Busta Rhymes Throws Drink At Woman After She Grabbed His Butt

Published: Wednesday 15th Feb 2023 by Ryan

Busta Rhymes is making his stance known on touching without consent.

Full story below…

Video footage that has surfaced online shows Rhymes walking through a Las Vegas conference center when a female fan comes up behind him and grabs his butt without his consent.

The video has since gone viral on social media with many people siding with the rap legend. One person claimed that they think the woman won’t do it again, while others wondered what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot.

The woman has since spoken out about the incident. Speaking to The Shade Room, she said it was never her intention “to touch his behind” but that she “was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic .”

Rhymes has not spoken out on the incident as of now.

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  1. Renzie-aka-lenz@hotmail.com February 15, 2023

    She wanted a squeeze, nothing else 🤣. Why was she walking with his entourage anyways? Click bait

  2. E Jai February 15, 2023

    I’m confused to why he took such objection to her grabbing his b***….men have been doing this to women for decades and if guess he’s an offender too!

    • Detruth February 15, 2023

      A man would be instantly arrested for something like this if reported tho come on be realistic.

  3. MATEO February 15, 2023

    It looks like smelled her fingers to get a whiff of his a*ss. Some people have fetishes like that.

  4. eric February 15, 2023

    That woman knows the general rule is not to touch someone unless they invite her to which is why she snuck from behind. Also, security didn’t do their job. The one watching Busta’s back was overly focused on one man with a cell phone and it left Busta open to four women on his left.

  5. angeykeys February 15, 2023

    Everyone know Busta is on the Down Low. Its been common knowledge for years. If it was a man doing it he would not have minded at all. I am not joking at all, read articles on lipstick ally.

    • BustaLovesMansToBust February 15, 2023

      He comes off homophobic to me maybe that’s why ha

  6. True Tea February 15, 2023

    She’s dumb AF because groupies like her are literally sending men to jail for sexual harassment OR suing them for millions.

    She’s basically on camera discrediting female victimhood.

    I really feel men should start speaking out more against sexual harassment.

    Why let these hos have all the fun…while y’all register as s** offenders?

    We have another groupie on camera shoving her entire face in Moneybagg Yo’s sweaty crotch, then bragged about it on camera.

  7. stan February 15, 2023

    good for him. harassment is harassment.

  8. Candace Owens February 15, 2023

    typical black woman. Violent, ugly and looking for hand-outs and handfuls…

    Go Trump! Shayla for VP!

  9. AfrikanHugePenis February 15, 2023

    He should take this trick to court.. he is traumatized. He feels unsafe.
    A big huge muscle head black man from the hood that grew up in the 80s ain’t playing like that.

    Now if she grabbed DIDDY booty, she’d be eating him out that night

  10. February 15, 2023

    She deserves it, imagine if it was the other way around, they would have destroyed him.

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