Yung Miami Brands Kanye West a ‘Lunatic’ After His Anti-Semitic Rant Slammed Diddy & Got Him Banned from IG

Published: Saturday 8th Oct 2022 by Rashad

Kanye West has been the week’s hottest topic thanks to ongoing and fiery discussion around his controversial Yeezy custom White Lives Matter tee shirt – a conversation that was only heightened after the 24-time GRAMMY winner took to FOX News to defend the apparel, slam his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and more.

And while the fire around the topic shows no signs of cooling, Ye’s incessant rants on Instagram over the week landed him in even hotter water with the good folks at Meta who took the liberty of restricting his IG account due to content deemed “anti-Semitic” (as confirmed by a rep from the organization).

In the post that’s since been removed, the 45-year-old also targeted his fellow Hip-Hop mogul, Diddy.  Look inside to see what he said that put him on the radar of the Bad Boy label exec’s rumored boo, Yung Miami.

On Friday (October 7), West shared a screenshot of a text-messaged convo he had with Diddy (born Sean Combs) in which he seemingly suggested that the ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ rapper is being manipulated by Jewish people -a reference to an old conspiracy theory that’s rooted in discrimination. He captioned the image, “Jesus is Jew.”

The post is believed to be what caused Meta to restrict his Instagram account, forcing him to take to Twitter where he said, “Look at this Mark… How you gone kick me off Instagram.”


The headline-grabbing incident also caught the attention of Diddy’s rumored bae, Miami, who took to Twitter to retweet a post that seemed to encapsulate her feelings about Kanye.


[main photo sources: WireImage/FOX News/Twitter]

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  1. DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 8, 2022

    The problem with antisemitism in some parts of the black community can be traced to the islamist Louis Farrakhan who brainwashed lots of black young minds to blame everything struggle they face on the Jews just like Hitler and the Nazis.

    Kanye doesn’t read books that’s why he fell to the hands of Farrakhan’s antisemitic ideology just like a lot of uneducated blacks who even converted to islam which till this day uses black people as slaves, and not even modern slaves, just slaves.

    I know Kanye is uninformed about lots of things and I still think he his lots of great points but this man should be humbled and read some books.

    • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 8, 2022


    • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 9, 2022

      Black people and jews have a lot in common
      Both are the most hated groups of people throughout history. Both always been blamed on and treated as second and third class.
      What the majority of people don’t know is that
      Muslims/Arabs are to jews and other minorities in the Middle east, Asia and Africa are what the white people to blacks in Africa and the native Americans.

      Kanye can’t understand it because he see only skin color and is unfamiliar with most jews which are not living in US and doesn’t have white skin.

      And he doesn’t understand that the jews who live in the US are mostly descendants of Holocaust survivors.

      And they had a big part in the civil rights movement.

      Yes white skin can be an advantage but throughout history the white skin jews were never treated as white people, that’s a unique US categorisation because of the white vs black politics in the US.

      • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 9, 2022

        Which again put the jews on a pedestal to be blamed on.

        Most Jews started from nothing they were refugees from basically every place they lived on. If its Europe or the muslim world.

        Only in this modern times jews started to be treated as people with full rights but they are still the most hated group in the US.

        “FBI: 60% of US hate crimes committed in 2020 targeted Jews.”

      • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 9, 2022

        And again this can be traced to Farrakhan’s islamist antisemitic ideology who played on the white vs black politics which was an easy way for him to brainwash uninformed black and muslim people at that time just like the KKK did to uninformed white people.

        Both took the Jews out of context and both blame the Jews on every struggle the face which is antisemitic.

        Antisemitism in the Muslim world is a common thing, there are only 15 million jews in the world, it’s very hard to fight antisemitism when it’s a common thing in a population of 1.8 billion muslims.

        Everybody knows about the white Conquest of America but no one knows about the arab/Muslim conquests of the middle east Asia and Africa and even Europe.

        People truly think that the modern Muslim countries were there all along, little they know about the native communities who used to live there before the Arab and Muslim conquests.

        An easy example for people who are not familiar with that history can be Egypt

        “The Muslim conquest of Egypt, led by the army of ‘Amr ibn al-‘As, took place between 639 and 646 AD and was overseen by the Rashidun Caliphate.”

        That’s basically one of the biggest identity theft of modern times.

        And no one talks about those things and no one noticed how much the politics in the US are fueled with Arab/Muslim Jewish hatred.

        Most people don’t even know that Arabs origins are from Arabia and jews origins are from Judah And that’s history not a biblical story.

      • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 9, 2022

        People don’t even know that the origins of the yellow star Badge to identity Jews in Nazi Germany has a Muslim origin.

        “Muslim rulers in the 8th C CE were the first to introduce the badge to identify Jews and Christians within the Muslim population.”

        “Decrees that ordered Jews to wear special badges for purposes of identification were not exclusive to the Nazi era. Over the course of more than ten centuries, Muslim caliphs, medieval bishops, and, eventually, Nazi leaders used an identifying badge to mark Jews.”

        And to conclude this treat, Kanye please read some books and educate yourself that’s why books are important.

        The media is a money machine, the news are not here to really inform us. they are here to make money and in order to make money you must go with what is popular and what will give you the masses.

        Jews are only 0.2% of the world population yet they are the most hated and targeted group in the world.

        For comparison Muslims are 24% of the world population.

      • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 9, 2022


        I probably had more up there but I hope you will understand.

  2. TheDre October 9, 2022

    What is your stance on Israel and P********? I had a Jewish friend who went there. Apparently the Israeli government will pay for your airfare and accomodation if you are Jew to visit Israel. Even help you get home there.As they want to encourage Jews from other countries to settle down in Israel. Hence the Palestinians keep losing territory.I’m glad Bibi is out though.He is the Jewish version of V Putin…facts! Talking about Egypt what about the Nubians, no one talks abt the true natives of Egypt. But if you go far back enough countries were conquered by different cultures/countries and it’s been a back and forth situation throughout history….

    • Paulo October 9, 2022

      If by Bibi you mean Netanyahu then brace yourself cause allegedly he’s the hot ticket for their next elections… but I’m glad you see him for the warmongering colonialist p** he is

  3. True Tea October 9, 2022

    Hey Shayla!

    Is Kayne still a “genius”??

    OR is he only a genius when he attack the Black Community.

    😂 😂 😂

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