New Video: Chloe – ‘How Does It Feel’ (featuring Chris Brown)

Published: Thursday 23rd Feb 2023 by Rashad

Despite setting off a firestorm of criticism upon announcing their duet, ‘How Does It Feel,’ R&B hitmakers Chloe Bailey and Chris Brown are moving forward and ready to set radio alight with the Hitmaka-produced bop.

“I gave you more than you wanted / I gave you more than you needed / So tell me, how does it feel / To lose the one you believe in?,” Chloe croons on the cut’s catchy chorus (which samples Usher‘s 2004 tune ‘Throwback‘).

The latest taste of new music set to line the burgeoning diva’s March 31-due debut studio album, ‘In Pieces,’ the arrival of ‘Feel’ sees it accompanied by a glossy and sensual music video that shows its stage-blazing stars doing what they do best.

See their jaw-dropping choreo and chemistry inside.


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  1. Ok but….. February 24, 2023

    This will be a top 40 hit on the hot 100 and a top 20 on R&B charts bc of Chris Brown, but Chile this album will still flop! She has to really push this album in under 3 months because when May hits; everyone will forget about this album and focus on her sisters starring role in The Little Mermaid. Halle is going to be a huge star after that movie drops so Chloe is in a rush against time. Especially since her album was due last year! I hope she does well though!

    • halle’syear February 24, 2023

      I know for sure that Little Mermaid won’t be the only movie of hers demanding attention. I can’t go into specifics, but believe me, Halle is a very good actress.

    • Truth February 24, 2023


      Song will do ok.

  2. Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) February 24, 2023

    Is she allergic to songs that are 3 mins longer?

    Not feeling it. But congrats. 🎉

    • Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) February 24, 2023

      3 mins or longer*

  3. Pat February 24, 2023

    Not a career making song or anything. At least she will hit the hot 100 this time. Not really catchy though She gets an A for effort

    • Paris Hilton aka Motel 8 February 24, 2023

      It will peak on charts BUT this is not impressive

      Unfortunately, I’m getting the feelings none of these girls can stand on their own

      BETs Encore hear me out… Chloe, Bree Runway, Normani and Saweetie …

      • A&R February 24, 2023

        Ayo!! Did you just put them in the BET Encore?! No lie, thee funniest pop culture review of 2023 🤣🤣🤣

        I don’t want to say I can see this but I can.. lol damn, this stings

  4. Clarks0o00ñ February 24, 2023

    This song is not going anywhere

    Chloe u are not a song writer.
    Hire proper songwriters

    If ur gonna collab with Chris brown atleast give us a good song like it wont stop.

  5. Clarks0o00ñ February 24, 2023

    The honourable Chris brown collab every rnb girl does before they flop

    This song is whack
    The video is wack

    Treat me is still her best song.

  6. Emmitt February 24, 2023

    I don’t hate the song. Kinda forgettable. Video looks cheap.

  7. Brian Hawker February 24, 2023

    Her music is really bad. Like really really really bad. It makes me sad because she’s so talented. her catalogue is shaping up to be one of the worst in R&B music.

  8. Credits February 24, 2023

    Not bad. She looks good. Her movements were too extra for the vibe. Chris brown just sounds Whiney these days. I know she’s chasing a hit but she could have gotten Mario, lucky daye or someone to really sing that male part. The song is not bad though. Grapejuice, the sample used in this is actually a Dionne Warwick song that usher sampled as well.

    • Keith February 24, 2023

      @Credits: ALL of this^^^^

    • A&R February 24, 2023

      Lucky Daye would’ve been a great choice!! Ah!!!

  9. Tino February 24, 2023

    Basic and boring. The best thing she’s got going for her is beauty and body. Her ear for good music, song writing and overall production SUCKS.

  10. Tino February 24, 2023

    Chris Brown looks and sounds sick and drugged out.

    • True Tea February 24, 2023

      Noooo Tino. Don’t do my Breezy like that. 😭

      • Tino February 24, 2023

        Lol c’mon you gotta admit when you look at Chris Brown 2007-2014 videoes its a drastically change. He looks the same size as the unhealthy and drug addicted era Michael Jackson.

  11. Drink my b**** juice. February 24, 2023

    Chloe fan here, but this song did absolutely nothing for me. It brought no emotion good or bad. Nothing. It just…. Exist. Its ok but nothing makes me want to replay. Shes really letting me down. Nd another song that does not clock 3 minutes.

  12. Barbara N. Rodriguez February 24, 2023

    This song isn’t gonna chart

  13. Keith February 24, 2023

    Still waiting for the “jaw dropping choreography”, LOL…but let’s see how this one does. I personally don’t like it but it sounds like the kind of stuff that does well with the 15-30 crowd and certainly Chris Brown fans. Strategically, this should have been before or after “Hav Mercy” in the single lineup to get/keep the initial buzz.

  14. A&R February 24, 2023

    I’m throughly impressed by the quality of her music this year. My biggest critique to her last year was her music needed to be better produced. That baby said.. watch this. I absolutely love Pray it Away and this song. The music is matching the persona and ya boy is ready to support.

    Let’s go Chloe❤️‍🔥‼️

  15. UHoesFunny February 24, 2023

    Everybody in here talking like they execs to the music industry. Shut the fck up 🤣🤣🤣 the song is good and the music video slaps. Congrats Chloe!

    • Real 20 February 24, 2023


    • Haterz Gon Hate February 24, 2023

      And you know we’re more powerful as “THE STREAMING/PURCHASING” public because without equivalent sales THERE WOULD BE NO MUSIC EXECS.

      Which artist is making music for NO ONE????

      I’ll wait….. ⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳

      It’s telling that the song overall is not resonating with this comments section – she hasn’t had a hit, because her music is not resonating.

      DO THE MATH 🧮🧮🧮🧮



  16. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 24, 2023

    The Video = 100% INCREDIBLE

    Absolute 💯 PERFECTION


    🫥 (MID ASF)

  17. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 24, 2023

    One thing Parkwood IS GOING to do is give Chloe a VIDEO BUDGET lol, all her videos (that Are real videos) are good imo. If only they gave Chloe a MUSIC BUDGET,

    WHERE is DREAM when u need him?

    • Credits February 24, 2023

      Bey keeps the dream on retainer. He’s probably under an exclusive contract that restricts him from working with other singers lol.

  18. Zade (N** me daddy 🥜) February 24, 2023

    I rather listening to Body on me by my gurl Rita Ora and my imaginary man Breezy

    • Zade February 24, 2023

      Thanks for the attention, I’m always glad to see that I got you traumatized. #weak

  19. stan February 24, 2023

    chloe x halle was magic, but their solo efforts are… yeah

  20. Vanesssa February 24, 2023

    I’m not impressed

  21. NORMANI February 24, 2023


  22. Me February 24, 2023

    She should have released her version of the blu cover she sang on her IG. Thats the only standout song i heard from her imo

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