if the response to his fourth studio album ‘Baby on Baby 2’ is any indication – it has crept its way into the commercial activity of his musical work as well.


DaBaby’s ‘Baby on Baby 2’ 

Predicted First-Week Sales (SPS):  16,000 units

Predicted Billboard 200 Debut:  ‘Baby on Baby 2’ <#20

If the numbers above ring true they will mark the lowest first-week sales the rapper (born Jonathan Kirk) has clocked since his debut album, the conceptual predecessor of ‘Baby on Baby 2,’ arrived on shelves in March 2019.  That project premiered at #25 on the Billboard 200, but may be bested by ‘BOB2’ to become Kirk’s lowest placement (for an LP) on the tally yet because the September 23-released set is expected to arrive outside of its top 20.

Missing the topmost quadrant of the hit list would be a first for Jonathan’s studio efforts, if the report proves true.

The predicted figures represent a whopping 87% drop in first-week sales from his last studio effort, 2020’s ‘Blame It On Baby,’ which entered the Billboard 200 at #1 with 124,000 sold in April 2020 and features his first Hot 100 #1 hit, ‘Rockstar.’ The LP before it, 2019’s ‘Kirk,’ bowed at #1 on the hit list as well with 145,000 sold its first week – making it his highest seller to date.

Seemingly undeterred by the prospect of the plummeted sales, DaBaby took to Instagram Wednesday (September 28) to respond to the news.

photo courtesy: DaBaby’s Instagram

Not long the post above after he revealed he’ll be hitting the road to support the LP via the Stateside ‘Baby on Baby 2 Tour.’  Look below to see if he’ll be coming to rock a stage near you.



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  1. Tongue’Fcukk September 29, 2022

    Seeing this guy, i wish birth control was retro-active lmaoo. Hope he doesn’t reproduce

    • RikKaH Queen September 29, 2022

      Ha ha! Vrai lol

      • Nicki marajBiichh September 29, 2022


      • Nicki marajBiichh September 29, 2022

        N**** Has like 3 kids

      • RacHett th’Queen September 29, 2022

        Y make fun of baby jesus?? Ha

  2. Nicki marajBiichh September 29, 2022

    Karma is a b*tch

  3. Mr. RCW September 29, 2022

    He doubled down on those homophobia comments…oh well

  4. Stallie September 29, 2022

    Going against Megan will cost ya😉

    • Dc September 29, 2022

      Meg can barely sell or get a top 50 hit now so they both flopping

      • Paulo September 29, 2022

        Meg still releasing music and going top 10 on albums even while fighting the label heads so what’s holding your fav up? 🤔

      • Cardi ugli b September 29, 2022

        Coming from a Cardi b stan lol. How’s Hot S***💩 doing on the charts hun

  5. Pat September 29, 2022

    At least he’s accepted it. It appears
    Now go away

  6. Adele September 29, 2022

    He totally deserved this. Glad he will continue to flop until he fades into obscurity.

  7. MmmHmm September 29, 2022

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. He did it to himself.

  8. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) September 29, 2022

    Diva is drinking my man’s c u m from the condom and no flushing 💅🏾 It tastes soooooo good! Diva wants more, gimme more….

  9. Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 29, 2022

    I couldn’t care less about the alphabet ppl. I think this has less to do with backlash and more to do with ppl being bored with him, myself included. I used to prefer Dababy over lil baby but now I don’t. He lost his street cred but for no reason in particular 😂 songs just not hitting the same 😂

  10. Jep October 1, 2022

    Lmaooooo good.

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