Ciara Previews New Song ‘For Da Girls’ [Listen]

Published: Thursday 16th Feb 2023 by Sam

Ciara is bringing the heat and this time it’s for the ladies.

The GRAMMY winner has been steadily releasing new material such ‘Jump’ and ‘Better Thangs’ and has also teased new material ala ‘Winning’ with Big Freedia.

Keeping the flow of newness coming, CiCi has previewed another track named ‘For Da Girls.’

Take a listen below…


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We’re feeling it! Are you?

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  1. Clarks0o00ñ February 16, 2023

    Thos girl use to be beyonce’s competition back in the day

    Ciara also had a bigger career than Rihanna back in the day.

    Who would have thought, she will end up as arm candy for an athlete. Smh

    She literally got masters back for FREE. Embarrassing

  2. eric February 16, 2023

    This sounds like her older and better stuff.

  3. Smh February 16, 2023

    Ciara, it’s “crazy” that u think this is “so good”.

  4. KeyLoLo February 16, 2023

    One thing about Ciara she just won’t give up..I commend it 👏

  5. K’man February 16, 2023

    Another ciara song that will be ignored by the public. Let the music go, nobody wants it!

  6. Bianca February 16, 2023

    I love it!!!!!! I can’t wait for the album

  7. Tori February 16, 2023

    If only she would give ppl what they actually want❕She hasn’t earned the fan base to where she could simply throw out anything and the love it because she refuses to appeal to the general public❗️It’s not as if she can’t, she refuses to. The last great hit album she had, she chose to sleep with her producer just to leave him and the sound and direction she was headed for the same b******* generic pop. She’s isn’t smart, that’s why your masters were free SHE ISN’T SMART! Previewing these lackluster songs for years aren’t going support, ppl are laughing at her.

  8. H February 16, 2023

    Ciara people aren’t hating on you when they tell you your music isn’t good. It’s the truth . There’s no artistry, no substance , the songs are lackluster as hell. I mean it’s sucks when there are artists begging for a record deal but you get one and don’t know what to do with it . It’s laughable at this point .

    • Compton February 16, 2023

      Ciara’s at the point in her career where she can do whatever she wants. I’m glad about it because her so called fans are wishy washy af.

  9. yup! February 16, 2023

    Don’t know what to say really. Have not looked for new Ciara music in years. But does not bother me that she keeps doing it. I don’t know who is waiting for it. It makes her happy and I don’t take issue with that.

  10. O February 16, 2023

    @ gloriajam. how do we sign up?

  11. FED February 16, 2023

    Black girl magic

    • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 February 18, 2023

      More like black girl tragic

  12. True Tea February 17, 2023

    Love Cici but the attire is given 90’s DaBrat.

    Not cute even for casual wear.

  13. Now Control This! February 20, 2023

    ooo chile which one???

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