Billboard 200: SZA’s ‘SOS’ On Course To Become Longest-Reigning Female Album Since Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’

Published: Wednesday 25th Jan 2023 by Ryan

SZA‘s ‘SOS’ is not slowing down anytime soon.

Case in point, it is on course to rule the Billboard 200 chart for another week.

Full story below…

Per Hits Daily Double, ‘SOS’ is on course to sell another 113,000 total units in its seventh week.

With its seven week reign over the charts, ‘SOS’ now becomes the second-longest stint at #1 this decade for a female album.

For female albums, only Taylor Swift‘s magnum opus ‘Folklore’ has stayed longer at #1. It spent 8 weeks there over the course of 2020.

For all albums, Bad Bunny‘s ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ is currently the album with the most weeks at #1 this decade with 13. Close behind him is Morgan Wallen‘s ‘Dangerous’ album, which spent 10 weeks at the summit. Finally, Disney‘s ‘Encanto’ soundtrack spent 9 weeks at #1.

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  1. Dc January 25, 2023

    Unimpressive. How many diamond singles she got😂

    • Zade January 25, 2023

      Oh please you’re never impress by any achievements from any artists. You are always dragging down every one that suceed in something because you are a loser, you just need some help at some levels.

    • Zade January 25, 2023

      A lot of artists have released timeless and classic albums that never had diamond hits. You are just dumb and nasty, get that help asap.

    • Annie January 25, 2023

      First post hater alert🗣️

  2. Keith January 25, 2023

    Perhaps I am behind the curve but I am sure the team behind SZA is VERY pleasantly surprised. Listening to the album initially, I didn’t think it had this much staying power…

  3. Pat January 25, 2023

    Queen SZS

  4. Diabetes UNBOTHERED January 25, 2023

    Granted I haven’t heard the entire album (why bother?) The vast majority of the songs I did bother with were extremely BORING to me. WIth the minor exception of KILL BILL Sza lacks talent and Musicality.

    Someone on here had the nerve to say Sza has a UNIQUE Voice. Sza sounds not too different from Summer walker, her, Ella’s Mai, rita ora etc, hard to know it’s sza if yur not a fan.

    Sza has the same very TYPICAL voice style and sound that we’ve been hearing on the radio for years.

    Chloe bailey for instance just BARELY breaks away from that typical rehashed watered down r&b sound thats beem recycling on the airwaves for years.

    • Zade January 25, 2023

      She doesn’t lack of any talent, it’s just you not having any. You talk b******* a lot, you clearly don’t nothing about music.

      • Zade January 25, 2023

        Don’t know*

    • Annie January 25, 2023

      You keep writing essays about this “Boring” girl while she continues to top the charts for almost 2 months now. LMAO! You, DC and Shayla are ANGRY AF at SZA’s success!

      BTW Summer Walker sounds like SZA. That’s one of her biggest influences. The others sound nothing like her lmao.

      • Zade January 25, 2023


      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED January 25, 2023


        Sza sounds exactly like ellamai too and enough like NORMANI also, both extremely BLAND. And speaking of which. Sza has even less talent than normani has 😆

        Szas popularity will always AMAZE me 😆

      • Annie January 25, 2023

        Lie again. None of them sound alike. If anything Ella Mai sounds like a British female version of Chris brown: SZA doesn’t even label herself as an R&B singer. Her sound is more alternative/indie leaning with obvious R&B flavor.

      • Zade January 25, 2023

        I agree with Annie, none of them sound alike. It’s just you not having any ear in music 💁‍♂️

  5. yup! January 25, 2023

    I think the album is ok. Nothing major. But I am happy for her and love that she is black and doing so well.

  6. A wreath of franklins January 25, 2023

    Congrats SZA. Personally I love the album. I can’t listen straight through – no skips.

    • A wreath of franklins January 25, 2023

      I CAN listen straight through*
      Blame autocorrect

  7. Normani is QUEEN January 25, 2023

    Overrated and overhyped. Talent isn’t appreciated anymore. Just gimmicks and image.

    • Zade January 25, 2023

      You know you only talk for yourself right?

    • Chlöe album coming January 25, 2023

      Coming from someone who refers to Normani as queen is hilarious. What exactly is Normani the queen of ?? Not releasing music?

  8. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 25, 2023

    Tasteless and flavorless music that she had been put out since day 1 💅🏾 She’s just like a piece of unseasoned boneless and skinless chicken. Ugh…., yuck….

    • Zade January 25, 2023

      Reading this from someone like you is just hilarious 😂

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