Stream: Meghan Trainor’s ‘Takin It Back’ Album

Published: Thursday 20th Oct 2022 by Rashad

Meghan Trainor is back with a new album; ‘Takin It Back.’

Serving as the music superstar’s fourth traditional studio album, the project consists of 16 songs and features an array of collaborations from the likes of Scott Hoying of PentatonixTeddy Swims, Natti Natasha, and more.

Preceded by the lead single, ‘Bad For Me,’ the LP notably features the tune ‘Made You Look’ which has been gaining traction on TikTok.

What are you waiting for? Stream Meghan Trainor’s latest album ‘Takin’ It Back’ via Spotify and Apple Music below.


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  1. Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) October 20, 2022

    Damn. She’s about to flop harder than she did with the last album.

    • Clarks0o00ñ October 21, 2022

      A normani stan is speaking on a girl who has ALBUMS.

      Do u see the problem.
      That ugly bàb000n bìtçh called normani has only 2 solo songs after 6 years of going solo

      We are about to enter 2023 and the ugly chìmpànzèè cant release an album. Worry about this and stop coming for girls who are putting out albums and growing their discography

      • Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) October 21, 2022

        Camila is the new Meghan Trainor. Didn’t familia flop harder than Meghan’s treat myself? 🤭🤭🤭

  2. Tongue’Fcukk October 20, 2022

    Please make something like “all about the bass, bout the bass no trouble”. I really had alot of s.ex on that song and enjoyed that album honestly

    • Z October 21, 2022

      Listen to the album before asking something she already did, this one sounds like the next chanter of the first album.

      • Zade October 21, 2022


      • Tongue’Fcukk October 21, 2022

        Lemme hope so

    • Karen October 21, 2022

      Very good album, I am not disappointed.

  3. Zade October 21, 2022

    The first song is really dope, great vocals. I enjoy what I hear, the first part sounds like what was expected after the first album. I love the vocals and somehow it feels like christmas on some vibes. I didn’t have the time to listen to all the songs yet but for the half part I did I think it’s great.

  4. Bee October 21, 2022

    Now why is she dropping on Taylor day, gilt you asking to flop

    • Zade October 21, 2022

      The release date was given before Taylor.

    • John October 21, 2022


  5. Liam October 21, 2022

    I actually like the album Don’t I Make It Easy or Shook needs to be a single. She’s a good song writer and it’s refreshing the songs aren’t what on the radio right now but still radio friendly.

  6. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) October 21, 2022

    Meanwhile everyone is streaming Taylor Swift’s midnight and Carly Rae Jepsen’s athe loneliness time 💅🏾 Bye Felicia

  7. Proud Furry UwU October 21, 2022

    the g@ys are fed with the three albums that just came out, going from carly one hit wonderpen and midnights!! taylor will be devouring gaining diabetes in seconds, megan just ate i guess.. carly.. didnt chew..

  8. Long and Pink October 21, 2022

    I didn’t know this milky bull still made music

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