#Beyhive STILL Stinging Stephanie Mills For Saying Beyonce & Diana Ross Can’t Be Compared: “Diana is Class…Bey is Hip-Hop”

Published: Wednesday 22nd Feb 2023 by Rashad

‘Something in the Way You Make Me Feel’ hitmaker Stephanie Mills has a few critics feeling a way after a recent interview saw her weigh in on comparisons of Beyonce and legendary diva Diana Ross.

Look inside to see what she said that has had Bey’s beloved fans (affectionately called “the Beyhive”) swarming for days.

Stephanie – an R&B icon whose pristine voice and unforgettable hits (‘I’ve Learned To Respect the Power of Love,’ ‘Home,’ ‘Never Knew Love Like This,’ and many more) has often seen her in mention with some of the greatest vocalists of all time – recently took to VLADTV to dish on her legendary career and industry hot topics.

Longtime fans of the diva know she got her big break as ‘Dorothy’ in the TONY Award-winning, 1975 Broadway musical ‘The Wiz,’ but was replaced by Ross for its film adaptation.

As Stephanie was being quizzed about her feelings over the ousting (nearly 50 years later), the interviewer likened Diana to being “Beyonce before Beyonce.”

“I don’t think you can compare Beyonce to Diana Ross,” the 65-year-old interjected. “I consider Beyonce [to be] Hip-Hop, I consider Diana R&B and Pop. I consider Diana royalty.”

Later in the interview, Mills doubled down on her perception.

“Diana is the epitome of beauty and class to me,” Stephanie said before sharing, “I see [Beyonce] more like Hip-Hop than anything. I still think she’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong. It’s just two different generations; it’s totally different to me.”

Because mega-selling girl groups served as their respective launching pads before both catapulting to the height of stardom in music, film, and fashion, Beyonce has long been likened to Diana – a comparison the ‘Single Ladies’ singer’s fans took to Twitter to reiterate while wielding criticism against Mills for suggesting Bey was just ‘Hip-Hop’ (which some argued inferred a deeper insult).

Sending her name to trending status days after the interview first surfaced, look below to see some of their commentary about Stephanie.



At writing, Mills has not responded to the hoopla.

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  1. Theman February 22, 2023

    They act dumb. Class has nothing to do with men. Diana Ross has this energy about her that’s different. She broke down many barriers for artists like Beyoncé. Beyoncé is a product of what Diana Ross revolutionized. She has a point it is different. Not everybody has to kiss Beyoncé’s a**. People don’t really care about her Stan’s either. They always twist stuff up because they are whiny.

    • Period February 23, 2023

      I see no lies

      Beyonce is now Hip Hip Rnb

      Diana is more classy.,

      The gay beez are delirious as always. They will be sad when they find out their idol Beezus will not get them into the gates of heaven. Go that hard for the real Jesus. 😉

    • Keith February 23, 2023

      I agree with your thoughts on Diana. Beyonce’s fan base has needed some metaphorical Raid for awhile now. My fondest wish is that she would tell them to simma’ down…

  2. Ingrid February 22, 2023

    Folks just wanna be mad these days. Projecting. Stephanie said nothing wrong. Diana was an artist that she idolized as a young lady. She respects Beyonces talent but sees her in a different light. Just listen to Beyonces lyrics over the past few years. ratchet and raunchy. I see why Stephanie said she’s hip hop.

  3. True Tea February 23, 2023

    Stephanie is absolutely correct. Beyoncé stage persona is very provocative compared to Diana, who is more traditional.

    And yes Beyoncé is much more similar to Hip-Hip.

    For example….”Let me sit that asss on you” IS very much Hip-Hop inspired.

    Diana would NEVER sing anything like this due to her lack of Hip-Hop INFLUENCES.

  4. Irish February 23, 2023

    I don’t understand why no one is allowed an opinion when it comes to Beyonce. Some people prefer coffee, others may prefer tea, it a preference and Beyonce may not be that cup of tea for some. Folks are entitled to like what they like.

  5. Naïme February 23, 2023

    Diana never had to show her breast, ass and p**** and singing vulgar songs.

    No lies were told. Beyonce is trash and is not wonderful. She used to be classy / s*** tho.

  6. Tongue’Fcukk February 23, 2023

    Thats her opinion and she’s entitled but i say Queen Bey is the more versatile artist, she can sing, rap and dance plus has bigger achievments and following not to mention s** appeal

    • Victor floyd February 24, 2023

      No one said otherwise, Ms Mills is correct . There was no dis in her statement, why are you taking this personally?

  7. ThaRealest February 23, 2023

    Anyway, imma just forget that I read this mess. Miss Mills is a legendary R&B icon regardless. And Beyoncé is queen. End of.

    • Fancy BISH 💎 February 23, 2023

      The only thing Beyonce will be know queen of is the queen of thief’s, drag queen and ghetto queen period, and that’s a fact.

  8. Kevon February 23, 2023

    Lol they feel everyone should kiss up beyonce ass 🤣 they get smoked and all they can do is act up ..horrible followers

  9. Urg February 23, 2023

    This is all the flea hive does get mad at anyone who does not kisses Bey @$$. They should put all this energy into buying and streaming her music🙄

  10. yup! February 23, 2023

    I see Demoncey as garbage… who gon beat me????? 😂 I want ALLL the stings!

  11. Janie February 23, 2023

    Stephanie is right. There is no comparison. Beyonce can’t touch D. Ross. There will never be another D.Ross. Beyonce is a legend in her own time and age group but, D. Ross is a legend for the old, not so old, and the young. She will always represent class, beauty and talent!

  12. Kareema Jabar February 23, 2023

    How can u be classy but a old preying on young Michael Jackson? Or is she classy because she only likes to f u c k white men?
    Diana Ross couldn’t and CANT sing and couldn’t compare to Beyonce.

    She was light skinned, skinny and loved white c o c k.
    Hee only talent

    • Solanage Knows February 23, 2023

      You sit on white c…ocks on the street corner. FOR FREE.

      So does your daddy, mother and ugly family..

  13. Umm February 23, 2023

    An interviewer should be able to ask questions without prompting their guests to compare artists. Who’s better and so on is all opinion and subjective anyway. These half baked journalists need to know how to conduct better interviews.

  14. Anne February 23, 2023

    Beyonce is ALL those things, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, class, hood, ghetto, glamorous, etc. She’s like a chameleon who changes to create a different mood whenever she so desires. But you can’t be all that and be PURE class and glamor like Diana is. Diana is one way all the time, that’s what she always excudes. So, there is a difference but Stephanie was off in not acknowledging those other characteristics of Beyonce because she is very classy and glamorous when she is not choosing to be otherwise. Not everyone wants to be placed in a box. What Diana did worked for her in that generation just like what Beyonce is doing is working for her because times have changed. Stephanie also failed to realize that what Diana was to her generation is what Beyonce is to the current generation. So, they are different but equal in a sense.

  15. Solanage Knows February 23, 2023

    Icon Diana Ross NEVER used the C WORD two dozen times on an album or used non-stop foul language about how many D’s she can sit on in an evening.

    Beyonce is CLASSLESS, but not A**less, because she had that surgically altered.

    Diana would never….

  16. ♠️What Would 50cent do. ♠️ February 23, 2023

    What about Kelly Rowland she is like Diana. What the f*** about Kelly

  17. bvh February 24, 2023


  18. bvh February 24, 2023

    beyonce is queen do not say anything about her.

  19. Riccardo February 24, 2023

    You know its ALWAYS another Black woman who has something negative to say about Beyoncé!! Side eye. Black women will never be respected as a whole. Black women are simple minded and have no kind of sisterhood what so ever and its sick. And to all those applauding Stephanie Mills for what she said about Beyoncé you are nothing more than another self hating black woman.

  20. Gerald McMillian February 25, 2023

    She has a right to her opinion. I really can’t tell a song Beyonce sings and certainly would not pay to go see her. She’s a good entertainer, but certainly not the caliber of talent of a Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Yolanda Adams or a Stephanie Mills.

  21. 😂😂 March 20, 2023

    Stephanie is cool but she wasn’t saying that when Diana became Dorothy in the Wiz!😂😂😂

  22. Ally March 25, 2023

    People are being way too sensitive on this. She didn’t disrespected anyone. She just said, they are two different genres (R&B) vs (Hip hop). She was careful not to criticize anyone.
    But in my opinion, not only Beyonce, but many young artist today are more about s** appeal and pageantry than real singing skills.

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